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September 17, 2005


Peace. Running, running, running. Yesterday I started at the crack of dawn, rode the bus to Santa Monica to pull Adidas gear for Muggs & GZA's video shoot this weekend. Gotta shout out Porsche from the Entertainment Marketing office @ Adidas, she looked out with some real fly shit for those guys.

Dropped it back at the auntie's house, then the homie DJ White Ice picked me up with surprise celebrity guests in the car, the Chief Rocka Bizzy Bee and DJ Cochise, who is KRS-1's DJ and not even 21 years old! Bizzy Bee gave up shotgun for me to sit up front - BIGTHINGS! We all swung by Ecko Unltd, picked up more gear for the shoot, and I have to shout out the finest Jew EVER, Raphie Aronowitz, who runs the West Coast office for Ecko. Plus my man Chris, formerly known as 007...they put together a nice package for us. I got myself some G-Unit jeans, your girl is FITTING into a size 15!!! YEAH BUDDY. I may be poor, but I'm wealthy with wisdom and dammit if I don't have a lot of fly, new, free shit...thank God for the industry and the streets, where a broke-ass lady like myself still gets to pop tags. WOOOOORD.

So this weekend, at an undisclosed location, the illustrious Sun Min Park (The Others) is directing the video shoot for DJ MUGGS vs. GZA/GENIUS "General Principles".

Sexy Ass gave me the business the other day - a/k/a came out his face on some flirtatious shit - but I think that's just his steez. I'm not a fish, and I'm not biting. Hit up Project Blowed for Ellay Khule a/k/a Rifleman's album release party, ran into Planet Asia a/k/a Lord Soundwave Supreme. Met a FIRME cat called Fatal who I think I used to know back in the day, who is a producer, Adidas aficianado, and whose Santo is Chango/Santa Barbara. Have this feeling that we'll meet again soon; everything happens for a reason, and timing is everything.

On the timing/dating tip, I keep missing this fly guy I met a few months back who works for Sunset Gower Studios. We've talked dozens of times, and I went shopping for craft service with him at Costco...that's been the extent of kicking it so far. Pretty funny a former D-Boy and a former D-Girl who've converted to PA's (he's a production assistant, I'm a personal/executive assistant) and we're the best in the business. I guess if you can rise out of the trap, you are the trap. Peace to Young Jeezy. And I'm out...>



p.s. Some peanut-gallery anonymous-ass ninja cat said some shit the other day that I should stick to the music news and leave my personal life out of it. A # 1 holmes, get your own blog and you deliver the fucken music news, okay? B # 2, my nipples aren't pink, they're brown...not that you'll ever see them unless I decide to pose for Fish and Grits Magazine or some shit. And finally, C # 3, you'll notice if you read every word (hey, some of my readers do it, you too can be hooked on phonics...) - MY LIFE IS THE MUSIC NEWS. Not necessarily 'cause of me, I'm not egotistical like that, but because I'm the conduit, I am the energy, I am the source, and I AM HIP HOP. Live & Breathe...

Mira, la Sirena

September 15, 2005

360 Waves (To The Side Tho)

So you thought that Mister Donald Trump had mastered the comb-over; simply by parting his shit waaaaay to the left, say about 2 inches above the ear? He may not be a hair club member, nor the president...but one thing's sure...He has nothing on the illustrious Mr. Don King. Word.

Mi Jefito pointed out something today about the side-part; that it's a crutch for Black men who've gone on in years. It came up during convo about GZA, and then Raekwon...then of course the Honorable Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan's name came up (or as I like to think of him, Mustafa's daddy...can FOI/NOI have more than one wife, and if so can one be light-bright-almost-white???)

So this got me to thinking about Rastas and those with dreads, in particularly those with an ever-so-slightly receding hairline. Think Wyclef Jean, or perhaps Sway of MTV fame if U can imagine him sans-headwrap.

Word is Jermaine Dupri cut the wig back a'la Michael Jordan/Charles Barkley 'cause the 'line was heading back toward the nosebleed seats... This prompted me to dig in the crates for an instant messenger convo with the illustrious XXX re: Jermaine's hairline. Only for the sexy people...

XXX: This nigga said
MIRAJUANA 22: oh dear...(bracing self)
MIRAJUANA 22: (clutching pearls)
XXX: Jermaine Dupri looks like a 12th century mongolian warrior with half a head of hair
XXX: And now that he cut his hair off he looks like an old gerbil
MIRAJUANA 22: well better to cut the hair
XXX: LOL @ the hip hop Sherman Hemsley
MIRAJUANA 22: then have a half-sway, half-A.J., half-Wyclef wigg
MIRAJUANA 22: not the hip hop sherman hemsley
MIRAJUANA 22: movin on up no hair on top
MIRAJUANA 22: if i was with sway (YUKKKK) he'd have to get the wake-up-with-a-haircut show
MIRAJUANA 22: wahl is waiting to make him their corporate sponsor
XXX: LMAO @ the Wake Up With A Haircut Show
XXX: He's like LL... What IS under the bandana?
MIRAJUANA 22: seriously, his shit is SOOOO far back
MIRAJUANA 22: u can see the hairline under the layers of baduwrap
MIRAJUANA 22: and, as bart from 3xkrazy used to say, it is Bee Aye Dee
MIRAJUANA 22: now let me stop before i need female rogaine courtesy of karma-r-us
XXX: Right

Hopefully that was so much infamous-mobb-bonics no one was offended, other than the guilty...but damn if it didn't tickle my memory banks into recalling perhaps the most egregious man-hair faux-pas of a lifetime...AJ formerly of 106/Park fame when I photographed him at one of Russell's rallys in NY. Dreads on top and in back, cornrows with extensions on the sides. I was shooken, deeply. Hmmmm...men with extensions/box braids/individuals??

Save the rare occurrence of alopecia, or a severe accident with perms, relaxers, or dyes; most women don't have to worry about this receding hairline fuckery. With men I'm told you get your hairline from your Mama's Daddy...a/k/a Big Daddy or Gramps.

But for those men stressing about their grays, or the way-2-the-side part in their waves, or the days-long-past when their locks were a lot closer to their forehead in the front I'll give you a little wisdom (a/k/a throw you a bar). Women don't care about your hairline, or the color of your hair; and furthermore don't look at your external image when it comes to how you're wearing your age.

Bitches and hoes care about that shit, but you know what? FUCK 'EM.

Women are much more concerned with what's going on inside your head, or eminating from your crown chakra.

And that's one to grow on...no carrot oil required.

Peace & Hair Grease,

Mira Ju Ana

September 13, 2005





After a twenty one hour drive, we, Brad a videography and King, arrived
in New Orleans, as we crossed the border of Mississippi we spoke to
folks displaced, white middle class folks who have not seen a FEMA or RED
CROSS vehicle since the hurricane hit, many Mexican and Honduran
immigrants just wandering, one thing the Latino brothers and sisters treesed
was the fear they are facing from white vigilantes trying to "move them
out the city? and ICE-the federal immigration police who are down here
in force, speaking to the white middle class man whom lost everything
he told us , "America died to me on Tuesday Aug 30th, I voted for Bush
and that rapper was right"(:-) go KANYE!

As we approached New Orleans after two military checkpoints with M16's
pointed at us we found our way to Canel Street,

As we went down Canel street the damage was surreal, there was a boat
in the street, toxic sludge in the streets, what we immediately noticed,
was the number of police, military, contractors, and Blackwater
mercenaries protecting property,

We came up on the Convention Center, and after all the clean up, it
still looked like a living hell, the smell of dead bodies was
overwhelming, what was more crazy and shows the inhumanity, the VIOLATION OF HUMAN
RIGHTS as defined by the Internatinal Convention on Human Rights and
the CRIMINAL MISCONDUCT of these devils, and that includes, Condi and
Alberto, is that there were plenty of hotels, The Marriot, The Wyndham,
The Holiday Inn, that were completely habitable, if this fucking supreme
court can take my house on some eminent domain shit, why didn?t they
declare eminent domain and take corporate property for the public good,

As Brad stated "This, the Convention center is our modern day slave
vessel and our people are in the midst of the Middle Passage" meanwhile
five feet from this hell were the castles; The Marriot, The Wyndham,
Holiday Inn,

If one thing I would like people to know now is that their were four to
five hotels within a one block area that were completely intact, these
hotels could have housed thousands of people, as we were outside the
Convention Center looking in, a man about the age of 40, white man, said
"I cant believe they shot these young men as they were trying to get
people into the hotel,? as we spoke with him, he said that three young
black men, were trying to take over the hotels and make it a makeshift
medical center, and evacuate the elderly and babies into safer
conditions, as they approached the hotel the were fired upon and murdered,
this had not been confirmed by anyone, but we know that this is possible,

Outside all the hotels you could see makeshift camps where people had
lived, the conditions were atrocious, as we continued to document and
talk to people, we were approached by two military people that said we
had to leave now, that we were not official, when we began to question
this, and say there are all kinds of people walking around, the entire
city of N.O. they informed us we could follow orders or be arrested, as
we left we saw a few black man and women still wandering around the
city, dazed and physically exhausted, we talked to them and asked them ?Are
you leaving and they said no, this is our only home?

As we traveled into Algiers, the destruction kept going, as much as
folks want to talk about looting, we ran into many white folks who said,
"of coursed we looted, we had to survive,? we saw four different WINN
DIXIES and WALMARTS in white communities that were completely destroyed,

We then met up with brother Malik Rahim and Errol Maitland from WBAI,
and met up with over 30 organizers that are organizing here, they are
committed to staying fro three weeks, so folks need to come and try to
spend a couple of days, every skill is needed

Malik Rahim and his wife Sharon are the peoples command center, in
Algiers, it is amazing to see the people helping the people,
self-determination has manifested here, they have opened up their own media clinic,
there are 50 bikes that are being given to anyone who wants them, anyone
can come and sleep here, eat, take a shower, etc., Algiers did not have
to deal with the flooding but many houses were destroyed, and in a
community that numbered in the thousands there are only five kids and about
100 adults left here, but they are refusing to leave, the military is
trying to cajole people to leave, by telling them soon electricity will
be shut down, there is no gas, so even for the survivors they are
being forced out

Algiers is the hub for Black people, and we need to support them, the
young cats part of the alternative media world, have set up a community
media command center, today the five young people in the neighborhood
came and got bikes, crayons, paper, and bubbles, yes bubbles because
everyone who is a child should skip rope, blow bubbles and be allowed to
be a child

As New Orleans is under marshal law, last night around 6:30pm the
military informed us that anyone on the streets would get a warning shot,
and after that be shot on the spot, throughout the night, we saw groups
of white men riding around in pickup trucks, vigilantes, along with the
NOPD and the GODDAMN NYPD, yes, yes yall the NYPD is in the house, this
is the battle ground, this is the BATTLE FOR ALGIERS, we are on our way
to Baton Rouge, Houston, TX and Jackson, MI, more to come

Lastly, I love my people, I love my people more everyday, check out
these pictures even in the midst of hell on earth, cats are
politically clear on what they want and need, many have expressed they don?t want
to se no more press conference, no more marching they want action and
long term strategy, ?GET DOWN HERE AND HELP US?

Dispatches from the South
Rosa Clemente
September 13, 2005

September 12, 2005


Tools of War was named with the idea that there are many "tools" one can use in competing/battling within Hip Hop culture: turntables, microphones, paint, one's body, and especially one's voice (and so on)! Although the name might appear aggressive, the intent behind it's use is actually to inform and educate people regarding not only Hip Hop but many other social and political issues. As we grow, we are finding that it has also become a forum for voicing opinions and sharing ideas which might help in unifying and uplifting people all over the world.

- Fabel & Christie Z-Pabon

JOIN Tools of War's illustrious email address at toolsofwar@aol.com. WORD.


Let Fabel & I first and foremost express our condolences to everyone who is suffering as a result of Hurricane Katrina. We have compiled a list of organizations that our activist friends have recommended and encourage everyone to do what they can to help the relief effort. One suggestion, for artists who receive a lot of free clothes from companies: take them to one of the drop off locations or send them directly to an address below. Please keep us posted as to any benefits that are being organized but please be sure to state what organization will be benefiting, along with the typical info that is listed for submitting events to the newsletter (see Submitting/Borrowing).
Thanks to everyone who shared this useful information with us!
Peace & blessings, Fabel & Christie

Examples of Items Needed: Food: Non-perishables, canned goods, water, baby formula, dry animal food, etc. Clothing: New socks and new underwear, baby clothes, next to new footwear, any clothing that is in good condition, etc. House Supplies: Flash lights, batteries, candles (the ones in tall glass preferred), matches, sleeping bags, blankets, sheets, plastic utensils, towels, air mattress, garbage bags, etc. Medical/Health: First aid kits, medicine for elderly, Vitamins, disinfectant wipes, etc. Toiletries: Diapers, feminine products, toothbrushes, deodorant, insect repellant, etc. Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (International Hip Hop Exchange) and Elisha Maria Miranda (Chica Luna).

DROP OFF LOCATIONS IN MANHATTAN: 1. Chica Luna Productions 1690 Lexington Ave., 2nd fl. (Corner of 106th) New York, NY 10029. Tel. 212-410-3544. Drop-off Hours M-F: 10 am - 6 pm. www.chicaluna.com. elishamiranda@chicaluna.com. (no spam please)! 2. Caribbean Cultural Center 408 West 58th Street (bet. 9th & 10th Ave.) New York, NY 10019 Tel. 212-307-7420 Drop-off Hours M-F: 10 am-6 pm. Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (IHX) and Elisha Maria Miranda (Chica Luna).

DROP OFF LOCATION IN BROOKLYN: Malcolm X Grassroots Movement [MXGM] 388 Atlantic Ave 3rd Floor (bet. Hoyt & Bond) Brooklyn, NY 11217. Tel. 718-254-8800. Drop-off Hours M-F: 10 am -7 pm. Sat & Sun: 12 pm - 4 pm. Monetary donations are also being accepted. Please make checks payable to MXGM. mxgmny@hotmail.com (no spam please). Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (IHX) and Elisha Maria Miranda (Chica Luna).

DROP OFF LOCATION IN THE BRONX: Sisters on the Rise 835 Dawson Street (bet. Intervale & Rev James A. Plight Ave.) Bronx, NY 10459. Tel. 718-991-6003. Drop-off Hours: M-Thu: 11 am - 6 pm. Courtesy of Marinieves Alba (IHX) and Elisha Maria Miranda (Chica Luna).
Additional Item list recommended by KEVIN POWELL: "PLEASE make sure clothing and shoes and sneakers are new OR clean and in good condition. Clothing for children and adults: shoes, socks and sneakers, Bottled water, Diapers, Baby wipes, Baby food, Baby and adult aspirin, Toilet paper, Sanitary napkins, Portable radios with batteries, Plastic forks, knives, and spoons, Cotton balls, Cotton swabs, Hydrogen peroxide BUT NOT rubbing alcohol, because that is flammable, Bandages, Shaving cream, Male AND female razors, Blankets, Air mattresses, Sheets, Pillows and pillow cases, Gift cards for gas, Wal mart gift cards, Garbage bags, Cleaning supplies, Soap, Toothpaste and toothbrushes, Flashlights, Batteries, Candles, Books for children, including coloring books, Books for adults, Magazines, etc. If you are placing donated items in a bag PLEASE LABEL. For example, Children's shoes or Adult shoes, or Children's clothes or Adult clothes.

SITES IN LOUISIANA & TEXAS TO MAIL NON-PERISHABLES TO RECOMMENDED BY KEVIN POWELL: You can mail or ship non perishable items to these following locations, which we have confirmed are REALLY delivering services to folks in need. 1. Center for LIFE Outreach Center 121 Saint Landry Street Lafayette, LA 70506 attn.: Minister Pamela Robinson. 337- 504-5374. OR 2. Mohammad Mosque 65 at 2600 Plank Road Baton Rouge, LA 70805 attn.: Minister Andrew Muhammad 225-923-1400 or 225-357-3079. OR 3. Lewis Temple CME Church 272 Medgar Evers Street Grambling, LA 71245. attn: Rev. Dr. Ricky Helton. 318-247-3793. OR 4. St. Luke Community United Methodist Church c/o Hurricane Katrina Victims 5710 East R.L. Thornton Freeway Dallas, TX 75223 atten.: Pastor Tom Waitschies. 214-821-2970. OR 5. S.H.A.P.E. Community Center 3815 Live Oak Houston, Texas 77004. attn.: Deloyd Parker. 713-521-0641.

ROSA CLEMENTE INSISTS: "Instead of giving money to the RED CROSS or FEMA, please, please give money to Black Folks, NAACP, Urban League, Black Churches, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, December 12th movement. These are just some of the organizations that are doing the work."

ALLISON (R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop) RECOMMENDS: "I spent 2 years as the National Recruiter for ACORN. Our headquarters was located in New Orleans. And, since our members comprise low and moderate income families, we are devastated by the loss. ACORN chapters all over the country are mobilizing. Updates, witness accounts from our people, and truth-telling here: www.acorn.org.

THOMAS MARIADASON & ROSA CLEMENTE (R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop) RECOMMEND: Grassroots/Low-income/People of Color-led Hurricane Katrina Relief: http:// www.sparkplugfoundation.org/katrinarelief.html

CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) RECOMMENDS: The newly-formed Muslim Hurricane Relief Task Force (MHRTF) designed to offer information about the American Islamic community's efforts to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. MHRTF recently announced a pledge to raise $10 million in humanitarian relief. www.mhrtf.net. The news website lists Muslim charities in the task force engaged in Hurricane relief. Those charities include: www.icnarelief.org, www.irw.org, www.kind-hearts.org and www.lifeusa.org. Additional groups who agree to the task force's guidelines will be added as the relief efforts develop. MHRTF guidelines for collection and distribution of funds will focus on financial transparency and accountability as set forth in relevant government regulations and standards. Because of Islamic guidelines, no proselytizing of hurricane victims will be allowed by any member of the task force. www.cair-net.org

APRIL SILVER RECOMMENDS: www.BlackAmericaWeb.com. It will give you news on Hurricane Katrina and what the NAACP and Urban League plan to do in terms of supporting the Black folks who are hit the hardest by this tragedy. On this web-site, there is also a link that will take you to a page that lists orgs you can donate to. But start here: http://www.blackamericaweb.com/ site.aspx/ bawnews/katrina831. KEVIN POWELL adds: BlackAmericaWeb.com Relief Fund PO Box 803209 Dallas, TX 75240 OR you can make an online donation by going to www.blackamericaweb.com/relief. This fund has been set up by nationally syndicated radio personality TOM JOYNER.

KEVIN POWELL RECOMMENDS: NAACP Disaster Relief Efforts The NAACP is setting up command centers in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama as part of its disaster relief efforts. NAACP units across the nation have begun collecting resources that will be placed on trucks and sent directly into the disaster areas. Also, the NAACP has established a disaster relief fund to accept monetary donations to aid in the relief effort. Checks can be sent to the NAACP payable to: NAACP Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund 4805 Mt. Hope Drive Baltimore, MD 21215. Donations can also be made online at www.naacp.org/disaster/contribute.php. FYI, the NAACP, founded in 1909, is America's oldest civil rights organization.

WENDY DAY RECOMMENDS: "As a result of the recent tragedy in the Gulf Coast area from Hurricane Katrina, I've chosen to sign my emails with information regarding David Banner's charity that is making tremendous headway in helping the displaced people from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Please help at www.HealTheHood.com." Also, www.teamrescueone.com. Set up by native New Orleans rapper Master P and his wife Sonya Miller.

Also recommended by KEVIN POWELL.
BILLY WIMSATT AKA UPSKI RECOMMENDS: https://secure.democracyinaction.org/dia/shop/indyvoter/ custom.jsp?donate_page_KEY=80. Or send a check to: Memo Line: Shana’s New Orleans Advocacy Fund c/o League of Independent Voters 226 W. 135th St. 4th Fl New York, NY 10030. Contributions to the League of Independent Voters are NOT tax deductible.

We wholeheartedly and sincerely apologize for not being able to include everything that was sent regarding the relief efforts and events. It took 2 days to get this newsletter together and we wanted to be as thorough with info as possible. Please save this email to forward to others seeking info on charities and organizations. Thanks in advance for understanding.

Fabel & Christie

( * ( * ( *


Peace. After I worked too late on Friday and missed the Daddy Yankee concert...and 'cause I work so much I never get to go on dates so I didn't have anyone to take me to the afterparty...I fell asleep dressed for the show I meant to go to and woke up Saturday morning in a fishnet bodystocking, pink & black low-top Chuck Taylors, denim skirt and hot pink top. After I shook that off I changed into sweats and ran around mid-wilshire for an hour or so.

Since the bosses are on the "Get Buff or Die Trying" diet, I guess I'm sensitive about muscles moreso than I was a year ago or whatever. I've been trying to eat more vegan and get in as much walking, running, stair climbing, breakdancing, and heavy labor as possible.

So I called my homegirl Evolve and she was in the midst of packing and moving. She's like my sis from another moms, super organic lady, mad wise, and mad DIY. Or DIH, I should say, Do It Herself. We're alike in that respect, that we'll take on a task that 10 normal women couldn't accomplish in one day, for dolo, and actually finish that shit with time to spare after innovating a new way to do it. I have to shout my other sis's who do it DIH-style as well - RACHEL RAIMIST, MONALISA MURRAY, ASIA ONE, and of course all the single mothers out there makin' it happen.

So I took the bus and hoofed it from mid-Wilshire to Westchester (if you're not from L.A. buy maps), packed Evolve's entire kitchen, labeled boxes, met her pops, listened to his "honkytonk" radio show with Cowboy Nick on KXLU (what don't kill U makes U stronger!)...then we hit up the Chocolate Bar, I broke a little, we freestyled a little, I danced Reggae with this one cat a little, then Greg Nice stopped in for an impromptu mini-concert which was hype, broke some more and received some applause from the Greg Nice camp who were in the house from Now Why, then we bounced back to Westchester, caught a few ZZZs, and got up to greet the movers.

Ahhh, the movers. One of them was a cholo, but he was mad rocked out and was bumpin' (and randomly singing) hits from the 1980s. I was busy with my own shit, bleaching and scrubbing and cleaning the sinks, bathtub, counters, etc; cleaning glass, and all that shit; but after awhile I noticed the fine mover dude had a Latin Kings tattoo. After that I had to ask him some questions, 'cause I've never heard of there being Latin Kings in L.A.... although I have been gone for some time. Turns out, of course, his O.G. from his set is from Chicago, which I had figured as much. He asked me a lot of questions about New York, and after he was walking behind me and peeped the tattoo he turned his radio from the 80s station to KDAY. Of course he's married with two daughters, OF COURSE, and so naturally we didn't exchange numbers, but it's nice to know that a firme Latin King thinks I "look like a rock star" and that if he weren't married with two daughters I'd have someone to go out on a date with the next time I'm not working, which would be sometime in 2011.

Plus I worked it out something fierce this weekend, lifting shit that had the mover men looking at me like I was on PCP (I'm not...I don't take drugs people). I had on the diamond-encrusted Superman shirt, and Evolve saw me lift this bookcase thingy, and she was like, "DAMN, you really are superwoman!!". Maybe I'm going to get buff (or die trying) after all.

Thank God for Evolve, she blessed me with a delicious Thai dinner last night after all that work, and gave me a beautiful "Lady Day" shirt - seamless as it may be - which I'm going to rock to the office today. And when she dropped me off, she pressed a $50 in my hand. That's some shit I would do, some shit it seems only women do...respect hard work and labor, and even though it goes unsaid, give someone something you know they need when they've done a good turn for you on the strength.

And that's how we Evolve Universal.


Mira, ja Una
the Smooth Mover

CONGRATULATIONS & PEACE 2 THE RZA... www.wutangcorp.com

Wu-Tang Corp. / News
Exclusive News From The RZA
News - Exclusive News From The RZA
Search News

Published: September 3rd, 2005

First of all, on behalf of all the fans and Wu-Tang Corp, we would like to congratulate The RZA on his new born baby son who was brought into the world at 8.3 pounds yesterday. RZA, who has been living in LA for a while since he departed New York last year, has been busy in the studio working on various Wu-Tang projects.

First of all, there's good news about Cuban Linx [Part II]. While various producers, including Dr. Dre and Nottz have laced Raekwon with beats for the highly anticipated album, it is The RZA who will now be responsible for 90% of the production. Other good news is that all of the Wu-Tang Clan members have returned to their infamous Wu-Gambinos characters for the album including GZA/Genius as Maximillion who has been recording many songs with Raekwon lately. Busta Rhymes is still involved as an executive producer.

Another special appearance on Cuban Linx [Part II] comes from Red Hot Chilli Pepper guitarist John Frusciante who has been camping in RZA's studio for a few days. RZA and John reportedly recorded five beats together but where they will end up remains uncertain. Daron Malakian, guitarist of System Of A Down has also been in RZA's studio for a few days recording up to 10 songs with RZA. Method Man is back in the lab writing after recording 8 tracks with RZA. There's no word on his release yet.

On a brighter side, Inspectah Deck has been in LA recording with RZA after a 3 year break from working with each other. Masta Killa is finishing up his second album with at least 5 beats produced by Bronze Nazareth.

On the movie side of things we can report that RZA will defenitly start shooting his movie 'The Man With The Iron Fist' in October. The movie will be a tribute to the old school Shaw Brothers movies that inspired the Wu-Tang Clan in their early days. One of the 'Five Deadly Venoms' actors is scheduled to make an appearance in the movie. More information is to follow...

I'm giving it up to WuTangCorp.com, they have the official lock down on Wu-Tang Clan news, hifey message boards; and I know they bout-2-blow 'cause I emailed them to spend some ad money and they haven't had time 2 hit me back.

"That's how we keep Wu-Tang money all up in the family" ... >

Thinking back to the first Gravediggaz album recently, for s0me odd reason. The skit on that record, "Mommy, What's a Gravedigga?" has the illest sample that's been running through my head. One of those songs where the melody haunts you and you can't recall the name of the song until something triggers your memory.

Patrice Rushen "Giving it up is Giving up"


I'm also reminiscing on the first Wu-Tang show I ever saw, in Oakland by the water, Jack London Square...at this spot called Ahonatu. For some reason, Wu-Tang, who at the time were just just starting to burn off "Protect Your Neck" 12" were headlining with DRU DOWN. The real true pimp of the year. So you have to imagine this crowd that was in there, half Peace Nation of Gods and Earths 5% outta 100 headwraps dreadlocks incense bidi smoke frankencense and myrhh and patchouli shit + half perms curls gold diamonds Cadillacs parked outside high-sidin super flossy niggas with hifey broads with pink cellophanes mixed with grape kool aid dyed 100% human hair weeves and long curved acrylic nails. Real wild shit already, but when Wu-Tang set it off with "Ice Cream"

For real nigga what
It's the after party
And niggas wanna fuck
French Vanilla
Buter Pecan
Chocolate Deluxe...
There was some funkadelic-type funk goin on 'cause Dru Down had this one called "Ice Cream Man"
'Cause it's the Ice Cream Man
Bitch Don't You Hear the Music?

I seriously thought it was gonna riot off in there. Now that's the West Coast/East Coast Beef for your ass, cooked up Mongolian Barbeque Style. It was all good though and everyone left peacefully. I even saw a hoochie-mama asking one of the Earths how to wrap the headwrap in the back... U KNOW HOW WE DO



September 11, 2005


Peace. It's been a minute since I've talked about some deep shit, I know. It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without...well, you know the rest. Today I'm going to dissertate regarding America's favorite, and least favorite, topic - race. First and foremost, it's a construct; period point blank. Who's white? Who's Black? It's 2005, and we're living in the last days. Obviously, the Original hue-man being was a Black person. The origins of human beings here on Earth started in the fertile crescent, the concentric circles of civilization, the Nile River Vally, Egypt, Africa, and their dynasty is so great that same land remains today. Sadly our government wants the precious natural resources underneath that land - oil - to fuel America's need for gasoline. After all, Americans must drive their Hummers, Escalades, Navigators, Durangos, Pathfinders, Benz jeeps, Range Rovers, and the like. Ass, gas or cash; nobody rides for free, right? So right now, while you're sipping your Latte, smoking your light cigarette, breathing air (one of the last things that's "free"; but soon to be added to the long list of things commodified); innocent American people who made a choice to join an "armed force" are killing innocent Iraqi people, and while the beast of Babylon here in the wilderness grows greater, and stronger, and faster; the Middle East is on fire - a sea of sorrow, a smoking pile of brimstone. But all of that is on the surface. Dubya and his posse can take all the weapons of mass destruction they can get their greasy snake-hands on and fire away - the Pyramids at Giza still stand. The Sphinx, worn by erosion yet still in full muthafucken effect, will still be there in the desert sands. Dunya vs. Dubya? The Dunya will prevail, no matter who may tell what tale.

So now, back to this fabulous "nation" of Amerikkka. Part of "The Americas," which span from the southernmost tip of the continent of South America, all the way on up to the tippy-tip top of the North Pole. We have pyramids here too, by the Way, courtesy of the Toltecs, Aztecs, Mayans, and the Original inhabitants of what is now known loosely as "South America". The fact is this is no nation. As George Clinton so brilliantly pointed out, there is in fact, one nation under a groove. Getting down just for the funk of it. We're here, and we're billiions strong. We come from the bottoms and rise up, like how cream rises to the top. And in this one nation under a groove, there are people of every race, color, creed, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, construct, construct, construct, etc. that you can name.

Someone said to me not too long ago, well how can you have a website called Pyramids to Projects and you're white? I personally take umbrage at being called white. I am not white. I am cream, beige, brown, and pink; if we're talking the Pantone pallet of my skin colors. I have a couple of "moles" and "beauty marks" which are chocolate-colored. Many have often cited these marks on skin, whether the skin is light or dark in its totality, as being the most clear indictor that the person is of mixed "race". In terms of my family and ancestry, obviously I have some European ancestors, as well as some Asiatic ancestors. In terms of my blood family living today, we are Californians, Mexicans, Javanese/Indonesian. As the count of nieces and nephews rises, and I work toward starting a family of my own, odds are that we'll soon be adding some other "races" to the mix. In terms of my true and living family, we are One. All the work that I've put in in my life, in terms of literal work as an author, writer, A&R, musician, creator; and in terms of work in the streets and work with the people, has been work put in to factologize the his-story that's been mis-represented. And the work I put in in the streets, although on the surface could be looked at as negative or miserable, was in fact put in to gain wealth and power; gains which have gone and will continue to go directly to the poor, the disenfranchised, the young, the under-represented - myself and all of my family included.

Within Hip Hop and the music biz today, it's starting to open up a bit in terms of "race". For me, someone who goes waaaaay back in Hip Hop culture, there've always been "whites" and "Jews" and "jewish" folks rocking in Hip Hop - some good, some evil. Because this is a Black culture, and when I say Black I mean African-American at the root and inclusive of all members of the Diaspora. Black includes Carribean peoples, Native peoples, "Latino" peoples...hopefully you all get this point and I don't have to elaborate further.

Everyone wants to talk about this and that about Eminem, without question the most famous white face in Hip Hop to date. I can't stand his whiny, irritating voice when he raps; although when I've heard him speak in interviews I find his speaking voice to be very smooth. I don't dig his music, not that he's not an incredible lyricist, spitter, freestlyer, battle rhymer, and creative artist - he is. The voice just kills it for me. However, as a person, Marshall Mathers slash Eminem seems like a good dude. He's a terribly shrewd businessman. The other day on MTV Jams he and 50 were sitting there joking about how Em's going to retire and 50's going to take over his spot and be on TV so much it'll make you sick...even though he's already on TV so much it makes me sick.

So basically Eminem is Baby Elvis, the one who took the Hip Hop generation's version of "Race Music" and made it all right, 'cause it's all white. Not that the Beastie Boys didn't do it...but they didn't really. They made a Hip Hop album, License to Ill, at he bequest of Russell Simmons and the illustrious Rick Rubin. They were basically rock cats, and after they got their one B-Boy joint off, License to Ill, they went back to some bugged the fuck out poliwog stew style punk rock fuck shit like what. And now they're all about the Dali Lama.

Someone asked me recently how I felt about Paul Wall grabbing that honey-blonde-dyed Black woman in the Sittin video. How do I feel about it? First of all, Paul Wall is what's really hood. Paul wall is a nigga. Paul Wall isn't a figment of some spoiled upper-middle-class white boy's own imagination. Paul Wall is most obviously from the bottoms. Infinite told me the other day Paul Wall's daddy was a heroin addict. FIEND - there's one in every family. The last time I spoke to my own father, who also was a heroin addict as it so happens, he ended the convo with this gem... "Well, I was the first white nigger," before he hung up the phone in my face (some people say goodbye or talk to you later, pops just introduces you to the homie tone like that).

First of all, he's born in the 1930s so you have to excuse the term "nigger". With all the amazing Black music my father has been a part of composing, recording, producing and performing over the years; and with playing with so many legends of Jazz and Rock music - the O.G. Black musical forms from this lovely little wilderness we call the "United States" - I don't think that he means that word in a negative or racist context. Just like, as I'm sure, Paul Wall may have occasion to say "nigga" when chopping it up with his homies or screwing with some broads.

So what does it all mean? Like I keep trying to say, regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, upbringing, socio-economic status, ethnic heritage, religion/school of thought, or whatever other construct you'd like to use to dictate the shit...YOU DON'T DICTATE SHIT. Hip Hop is global. Hip Hop is massive. Hip Hop transcends musical genre, it's a culture AS WELL AS a lifestyle, born from change, steeped in the tradition of poverty and "Inventos" - making up something out of nothing, for fun, for wreck, for props, for braggadocio, and for upliftment.

When someone picks up a microphone somewhere, Black, White, Mexican, Asian, or purple with green stripes; and he/she does it with the sole intent of getting paid..that person is a rapper. And where I come from, rappers get their heads tooken off, on a daily basis, eight ways to Sunday...Monday through Sunday.

L. A., C.A., .... ALL DAY