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September 03, 2005



I'm publishing a note from the best PR agency in the world, The DuVernay Agency. They've put together something called LifeList to help aid the hurricane victims. Thank God they have 'cause I'm so busy setting up marketing for this record label, and just trying to survive my own day to day struggle and making sure Miranda Jane has food in her own belly. It's like that...



Dear Friend,

The team here at DVA has put together a new resource for Hurricane Katrina victims that you should know about. It is called LIFE LIST, and more info can be found at

We know that many are desperate to communicate with loved ones, and that access to phone service is limited. Several mobile companies are offering free service areas, and many shelters and churches are providing limited phone time. However, neither of these scenarios provide people with the time and access needed to reach out for help in any detail.

So yesterday we devised a plan, and went into action. LIFE LIST was born, and it has quickly and quietly caught on.

With one toll-free call to LIFE LIST, Katrina victims can alert loved ones to their location, update them on their well-being and begin to make initial contact for additional assistance. Those in need simply leave a 1-minute toll-free voicemail at 1-877-LIFE-LIST - from answering online posts about housing to letting a friend know that they are alive.

LIFE LIST volunteers - regular people from all walks of life - then personally deliver that message on their own phone on behalf of those who cannot do so for themselves.

It's as easy as that... 1-877-LIFE-LIST.

The DuVernay Agency

Also here's a list of important websites re: New Orleans and Hurrican Katrina...from
journalist Peter Schoates...

"The best New Orleans news links continue to be: the
WWL-TV blog, Fox, the Times-Picayune blog, WDSU, WDSU video, WWL-TV's online video broadcasts, Steve Perry's straight-talking Blotter posts (read "Key questions for the days ahead"), the Interdictor group blog (and the Interdictor message board), this detailed satellite photo allowing you to zoom in on different areas, and Josh Britton's blog. See yesterday and Tuesday for more. Also see this complete list of charities from Instapundit, and FEMA's list of suggested charities. Today is Blog for Relief Day, and here's a roundup of blogging on New Orleans. Also, here's an evacuation route."

And good shit from the boss' files,
from Michael Moore.

Adding on, a message from the one & only DJ JELLY

Juvenile Devastated By Hurricane Katrina; Loses HomeThursday
September 1, 2005
By: Allen Starbury
New Orleans and Mississippi both were struck hard by
Katrina over the past few days. And not only have many of the states' residents been left homeless, but so has New Orleans rapper Juvenile.The rapper was evacuated from his home on Tuesday morning (August 30), only to hear that his home is completely gone. Although, he is coping with the loss of the place he calls home, he is grateful that hisfamily was able to make it out before he would have to grieve over a greater loss than just a personal possession."I am obviously devastated by my personal loss, butthank God that I was able to get my family out tosafety while many families were not so fortunate,"Juvenile said via a statement. "I have lost somefriends and to their families I send my deepest condolences."

The rapper says that many of his music industry familyis supporting him, but asks the masses to pray for therest of the people of his city."Our city of New Orleans and several other surroundingcities are experiencing total devastation," says Juve."People have lost their homes, loved ones and all oftheir belongings; many of our folks in New Orleansdon't have much to begin with and have now lost everything. Thousands of people have nobody to reachout to for support. Please keep our city, its people and our families in your prayers and please donate to the Red Cross." According to the Red Cross they are not ready to accept donated items or volunteers, but do need monetary donations by calling 1-800-HELPNOW or online donations at

Additional charities accepting monetary donations include the Catholic Charities at 800-919-9338 orwww.catholiccharitiesusa.org or Mercy Corps at 888-256-1900 and
www.mercycorps.org. People in need of crisis services can call Senator Mary Landrieu's Baton Rouge office at 225-389-0395 or if you are looking for a lost one, the Crisis Hotline is 866-615-8700 and is open 24 hours and has crisiscounselors on hand." The people that have been evacuated have nothing with them. No clothes, shoes, toothbrushes -- nothing. Please be prepared to donate whatever you can," adds Juve.

DJ Jelly
therealdjjelly@yahoo.com (for Business and/or Personal matters)
jellysjoints@yahoo.com (for MP3s ONLY)
Stephanie Jackson
DJ Jelly's Assistant

Adding on, a message from Paul Wall & BBK gleaned from

"Hello, As all of you know hurricane Katrina ravaged and destroyed the great city of New Orleans. Paul Wall and I discussed what exactly could we as a community do. Well we thought we would reach out to you our friends inthe industry. What we are trying to do is get any extra clothing, can goods, diapers, water anything you can spare and we will take it to the Astrodome and have a big drop off from the music industry. Below is the address where you can send anything to help with the cause. Than you for your time and thank you in advance.

BBK and Paul Wall
12436 FM
1960 W. Pmb 113
Houston, tx 77065

Thanks everyone!

Peace to AllHipHop.com for this news...I hate Kanye for frontin' like he never heard of the Lo Lifes, but I love him for this shit. GET MILITANT KANYE...U not that late for registration 2 Holla Black...

"Kanye West Rips President Bush On Live Television

By Nolan Strong

Date: 9/3/2005 9:30 am

Kanye West criticized United States President George W. Bush and the government’s reaction to Hurricane Katrina last night during “A Concert for Hurricane Relief” a live benefit concert that aired on NBC.

West had sharp words for President Bush and the government’s reaction to the disaster wrought in four states by Hurricane Katrina during the one-hour live special.

The show was aired live on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and Pax and featured performances from
Harry Connick Jr., Wynton Marsalis, Faith Hill, Aaron Neville and others.
West, who didn’t perform, was on the stage with comedian Mike Myers reading a script from the teleprompter when he deviated from the pre-written script.

“I hate the way they portray us in the media,” West said echoing comments that big media outlets are biased in how they present images of the hurricane victims.
“You see a black family, it says, ‘They're looting.’ You see a white family, it says, ‘They're looking for food.’

“It's been five days [waiting for federal help] because most of the people are black,” West said. “And even for me to complain about it, I would be a hypocrite because I've tried to turn away from the TV because it's too hard to watch.

“I've even been shopping before even giving a donation, so now I'm calling my business manager right now to see what is the biggest amount I can give…the way America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off, as slow as possible. I mean, the Red Cross is doing everything they can. We already realize a lot of people that could help are at war right now, fighting another way -- and they've given them permission to go down and shoot us!”

There was a tape delay, but the person in charge of censoring was only looking for profane words and didn’t know that West was not following his script.

West’s comments were edited out of the West Coast airing of the show, which was broadcast three hours later.

Before the show was over, the host, NBC News’ Matt Lauer, stated that emotions in the country are high because of the destruction the hurricane has left, the handling of the disaster and the strain of the war in Iraq.

“Sometimes that emotion is translated into inspiration, sometimes into criticism,” Lauer said referring to West’s’ comments. “We've heard some of that tonight. But it's still part of the American way of life." "

Adding on (again) a message from George Clooney. He ain't Hip Hop AT ALL, but he was kinda hot on ER...

"In July, you answered the call of the poorest countries in the world, and now perhaps we can help you find a way to participate at this important time. Please visit the ONE.ORG blog and take action today.
Thank you,
George Clooney

P.S. You can also help by taking part in the "ReAct Now: Music & Relief" benefit concert that will air on MTV, VH1 and CMT, planned for Sept. 10th at 8pm ET/7pm CT. Please visit
www.think.mtv.com for up to date information. "

SOHH.COM talked to Lil Wayne, Choppa, and others who have been devastated by the Hurricane... Here's the news feature...

" "A couple of my homies drowned, two houses underwater, so much I gotta digest, trying to keep on a smiley face," a devastated
Choppa told SOHH.com as he assesses the loss in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Mississippi and Louisiana officials are rushing to help save lives and combat looting while local stars including Lil Wayne, Baby and Choppa plan to rebuild and contribute relief efforts.

Reports say Hurricane Katrina is set to become the worst natural disaster to hit the United States. Experts say up to 1 million people could become homeless. Katrina is likely to surpass the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, which claimed between 8,000 to 12,000 lives. According to New Orleans Mayor
Ray Nagin, the death toll "is in the thousands" so far. It will take weeks before accurate numbers are revealed. Mississippi already counts 110 deaths. Officials say thousands of homes and businesses have been demolished and food, water and power supplies are hard to come by. Katrina is also set to become the costliest natural disaster ever in the U.S.

The city of New Orleans, home to Cash Money's
Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh as well as Master P's No Limit family, was flooded when levees protecting the city ruptured. According to Chuck George, Chief Meteorologist of KOLD 13 in Tucson, Arizona, "the levees that protected New Orleans were never intended to withstand more than a Category 3 hurricane. Katrina pulled water from the Gulf of Mexico eastward into Lake Pontchartrain and the extra water resulted in very fast flow through the canals that carry the water through New Orleans and back into the gulf. That extra flow resulted in breakage of the levees."

Reports say the flooding caused massive amounts of people to be stranded and contagious diseases are prone to spread in the devastated areas. The city is reportedly 80% under water with some areas drowned in water 20 feet deep. With the conditions making it difficult to come by food, many have resorted to looting grocery stores and businesses to survive. The looting is presently escalating at a rapid rate. Looters are said to use garbage cans to sail away with food, TV sets, clothes and guns. There have been reports of car jacking, police officers claim to have been shot at and police say a man in Hattiesburg, Mississippi killed his sister, shooting her in the head over a bag of ice. President George W. Bush vowed a no tolerance policy against looters. About 4,000 National Guard troops were sent to New Orleans to combat the looting.

Meanwhile, the Hip-Hop world has been shaken by Katrina's deadly impact. Lil Wayne's daughter and mother are presently still in the depleted New Orleans. Other Cash Money members also have relatives stranded in the N.O. "My family was affected by the hurricane. I am waiting to see what the damage is," Wayne told SOHH.com. When trying to contact Mississippi's own David Banner, SOHH.com found a recorded operator message saying, "Due to the hurricane in the area you are calling the call cannot be completed at this time.

For Chopper aka Young City, the loss is devastating. The former Making Da Band star is assessing the damage, having lost possessions and friends.

"I got a lot of food on the table (meaning mad sh!t on his mind) so much I gotta digest. A couple of my homies drowned," Choppa tells SOHH.com.
The 19 year old rapper, the main breadwinner for his family and on the cusp of enjoying his newfound success, reports that the homes of his mother, grandmother and one of his homes was destroyed by water.

"[I] Just put a movie theatre in the house...now that's ruined," says Choppa. "Cash Money's Houses were also underwater... they live on the same block as me. I'm in the process of relocating my family to Cali [California], Atlanta, Houston and Memphis."

The Scream Tour 4 featuring Bow Wow, Omarion, Pretty Ricky, Bobby Valentino and Marques Houston was slated to stop by the Mississippi Coliseum in downtown Jackson. Instead, the concert was canceled and the venue served as a shelter filled with evacuated residents from nearby areas.

With large parts of Louisiana and Mississippi still under water, relief efforts are coming from all angles. Weezie said that he and Baby will likely start relief efforts once they secure their loved ones' safety. Houston's Astrodome is set to take in 25,000 refugees previously packed in New Orleans Superdome. The operation was set to begin today, but was halted due to gunshots and fires outside the arena. Buses are on the way to take the refugees from New Orleans to Houston. Reports say that 78,000 people are presently in shelters since the storm hit. FEMA sent over 50 disaster assistance teams to the devastated areas. The organization also sent over 25 urban search and rescue squads amounting to over 1,000 people to help save lives. The United States Coast Guard is also conducting searches. The Coast Guard is working in conjunction with local officials and local assets. They have rescued up to 2,000 people to date.
The National Guard presently has 11,000 Guardsmen helping governors and local officials with safety and disaster relief efforts. FEMA is also working with the Army Corp of Engineers and local officials to repair breeches in the levees in hope to stop the flooding in New Orleans. The Department of Transportation is also sending in 400 trucks to move 1,000 truckloads containing 5.4 million meals ready to eat, including 13.4 liters of water,10,400 tarps, 3.4 million pounds of ice, 144 generators and 20 containers of prepositions disaster supplies with 135,000 blankets and 11,000 coats. More relief efforts are expected to follow.

Despite the heavy burden he is bearing, Choppa is "trying to keep on a smiley face" and stay strong for his family.
The rapper has already donated $100,000 to the Red Cross and is interested to do a benefit concert.

"In N.O., they always said that one day the city would be underwater. We never pictured this one...never like this."

Also Read:
Jay-Z & Diddy Donate $1 Million, But Racism Said To Be Thwarting Hurricane Relief Efforts "


This is being sent on behalf of
admin@kickgame.com as part of the mailing list that you joined.

List: kickgameURL:

To Whom It May Concern: We are requesting your assistance in helping to raise resources (monetaryand other donations) for the gulf coast victims involved in the Katrina Hurricane. As you may know thousands have been displaced for several days with virtually nothing due to the deadly Katrina Hurricane that struck last week. The Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana says thousands may dead in city alone. Let's help those we can help by donating.

G.A.ME, Inc. will be sponsoring a drive from upstate New York to the gulfcoast where victims are in which one to two trucks will be traveling to the gulf coast to drop-off all donations. A possible reason you should donate to G.A.ME, Inc. and other community organizations going directly to the gulfcoast, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas is, none of the donations go towards our salaries and we have a likeness and a love for the people whoare suffering. This delay in resources shouldn't have happened.

*Donations towards Katrina victims will secure the first 100 donors a freeticket to the upcoming Black Panther Party Commemoration/G.A.ME Benefit Concert featuring artists D-Block & Dipset (NYC) 10/7/05. Tickets are not onsale.

**Here is a list of acceptable donations:

Monetary donations towards trucks & gas – Canned Food - Clothing including shoes and socks – Water (bottled) – Diapers – Baby wipes – Food & baby food– Toothpaste – Toothbrushes – Blankets – Air mattresses & sheets –Children's books – Gas gift cards

*Here is a list of locations & members accepting donations (Last day to donate: Friday 2PM):
**Manhattan** (main drop-off location): Hunter College, Thomas HunterBuilding room 305B entrance located at Lexington Ave. between 68th & 69thStreet where G.A.ME has meetings. Drop-offs can be made 2pm-6pm from Tuesdayto Friday afternoon. 347-431-1826. *

*Brooklyn* (contact Greg 718-909-3085)
*Queens* (contact Neh @ 917-287-8155)
Location: 3087 Steinway St. Please call in advance.
*Bronx* (contact L. James 347-431-1826)
Location: 1451 Prospect Ave. 5C Please call in advance.
*New Jersey* (contact Jael 201-655-4482) Thanks, L. James

*Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME), Inc will be on WBAI 99.5FM Monday10PM-11PM speaking about upcoming issues affecting Katrina victims, black and Latino communities. This is a one-week effort including New Jersey,Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, & Manhattan.

****Continue to help Katrina victims by donating to NAACP, Urban League, BlackChurches, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, & December 12th movement in the tri-state area or people on the ground if you don't mind shipping costs:

Center for LIFE Outreach Center
121 Saint Landry Street
Lafayette, LA 70506
attn.: Minister Pamela Robinson

Mohammad Mosque
652600 Plank Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
attn.: Minister Andrew Muhammad

Lewis Temple CME Church
272 Medgar Evers Street
Grambling, LA 71245
attn.: Rev. Dr. Ricky Helton

St. Luke Community United Methodist Church
c/o Hurricane Katrina Victims
5710 East R.L. Thornton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75223
attn.: Pastor Tom Waitschies

S.H.A.P.E. Community Center
3815 Live Oak
Houston, Texas 77004
attn.: Deloyd Parker



Interview with the mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin

Listen to the whole interview.... invest 12+ minutes.Kanye speaks out against Bush on nat'l television.

Statements from members of the Congessional Black Caucus (CBC)

Story about how the Bush Administration refused to fund fixing the levees in New Orleans even after Homeland Security warned that it was an impending disaster.

Check out the website

-kahlil almustafa
email: kahlil@gameforlife.com

*** ( I'll keep adding new info & contacts on how the Hip Hop nation is helping victims of the hurricane as emails and phone calls come in ) ***



There's a lot of shit goin on in the world, but that's the thing about this music shit and this in-the-streets/industry life; there's no rest for the weary, and sleep is for the weak.

So I've been bumpin' A-Plus of Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphics Imperium's mixtape/CD, PLEEMIX Vol. 1. I'm trying to get my mind right and go back to '93 (Til Infinity) when times were simpler, I was a lot younger, Souls were four fine-ass boys in a black & white video on my TV rockin' beautiful dreadlocks up in the Oakland Hills.

The song "Grab the Girl, Get the Money..." might not have been a favorite of the haters, but I still love this shit. Souls are mad deep lyrically, always have been, the trouble is the same way most people don't read/have ADD/need ritalin/are all about the short-attenion-span; most people who listen to music don't pay attention to the vibrations in the soundscape or pay attention to the intricacies of the lyrics. Anyways, this song is on the PLEEMIX, A-Plus (known as Adam 7 as a producer) made the beat, and I love it.

The remix to '93 til Infinity will blow your whole woofer and some of the rest of your speaker system if U don't turn the bass down prior to bumpin this cut, so use some caution with the volume holmes.

My favorite cut on here is one of my favorite cuts from Hiero of all time, "Acupuncture". Tajai tears the roof off the sucker as soon as the beat kicks in, so there that go. Opio rips, Tajai gets his verse off, Plee gives 'em the bizness..."niggas be actin like they be rappin tight, but they lost like in the black of night soon to be my sacrifice better be wary of the legendary, 'cause your spot at the cemetary isn't temporary..." Phesto is a lyrical psychopath kickin that ill murderation as always, "we gargantuan, killa tarantuala touch the intagible, viagra flow, raw, stronger than niagra falls, Mack Julian backhand MCs and grab my balls, hit 'em with the Black squall and crack they jaw," before passing it back to Plee, who kicks the most time-sensitive line of all-time "we start a riot like Jamaicans over gas prices, that's why the mass like us, we them crass writers". PRETTY MUCH. Opio echoes my rap/Hip Hop sentiments exactly with "Niggas think I got punched by Ruddock, in the stomach, the way I bust from the gut, it did G's by the hunned but that don't matter, 'cause niggas get millions - for shit I ain't feelin, and that's why I'm building."

So yeah, Plee and 'em are my fam and my friends and my brothas and we go waaaay waaaay back like cornrows and nosebleed seats in stadiums. But if you haven't noticed I don't fuck with the wack. Ever. And if/when my folks make music that falls into that category, or say rhymes that ain't on time, U best know I'll be the first one to pull they coat and let 'em know what's not on point and what ain't the bizness.

www.hieroglyphics.com is their site, check it out sometimes.


Mira la Jornalista de Musica


Yeah, those who know me know I love the kicks. Adidas is my #1 brand. And I love me some Diadora's; or anything that comes in a fully-wildstyle colorway. But I digress...this one's not for the Sneaker Pimps.

A.D.I.D.A.S. All Day I Dream About "Sexy-Ass". There's this guy I see around the way, on the regular, we'll call him "Sexy-Ass". I think about him, and picture his face, first thing when I wake up. For example, it's 5:00 am, I just woke up a few minutes ago, I have the most excruciating cramps (sorry guys) I've ever had in my LIFE, and I forgot to make a REALLY important phone call before I crashed out last night. And I'm flat broke. But none of that matters, 'cause the MOMENT I open my eyes from sleeping, I think about Sexy-Ass.

And now that I think about it, the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep, wasn't my debilitatingly-painful cramps, or that phone call, or the money problems...it was a vision of Sexy-Ass. I haven't had any actual dreams about him yet, while I was sleeping that is, I think I'm scared of that.

So, Sexy-Ass, if you're reading this - it is possible that you're reading this, I know you're on the internets - what's up with U? I can't really tell if U have a girlfriend or not, and honestly, I don't really give a fuck...if you do don't U wish she was raw like me, and I know U know my milkshake's better than hers, right? I caught U checkin me out a few times before, Sexy-Ass, so don't front like it's only me.

It's not like I'm unapproachable. I may look unapproachable, but Sexy-Ass, you know a couple people who know me, and I'm sure by now you see that it's not that I'm unapproachable at all, it's just that no one ever steps to me. I'm too much, I rock too hard, I'm too fly, I move too fast, I work too hard, yeah, yeah, yeah...what's all that got to do with the price of rice or tea in China? Sexy-Ass, don't act like U don't know Coke from Pepsi, please. Or like U don't know fat mean greasy. I'm telling U Sexy-Ass, U could get it.

As fine as you is, and as thorough as you are, I know U have bitches. Believe me, I know this. And I'm not trippin. Bitches come and go. Every other city you go. They're in every video. Sometimes they're at the studio. But when the dubs stop spinnin', and all those gold-diggin women disappear? Sexy-Ass, U know what time it is...I'll still be here. And I'm no bitch. I know I'm wifey material, and that can be both flabbergasting and terrifying to take in; but U know what, Sexy-Ass? U have to start somewhere. Shit, maybe we could have dinner sometime(s)? Or take a walk on the beach or up to the mountains? I'm low-maintenance, U don't have to buy me diamonds, or pearls, or take me anywhere fancy, Sexy-Ass. I just want to sit up and have an intimate conversation with U. I have a million questions for your sexy ass...but I'm only planning on asking U one, if U ever do open that door of opportunity...

What do you want and need?

Let me know Sexy-Ass. Until then, all day I dream.

Mira, la Mariposa

September 01, 2005


Peace. I want to let ya'll know that a new album is in the streets and stores that I highly recommend U cop.

CASUAL PRESENTS "SMASH ROCKWELL" is the LP. The hot shit for the streets is the remix single, Oaktown which is produced by Cas and features Too $hort and Richie Rich. Email me if U want to check out this song.
Mizmirandajane@yahoo.com if U don't already know.

Just FYI, my work for Hiero got put on hold, so as of today, NO ONE is paying me to market, promote, publicize, or hype their shit. I just love this track and I love promoting companies like Hieroglyphics Imperium that are Black-owned, Hip Hop-owned, and 'bout they scrilla-scratch-paper.

Someone suggested to me that my blog contains too much slanguistically-challenged wordplay. So for this person, and those like them, I offer this one-time translation.

"You remember Casual from Hieroglyphics, he had that slamming song, That's How it Is? You probably saw him do a concert with Del, the Funkee Homosapien; like one of those raves or something. Anyway, like I was saying to you, this guy, Casual, he also goes by the name Smash Rockwell and he's part owner of this really cool company called Hieroglyphics Imperium or just Hiero for short. And he has this boss new album, it's just hitting the shelves at your local record stores. This guy is a great rapper, he has a really cool voice and delivery, I guess they call that the "flow". And he's a producer too, he uses a lot of bass so you have to watch the settings on your speakers so you don't blow anything out, but his beats are like, slamming. Really rocking shit. So yeah, Smash Rockwell. There's also some beats on there from that Dan the Automator guy, and fucken Dante Ross dude, the guy who produced our shining hero, Everlast, a/k/a White E. Ford. And some underground guys too, J-Zone and that guy Jake One. Smash Rockwell fucken rocks, dude. Later on."

August 31, 2005


Peace Ya'll. This is a message from my Sista DJ Kuttin Kandi, esteemed Hip Hop activist and member of The Anomolies, 5th Platoon, and founder of Hip Hop Lives Here Dot Com. Please read through this and think about it...



************ ( ************* ( *************

To My Hip Hop Community

Peace brothers and sisters, hope you are all in good spirits when you receive this letter. I'm reaching out to all of you because I am asking that the Hip Hop community mobilize and come together to support the Anti-War movement. I am calling out to my fellow Hip Hop brothers and sisters, Hip Hop artists, Hip Hop fans, Hip Hop lovers from all cultures and backgrounds to come together and make a stance together. We all know that Hip Hop alone is a movement within itself. It's a powerful culture that has helped bring unity all around the world. I believe Hip Hop is a revolution, a revolution waiting to happen. Many of our conscious Hip Hop brothers and sisters have made many moves to make changes - whether it is in the music industry, in the streets, in our hoods, or in a third world country - we have done our parts and have tried to make a difference.

But there is so much more work to be done. We still have long ways to go. Just like every true revolutionary believes, I too believe, that the fight will never be over... not until we all have freedom.And we all know that we are all not free - not as long as our other brothers and sisters are out there suffering and dying in some senseless war. A war, that feeds off of occupancy of other countries such as Palestine, the Philippines to Iraq and so much more... a war that rapes and beats on women, murders innocent children, strips people from their homes and turn our young children into soldiers who become the murderers. But it is not just occupancy in other lands, that I am talking about...Occupancy is happening in our very own streets. They are after us, they are in our faces with their patriot acts, and their racial profiling.. because they have new reasons and rights to single us outand call us terrorists. And they're recruiting us into their army's...they're going to our schools, jotting down our informations, taking ourchildren's social security numbers and visiting them.. They're hanging out in front of the school, dressed in style in hummers with loud blasting music - Hip Hop music. They're in Hip Hop magazines and on Hip Hop radio stations trying to "be down" with their fly ads and PA's, pointing to our youth... romanticizing and glorifying the military...and you wonder why should I care?

I care, because not only are theyexploiting our beloved Hip Hop music and culture... they're taking away our young ones, in particularly our young people of color.>From the information by The People's Alliance for Justice & Change -African Americans make up about 30 percent of Army enlistees, and"Hispanics" constituted 22% of the military recruiting market, almost double their presence in the society. The Pentagon even has ad campaigns that have special Spanish-language ads targeting Latino youth. Knowing all this information makes me angry, angry enough to do something about it... and I'm talking more than just writing a poem about it, or DJing for a fundraiser... i'm talking about supporting the Anti-War movement by being an organizer, protesting, rallying with the people... i'm talking about walking to the White House with my fists upin the air chanting "1, we are the people, 2 a little bit louder, 3 we want justice 4 our people!!".>

From Saturday September 24- Monday September 26th there will be a massive 3 day action to end the war on iraq in Washington DC, which is a joint rally organized by United For Peace & Justice and the ANSWER Coalition. On Saturday, September 24th will be the march, a rally and a concert/festival. This march will be massive, this whole weekend is massive and it will send out a clear message to the White House and the Congress that the Iraq war must end, that it's time to bring our troops home, leave no U.S. military bases behind and to stop the corporate theft of Iraq's resources. Instead of draining our national treasury for endless war, we demand that our tax dollars be used to repair the damage done to Iraq and to fund services in our communities. We call for an immediate end to our government's assault on immigrants, the unethical pressures on our young people to join the military, and the undermining of democracy through relentless attacks on everyone's basic rights.

I also say, we as a Hip Hop community will no longer be exploited, we will no longer be used to sell out our people! Hip Hop I am asking all of you to do more than write a song, do a fundraiser and raise a fist at a concert - i am asking you to join me, walk with me, march with me, speak with me, mobilize with me, organize with me - all of you my fellow conscious artists who have made many stances before... all of you who just don't believe in this war, all ofyou who are tired of this persecution all around the world, tired of this occupancy, tired of imperialism, tired of the brutality, tired of the lies, tired and fed up of the exploitation... i am looking to you my Hip Hop family because you are strong, you are fearless, you are the TRUTH, you have always spoken the truth... you have always risen up.. and you are the revolution that will lead many into the light....Stand Up... with me... LEAD ME... and I will follow you.... we will all follow you. Hip Hop will be that change, if you make that stand now.

For more information on how we can mobilize the Hip Hop community onattending this rally out in DC, please email me at hiphopliveshere@ yahoo.com....peace and blessings

DJ Kuttin Kandi

August 30, 2005