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June 25, 2005



Just so you know, I've been hearing of the kid
Cassidy for many a year now. Since pre-my Source bid, the moniker was ringing bells in the NY area due to some mixtape buzz...and obviously the fact that the boy's a hustla. I didn't love the single, save the remix with Mary J. Blige, and the first video didn't really send me. But last night changed it all. Keep your eyes peeled here and here and maybe even here until you catch a glimpse of the new video, B-Boy Stance. First off, young Cassidy has some footwork and I'M NOT MAD. With Kurtis Blow, DJ Jazzy Joyce, and a bevy of B-Boys and B-Girls rockin out video-wide; he's already winning.

But the brief moment he takes to CLOWN Fiddy and 'em with some look-alikes dancing in Speedos that read "B-UNIT" across the arse...I'd like to fucken die of laughter. Tears were rolling down my face. Does this imply "bitch unit"?! Is he alluding to The Game's alleged former employment (or lack thereof) as a "male exotic dancer"? I mean, I mean, money's got a fukken butterfly tattoed on his g'damn face, now look. Something's right on with the whole B-Unit thing.

Irregardless, how can anyone hate on a young, pretty Philly D-Boy like Cassidy who also got some B-Boy in him? NOT ME. I LOVE THE KID! I love a hustla. And at the end of the day, I don't care about the
details of the recent shooting. Nor do I care if he's locked up, no bail. He turned himself in, probably not realizing I would've helped him get to Cuba. I mean, if some shit is goin' down, I want someone like Barry "Cassidy" Reese, who's willing to go the extra mile, get a couple of his homies, crack out the .45 and .40 caliber handguns, 9 mm pistols, AK-47 assault rifles and 7.62 mm rifles and buck 'em down. But after all, everything at this point is just alleged anyway -- who's to say who got shot, by whom, when, how or why? Honestly, some people just need shooting. And others are just...fresh to death...coolin' in they B-Boy stance.

Cassidy, as soon as U get settled in (assuming you don't beat the case) keep an eye on the mail cart for a kite from the gal. I got your back, Sun.

** note - I already hear the crackas crackin' so check this out. It's not that all rappers are drug dealers and murderers, or that most rappers are any of these things. It's just that an assortment of crimeys have turned to rap -- and hey, everyone deserves a chance to make good with their lives, or to enjoy a mid-life career change. Take it from someone who's been in the streets AND industry; sometimes the rap game reminds you of the crack game, but it's a helluva lot easier staying up all night recording than staying up all night curb-servin and pig-dodging. I know you wish you could eradicate Hip Hop, but your dumb asses can't even get your kids and grandkids to stop listening to "that goddamn rap noise" or turn off "those filthy rap video shows". Stop dreaming and quit your crying, 'cause it ain't gonna happen. Now shut the fuck up before Gucci Mane sends his goons for you.

June 24, 2005

Music Geeks Unite...the Minneapolis Connect

Music Geek/Dork Meme...Part Deux

Got this in the comments section of my original post, from Lars a/k/a HYPE, the owner/HWDIC of DUNation.com, that's Digital Underground Nation; without exception THE online scene report and home of Twin Cities Hip Hop. Check 'em out at www.dunation.com all day.

"Mines...Total volume of music files on my computer:I’m still a old school cat. I still have most of my music on CD, Vinyl, Tapes, etc…But I do have Itunes and its only at 2.23 G, mainly used for hard to find singles that I downloaded or embarrassing tracks I don’t want anyone else to know I have…

Last CD I bought was... Big Pooh (from Little Brother) SleepersAnything by Ninth Wonder or the Little Brother Fam I have to pick up…Picked it up at the Fifth Element from Plain Ole BillSong playing right now:Nika - Little ViciousEvery summer I get into this whole reggae tip. Not Bob Marley raggae (no offense, love some Bob) but some shit like Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Buju Banton, Old-school Sean Paul, Patra, Mad Lion, etc…Little Vicious killed this beat (most people know this beat from “Big Poppa”)

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:- Gotta Get Mine- Tupac and MC Breed (Need I say more?)- Mr.Loverman - Shabba Ranks(Read Above)- BYOB - System of the Down(The levels and tempo changes on this song are crazy!!!!)- Eye Hate U - Prince(Great breakup song!)- On and On - Shyheim(Been looking for this for awhile and found it on Limewire! YAH!!!)

Big ups to Miranda Jane…Word to the Droppin Panties Mix… "

** Lars and I participated in a focus group for www.mixandburn.com, (the most biggest pimp shit ever, a subsidiary of IBM that has agreements with EVERY major label and distributor to "mix and burn" almost every song from every musical genre ever released); which is where he created the "Droppin Panties" mix with a little help from me on the cooled out, smoothed out, smack-it-flip-it-rub-it-down, straight 80s R&B tip. My mix was called, simply, "G" and here's the tracklisting one time for your mind

Silly Love Song - The Enchantment
Irons in the Fire - Teena Marie
Free - Deniece Williams
Rock Steady - Aretha Franklin
My Rose - The Enchanment (Dedicated to myself)
Sign Your Name - Terence Trent D'Arby
God Bless Our Love - Al Green (Dedicated to EPMD)
If I Should Die Tonight - Marvin Gaye (Dedicated to Ha'Run)
Love Ballad - L.T.D.
As We Lay - Shirley Murdoch
Husband - Shirley Murdoch (Dedicated to a certain DJ friend of mine)
Cutie Pie - One Way
Fire and Desire - Rick James and Teena Marie
Deja Vu - Dionne Warwick
Miracles Need Wings to Fly - Teena Marie (Dedicated to myself)
Inside my Love - Minnie Ripperton

June 23, 2005



If you're sick and tired of "hoe-hop" and rappin' strippers, you're not alone. DJ Nikoless a/k/a Kevin Beacham HOOKED IT UP with a 2-hour special edition of Redefinition Radio in honor of B-Girl Be and all the lovely ladies of Hip Hop. Take some time out to check the rhyme out...

Lady B - To The Beat Y'all '79
Instrumental - Jasper Country Man (Bobbi Humphrey)
Sequence - Funk You Up '79
Paulette & Tanya Winley - Rhymin' & Rappin' '79
Us Girls (Sha Rock, Lisa Lee, Debbie D) - Us Girls '84
Dimples D - Sucker DJ's '84
Instrumental - Bad Boys (Bad Boys w/K Love '85)
Roxanne Shante - Bite This '85
Salt N Pepa - It's Alright '86
Sweet T - It's Like That Y'all '87
Antionette - I Got An Attitude '87
Instrumental - Paperthin (MC Lyte '88)
MC Lyte - Stop, Look, Listen '89
Michie Mee - On This Mic '88
Queen Latifah - Latifiah's Law '89
Monie Love - Detrimentally Stable '90
Ice Cream Tee - National Speaker '89
Instrumental - Go Cocoa! (Kings Of Swing) '90
Yo Yo - Stompin Into The 90s '90
Heather B - I Get Wreck '92
Sha Key - A Headnaddas Journey '94
Bahamadia - 3 The Hardway '96
Instrumental - Just A Lil Flava (Nikke Nikole '95)
Medusa - You Betta Be '97
Lauryn Hill - Final Hour '98
Ang 13 - What Its Like Now '99
Instrumental - Ghetto Birds (Mystic & The Angel)
Jean Grae - What Would I Do? '02
Psalm One - Love and Mirrors '03
Desdamona - Planet Rmx '05
Instrumental - Rocksteady (Jewell Brown)

June 22, 2005

Who's the Mack/One More Chance (Remix)


A new trial to probe the unsolved murder of Chris "Notorious B.I.G." Smalls will focus on lapd officer David Mack. The three phases of the trial will last up to four weeks, and will include 1) A decision from the jurors on whether Mack was involved in the killing and acted using his authority or skills as a policeman. 2) If they find he was, they'll then consider whether the LAPD and the city should be held responsible for the off-duty officer's actions. 3) If 1 & 2 above are affirmative, the jurors would award damages. Violetta Wallace and Big's family are asking for an unspecified of $$$, and are able to present evidence showing Wallace's potential earnings far exceeded $100 million.

I know two things for sure. I've lived in the Rampart district and la jura en la ciudad de los angeles estan sucios...SUCIOS. The second thing is that crackers here in town are 1) still hot about the O.J. verdict, 2) SEETHING over the M.J. verdict and 3) don't know Biggie Smalls from C-Rayz Walz.

Hey man, I moved back home 'cause I'm 120% ready to riot...so bring on the judge, bring on the jury, and cue up the Ohio Players' greatest hits...


Music Geeks Unite

Music Dork Meme

This is like a pyramid scheme. In blog form.

Jeff Chang for putting me on the set. He's Asian, I used to bang out with the Filipinos from Jefrox...so it's all to the good... Oh, by the by, check my Q&A with Jeff where we discussed his AMAZING book, Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation right here at VERBALISMS MAGAZINE.

Total volume of music files on my computer: iTunes says 160 GB to the best of my recollection. My laptop is somewhere deep in the 'hoods of L.I. with one of my most dear friends in the world. I'm workin' off OPC, you know, other peoples' computers? Ya'll down with OPP? Yeah U know me....

Last CD I bought was... DJ Stage One's mixtape "Street Cinema, Volume 1". Bought that out the club in Minneapolis - $10 well spent... Last commercially purchased CD musta had been New Editions Greatest Hits at Target. Don't let me get to the Slauson Swap Meet later this week and get some old Batter Ram Toddy Tee shit to bust on ya'll.

Song playing right now: We're All in the Same Gang (actually watchin the video on Yahoo!) by the South Central All Stars. If you know what I'm talkin, head to World on Wheels to bounce, rock, skate with the Gal, and bring a 64 oz bottle of Crazy Horse.

Five songs I listen to a lot these days: Gucci Mane "So Icey" a/k/a my guilty pleasure. Syl Johnson "Is it Because I'm Black?" Chapter 8 f/Anita Baker "I Just Wanna Be Your Girl" - self-explanatory. EPMD "Strictly Business" the whole album, I can't stop myself, always a classic. "Faulty Fuses" by the gal Desdamona, check her out at
www.desdamona.dunation.com, ya'heard?

OK, your turn:
Byron Crawford
Hieroglyphics Imperium
That Ninja Kamoji
Ravage'N'Rumble/Day By Day

P.S. Check this linky-link for some
really illmatic images from B-Girl Be...It' Don't Stop!

June 20, 2005



In my recent award tour from Minneapolis, MN back to my hometown of Los Angeles, CA, certain events have prevented me from indulging in my addiction to "the new crack" a/k/a my blog(s). My college roommate has been under the weather, and I've been in more hospitals than IVs and more ER's than George Clooney since I left ya'll last.

It was with much apprehension, consternation and hesitation that I left Minnesota prematurely, just as it was really startin to crack for your gal out there. I left behind a bevy of unsolved mysteries, memories-in-progress, untied knots, unraveled loose ends, and a budding romance; not to mention MY producer DJ Kay-A, MY DJ Stage One, and 'nuff unfinished business. As always, it's never personal. Strictly.

However, there's a path here in my life, and I stick to it like sage honey. No one else can follow the bends and twists, the dance of my crazy life that is so not the same old two-step - I break, I bust, I stop, I rock, I wind, grind and flip it to the side - but ya'll can neither stop nor knock my hustle and bustle. Shit, I know Karate, and I know Crazy. So I don't stop the body rock. Who the fuck don't like it? Who the fuck...want...what!

I just obey the street signs when the path winds. And change is in the wind. Five earthquakes since my homecoming?! What.

So I was waiting in the ER for the upteenth time for news on my girl, hardly looking my best nor minding my appearance, when suddenly - my hand opened up my pocketbook, reached in, found some smell-good sauce, applied it to wrists and neck; then slipped out the cocoa butter stick, and slid it on like lipstick. I was just putting it back, when a sultry male voice said "Excuse me, you must be Miranda,"

I looked up and I saw an Angel. 360 waves, deep black, crowning bittersweet-chocolate silky smooth skin and cold almond eyes. We won't discuss the lips here else I'll forget the words that sprung forth from said lips... He's an EMT trainee, who's studying to be a firefighter. In his spare time he races, stunts and tricks on motorcycles. Well, I knew that before he told me, 'cause his muscular chest and arms were clad in a white polo shirt emblazoned with the words "EMT Trainee" and the scars on his elbows and forearms (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate) told the story of the motorcycles. He's 24 years old, no children, no babies' mothers (can I get a Halellujah, Praise the Lord one time). And this is the best part... He repeatedly told me "You look familiar, are you sure we haven't met before?" and told me next time he go racing with his 21-man motorbike crew, I can ride on the back of his motorcycle. This is not a dream, nor a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby. This is sheer, unadulterated, Caron Wheeler-Soul-to-Soul back to life, back to reality, for rilla shit.

So despite all the war wounds, old battle scars, and the ever-aching bulletproof soul; I've pressed the issue, taken the leap of faith, put the barrel to my temple on some renegade rebel Russian roulette shit, and BLAAAO! He slid me ten digits way better than 1,000,000,000.

But I'm older now, wiser, and he's 24, and I was born during the day, not yesterday. SO I chilled. Left him a little message 5 days later. So now he has 20 of my digits, tag, he's it. The ball is in his court, and if it happens to be in our stars, he'll be the first civilian to be with me in many, many years. I'm ready, willing and able to have a meantime relationship, sinful relations, or future "I do" salutations -- or anything in between -- with this man. 'Cause like he said, I'm observant, and game do recognize game, mind detect mind, and an angel is an angel; period, point blank.

I'd only just sent out blessings and asked for an Angel. And there it is there.

P.S. To all you egotistical motherfathers who thought you were the shit, I've not seen an Angel since 10th grade, Venice High School, Darrell Jason Powell, Venice Sho'Line Crip, cuz. I beg your goddamn pardon.

June 19, 2005

Food Networking

Food Networking: Where Culinary Skills and New Media Intersect

Now let me be the first one to say I love Paula Deen. She’s fat, fun and fabulous. And I love that she offers the occasional vegetarian southern recipe. But I was watching the Food Network the other day, and she made the most haram, trayfe, vile sea-insect concoction I’ve seen. It was crab-stuffed butterflied shrimp, rolled in bacon and broiled. It made my stomach turn, but at the same time it got my mind working.

First of all, there really should be at least one vegetarian cooking show on Food Network. Then, there really oughta be a Black cooking show on Food Network as well. Perhaps I ask for too much?

Growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV, but I could watch PBS, and had it been around in those days I could’ve watched Food Network. I loved to watch Justin Wilson, that crazy Cajun man, cook up. Another favorite was the Galloping Gourmet, not to mention Julia Child and Martin Yan. Basically I gleaned a lot of my culinary skills from watching these shows, and I learned how to modify recipes from pork-full to pork-free. People love my veggie Jambalaya and my vegetarian Cornbread Dressing, especially when I include the Morningstar veggie sausage products. No one misses the meat.

There are some good cookbooks out there, but once a cookbook is printed, it’s dead (at least until another edition is printed). And while I’m certainly not one to follow food trends, there’s definitely something to be said for all the new products being introduced, not to mention all the great markets like Whole Foods and local co-ops who carry items you don’t see in Ralphs, Rainbow, Vons or Cub Foods.

So what does all this have to do with Hip Hop? I’m a Hip Hop chef! I’ve cooked for Hieroglyphics, Dilated Peoples, Tha Alkaholiks, Self Scientific, dead prez, DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, KMD, and many more artists that I’ve interviewed. I’m working on a cookbook about these recipes and more as we speak.

You know, my blogging experience really began on a food blog. The Julie/Julia project on Salon.com filled my boring days working reception with exciting food-related reading. So I wanted to find some more food blogs. And I’ve compiled some of the really good ones here for ya’ll.

The Pie Queen
Restaurant Whore
Delicious Paths
The Soul Fusion Kitchen
Burning My Fingers
The Cheese Diaries
The Cracked Cauldron

And this, a most comprehensive list of food-related blogs and websites can be found here at KipLog

And if anyone can help me find my ol'skool homeboy Gary Burks, a/k/a Big Cuervo from W/S Poserz 13, I've heard he has a Hip Hop cooking show on public access cable out here in L.A. HOLLA!