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May 19, 2005


Don't Hate...ELEVATE

"Originally, B-Girl meant break girl or Bronx girl. Breaking is the generic term for what is formally considered B-Boying or B-Girling by hip-hop purists, used to describe the style of dance stemming from hip-hop culture which emerged in the South Bronx during the early 1970s. Today, the term B-Girl has grown to encompass women who are directly involved with or heavily impacted by hip-hop culture."Miranda Jane, hip- hop journalist and editor (Minneapolis Women's Press, May 18, 2005)

Well well well, I'll be damned, I might as well tell you who I am... I am the capital M I R A, I don't play, so just listen to the words I say...c'mon

The lovely in the photo is SARAH WHITE, a supremely dope and talented Vocalist, Musician, MC, Poetess, and Hip Hop Mom. She's a member of the B-Girl Be Advisory Board, and she fuckin ROCKS. You might know her from her ol'skool crew TRADITIONAL METHODS... Check her out, and this fresh cover story from the Minnesota Women's Press, and get your B-Girl weight up. Even B-96, the major radio affiliate here in MN, is showing the love...

There's a female in town named DESDAMONA. She's a sheer force of nature lyrically, and she's musically unfuckwitable. Her LP, THE LEDGE, is available now...just holla @ the gal. Oh did I mention Sly & Robbie produced six tracks on her album?

Something happened to my original version of this post, but I used it to shout out DESSA of DOOMTREE, as well as a dope female producer JEWEL BROWN from For the Love Productions...plus LADY PINK, PSALM ONE, DJ KUTTIN KANDI, and B-GIRL ASIA ONE. I guess Blogger's not perfect, or else I got hacked?

May 18, 2005

These Are the Breaks...>

Get Ready for Another Session...>

Still broadcasting live and direct from Minneapolis/The Twin Cities... Here's the rundown of what's coming up at Intermedia Arts, 'cause it's almost time for B-Girl Be - the summit begins June 2!!

If you're not in Minnesota, that's okay. We still need your help. If you can't come to B-Girl Be.....You can still donate!

B-Girl Be Summit Pass Available Now!
Available through May 27, 2005.
$30 (summit passes will be held at Intermedia Arts to be picked up June 2–5, 2005)
This "all access" pass allows you entrance into all B-Girl Be sponsored events June 2–5, 2005 (after-party not included). In addition you will receive one food ticket to the B-Girl BBQ on Sunday, June 5, discounts on B-Girl Be merchandise and eligibility for giveaways.

B-Girl Be and Hip Hop Events at Intermedia Arts this week, May 16 - May 26....
All events located at:
Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Avenue South,

6:00 PM
Want to volunteer for B-Girl Be? Show up for this one hour volunteer
sign-up and orientation and find our how you can get involved.
*Volunteers receive a free ticket to the main stage event on Saturday
June 4th at 7:00 and free entry to every day that you volunteer.

Dance with Leah Nelson and B-girl Seoul (ages 12 and up)
Thursday May 19; 5:30–8:00 pm
This session will cover the fundamentals of the various styles associated with breaking, popping & locking. We will start with a warm up that incorporates the basic movements. We will watch some videotapes by funk dance legends Don Campbell and the Electric Boogaloos whose style of movement have influenced current hip hop dancers. We will then create a routine together incorporating all these styles as well as some current hip -hop dance trends and end with a freestyle.
$5 (group rate available)

Open Forum: Women in the Twin Cities Hip-Hop Scene
Noon–1:00 pm; free admission
A space for you to build on local energy and local artists and to discuss ideas to support women in this community. Meeting place for Twin Cities female MCs, Poets, Spoken Word artists, vocalists & musicians to discuss involvment in B-Girl Be and our upcoming mixtape & compilation projects. BE THERE!

Digital Media with Rachel Raimist (ages 16 and up)
5:30–8:00 pm
In this session we will deconstruct and (re)construct images of women in hip-hop. We will analyze photography, film, music videos, and print media. We will erase the beat, slow down the frame, and discuss why and how these images are so powerful. This is also an opportunity to talk about how you can get involved in documenting (filming/photographing/writing) the b-girl be summit.
$5 (group rate available)
Please email bgirl@intermediaarts.org to sign up for this important workshop.

Questions? Email us at bgirl@intermediaarts.org or call 612-871-4444

Love is Love

May 16, 2005

DJ JUSTO, Rest In Peace

DJ Justo, Rest In Peace. You'll be truly missed.

* Justo Faison's family is trying to raise money for the costs of his funeral and burial. He also leaves behind a 13-year old child. If you have anything to spare, or if you're reading this and he helped promote one of your records, please contribute to this fund.

Gomez Broz. LLC
c/o Justo Faison
Attn: Regan Sommer McCoy
234B Jersey Street
Staten Island, NY 10301

When I got online Saturday, I saw the news. I gasped out loud and Rae asked me what was wrong. I said “Justo is dead”. I couldn’t say more. I couldn’t even cry. I couldn’t let my thoughts drift to DJ Threat (R.I.P.), who I worked with at Gee Street Records, who also passed away in a vehicular accident. The only thing I could do was go to the club, check out some DJs and soak up my sorrows with Hip Hop. Justo is one of the only people who has a high profile in the industry that treated me the same before I was at the source, while I was associate editor at the source, and after I left the source.

The Mixtape Awards, in my opinion, have been the most important events in Hip Hop. Justo and the Mixtape Awards took the emphasis off mainstream radio and back onto the true promoters of Hip Hop in the streets – the mixtape DJs. Justo was also responsible for a lot of the diversification within Hip Hop, in that he included DJs from all regions in the awards, without being New York-centric. I hope that the legacy of the awards will live on, and that everyone in the Hip Hop will take a moment of silence to remember DJ Justo (Justo Faison) and his selfless contributions to our music and culture.

”Many within the Hip-Hop nation are shocked, saddened and even in denial about the death of Justo Faison. Tragically, Faison, the founder of the successful Mixtape Awards, was killed in a car crash sometime early morning Saturday (May 14).

Details remain vague, but sources confirmed with AllHipHop.com that Faison passed away in Virginia, while working doing promotions in the evening. According to some sources, Faison was departing Richmond and was extremely tired while driving to an undisclosed destination.

Faison founded the Mixtape Awards in 1996 and helped highlight and reward a previously unrecognized component of the music business - the mixtape. "Justo was like a brother to me," DJ Kay Slay told AllHipHop.com. "At one time he helped manage me for free. Justo was the only person we had standing up for the DJ's from the heart and he will be missed." At presstime, a funeral fund, spearheaded by Kay Slay and Kid Capri, was already being erected for the pioneer. One source said it is time for the DJ's to return the favor to Justo. "The DJ's need to step up to the plate on this one. Justo gave his life to them." details of the fund were forthcoming.”

Source : Allhiphop.com
By Nolan Strong & Houston Williams

Here are some other tributes to Justo from members of the Hip Hop community.

Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of Justo Faison who was tragically killed in a automobile accident this past weekend. As many of you know I had the privilege to directly and closely work with Just O on his highly successful 9th Annual Just O Mixtape Awards this past March. What many of you may not know is that Boot Camp's relationship with Just O goes back to the days of Nervous Records where Just O worked diligently and effectively as "Radio Promotions" for Black Moon and Smif n Wessun. Just O was as loyal to his friends as they come. He was a man of tremendous principal and respect and loved the music, artists, and people he worked with. He will truly be missed. RIP Just O. - DRU HA (DUCK DOWN RECORDS)


Orpheus "Just O" Faison - rest in peace (now see, he would probably strangle me for putting his real first name out there for everybody to see...he would be laughing, but he'd get mad at me later...) Just O returned to the essence early this morning due to a car accident...i have so many good, funny and precious memories running through my mind right now, i'm not sure what to say or where to start...I will miss my friend and big brother dearly, and I send my condolences and prayers to his family and friends. - Monalisa Murray, Landmyne Entertainment


May 15, 2005


Come Get Baptized in the Waters of Lake Minnehaha...U Suckas...>


It may sound crazy, it may sound like I’m runnin…but please take me seriously, I ain’t buggin.

11 Reasons 2 Move 2 Minneapolis

  1. They call it the “Mini Apple”. Tasty, sweet, a lil tart…but without the worms. Feel?

  1. This is a B-City (but an A-List town). Out around these here parts they B-Girls and B-Boys. Strictly Queens, Strictly Kings, there’s no better.

  1. A Yo, the DJs here them a’ play nuff HIP HOP, seen?! Ya’ll know whatinthaF I mean. Them DJs cut the record down to the bone, drop the needle on the vinyl and pump that bass…Yo, fix ya face, we live and direct in the place. It might be dingy, it might be dinky, but these DJs rockin out heah make ya’ll sound softer than twinkies. Lord have Mercy, word to Percy (P, Coles & Carey), their styles are so very, and so varied, you might leave the club married; we stay aurally blessed I won’t fess, it’s DJ Nikoless, it ain’t no fun if Stage One don’t rock some, 1s and 2s, Lady Luca won’t shoot ya but she’ll give you the Blues, and let the Riddim hit ‘em, with that P-Funk ya’ll can keep the G-Funk DJ Jen’s Groove Garden got the sweets in the candy shop beat...ef a kay slay word to Mary J. it's no drama, this DJ K.A. what can I say, what that ol'skool night like, fool? i mean when he dropped the needle he was droppin jewels, class in session teach the youth them, pure delight...just yesterday, I mean last night, changed it all, I mean this DJ saved my life, no disrespect to his wifey but if he want two he could ahhhh…one two, just rock on til the breakadawn, all night, all day, ‘til the early morn, Twin Cities DJs spinnin Jawns, no pawns, Strictly Kings, Queens, you better recognize they catch wreck like synthesizers, MPCs, and eight oh eights, all my rough riders go rent that Ryder, U-Haul or board some skates…I don’t care how U get here, just get here if U can, we rocking Chi, NY and MN…while all the while, we thinking of a Master Plan...YZ

  1. No Coasts…One Love

  1. We, B-Girl Be, we free girls free to Love ourselves; while our B-Boys Be, free boys free, to Love themselves, and Love us, ‘cause we Peace Fully…Serene (Strictly Kings & Queens)

  1. The Elements of HIP HOP live here.

  1. ‘Cause we serious, as serious could get. Ya’ll need to stop rappin’ and stop robbin’ banks, Peace 2 Steady B.

  1. Even when it’s cold, it’s bold. It may be brick, bricker than the ice on Slick Rick. Kool like the gang, Kool'n G. Rap, a pack of Kools and Cool C's habit. Eskimo flow. Let it snow, just hop a flight to Puerto Rico. HO!

  1. Indian style, knees bent, hands together, whatever, whenever, what ever the weather. These MCs drop poetry so sick, so slick that you ‘could just…feel it right quick.

  1. So, you’re a rider? A cold driver? The ill whip-pusher deluxe? Straight Trues & Vogues Ho'? Cadillac dipper, slow boat roll whip, ah... Roll out. That's how ruff ryders roll. Swing down sweet chariot (it don't) stop, you can split to Chicago, Wisconsin, Canada, Now Why…shit I drove here from Love Allah wit my sis & the princess and a Def Kitty, lookin oh so Pretty (We had to leave the big city, it had got so, so siddity!). If I could do it, U could do it. Ain't nothin to it, BUT to do it. So for those that can dance, just clap your hands to it. You got it... Word up.

  1. PEACE