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June 22, 2005

Music Geeks Unite

Music Dork Meme

This is like a pyramid scheme. In blog form.

Jeff Chang for putting me on the set. He's Asian, I used to bang out with the Filipinos from Jefrox...so it's all to the good... Oh, by the by, check my Q&A with Jeff where we discussed his AMAZING book, Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation right here at VERBALISMS MAGAZINE.

Total volume of music files on my computer: iTunes says 160 GB to the best of my recollection. My laptop is somewhere deep in the 'hoods of L.I. with one of my most dear friends in the world. I'm workin' off OPC, you know, other peoples' computers? Ya'll down with OPP? Yeah U know me....

Last CD I bought was... DJ Stage One's mixtape "Street Cinema, Volume 1". Bought that out the club in Minneapolis - $10 well spent... Last commercially purchased CD musta had been New Editions Greatest Hits at Target. Don't let me get to the Slauson Swap Meet later this week and get some old Batter Ram Toddy Tee shit to bust on ya'll.

Song playing right now: We're All in the Same Gang (actually watchin the video on Yahoo!) by the South Central All Stars. If you know what I'm talkin, head to World on Wheels to bounce, rock, skate with the Gal, and bring a 64 oz bottle of Crazy Horse.

Five songs I listen to a lot these days: Gucci Mane "So Icey" a/k/a my guilty pleasure. Syl Johnson "Is it Because I'm Black?" Chapter 8 f/Anita Baker "I Just Wanna Be Your Girl" - self-explanatory. EPMD "Strictly Business" the whole album, I can't stop myself, always a classic. "Faulty Fuses" by the gal Desdamona, check her out at
www.desdamona.dunation.com, ya'heard?

OK, your turn:
Byron Crawford
Hieroglyphics Imperium
That Ninja Kamoji
Ravage'N'Rumble/Day By Day

P.S. Check this linky-link for some
really illmatic images from B-Girl Be...It' Don't Stop!


At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Lars said...


Total volume of music files on my computer:
I’m still a old school cat. I still have most of my music on CD, Vinyl, Tapes, etc…
But I do have Itunes and its only at 2.23 G, mainly used for hard to find singles that I downloaded or embarrassing tracks I don’t want anyone else to know I have…

Last CD I bought was...
Big Pooh (from Little Brother) Sleepers
Anything by Ninth Wonder or the Little Brother Fam I have to pick up…Picked it up at the Fifth Element from Plain Ole Bill

Song playing right now:
Nika - Little Vicious
Every summer I get into this whole reggae tip. Not Bob Marley raggae (no offense, love some Bob) but some shit like Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Buju Banton, Old-school Sean Paul, Patra, Mad Lion, etc…
Little Vicious killed this beat (most people know this beat from “Big Poppa”)

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:

- Gotta Get Mine- Tupac and MC Breed
(Need I say more?)

- Mr.Loverman - Shabba Ranks
(Read Above)

- BYOB - System of the Down
(The levels and tempo changes on this song are crazy!!!!)

- Eye Hate U - Prince
(Great breakup song!)

- On and On - Shyheim
(Been looking for this for awhile and found it on Limewire! YAH!!!)

Big ups to Miranda Jane…
Word to the Droppin Panties Mix…

At 2:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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