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October 26, 2005

Celebration Time!!

My Grandmasters Review...

Grand Masterpiece
October 26, 2005
Nunya Biznet (Love Allah)

When Wu-Tang Clan's popularity spread like wildfire with 36 Chambers, GZA was already a seasoned vet in the music biz; having dropped "Words from The Genius" on Cold Chillin' years prior. When many of today's top producers were in elementary school, DJ Muggs was banging out infamous tracks for House of Pain and Cypress Hill. Muggs and GZA first collaborated on Muggs' Soul Assassins compilation album...years later, the rest is history.Grandmasters is a classic Hip Hop album the likes of which this decade hasn't yet witnessed. Conceptually, this is chess on wax. Check "All in Together Now" f/ Raekwon & The RZA for the true Wu-Eulogy to Ol' Dirty Bastard (A Son Unique). The GZA continues his legendary "labels" series of lyrics on the sultry, sexy, grown-folks'-music masterpiece "Queens Gambit". With no filler, no fast-forwards, and no full-of-shit guest appearances, Grandmasters is a refreshing approach to millenium Hip Hop...STRICTLY DOPE MUSIC.


October 25, 2005

Today's Cosmic Tidbit

October 25, 2005

The Moon and Saturn are sharing the same part of the zodiac today. Look for a serious question to come out of a light-hearted friend. The somber mood may produce a serious relationship. Do you think love without flirtation first is impossible?

October 23, 2005

O to the...G (Ya'll Ain't Hype...That's Why U Don't Dance?!)

I'm still buzzing off the energy from Friday night. All my L.A. family was in the house, with a few notable exceptions from the S.O.L.A.R. Panel - but no one can say they were uninvited - VENICE was in the building in a major m'fucken way... I was blessed to see Ras Kass for the first time since he's been home, I can see in his face that this year and next year are going to be the ones where he finally gets his due. Talib Kweli and a very pretty lady came through...now Kweli finally understands who I am and where I'm from - I was the first journalist to interview him as a solo artist and since then he's see me in many incarnations - Ecko Unltd, Complex Magazine, The Source, etc. - and now he's workin' with DJ Khalil too.

My fashion intern V brought about 30 cholos with her from the Valley, and for a few minutes there I felt the energy crackling like I used to back in the day at the juntas. There were a gang of O.G.'s at our record release party, and I was just waiting for the moment when the wrong person seen the wrong person...it would have been the wrong place, wrong time for real. Apparently the
Bang 'Em Smurf & Domination record release party, 3600 miles away, didn't fare so well...

But for once in Love Allah, everyone left the guns and the crack and the knives alone...I guess 'cause it was Chace Infinite on the microphone. Self Scientific performed to a packed house with the live band, and it was immaculate. I missed a lot of the show, running around, making sure Mitchy Slick had Patron in his glass, and E-Swift had Grey Goose and juice; checking the door for any straggling VIPs, after we'd BEEN ran out of bracelets; and randomly getting my own damn party on in the stolen moments in between.

DJ Muggs is a fool. He started off his set with that new Skateboard P and Gwen Stefani joint; which immediately had me jumping over the velvet rope; from the VIP side to the dance floor. I got to cut a rug with our accountant, his assistant, his fiance, and their homegirl, and it was mad fun. I looked up and there were about 50 chicks, ladies, bitches, and females dancing to Muggs' set. And everyone was looking good too.

So it begs the question - WHY is it so hard for men to dance with women nowaday? It's one of the reasons I started putting more time and energy into B-Girling, 'cause when you break it's cool to break alone. But me, when I'm listening to the oldies in my walkman, or bumpin' some shit in the boombox at the office, or listening to music in (other people's) cars - I always daydream about the few times I've really had the chance to dance in my life.

1. 1991 - Delmira's quinciniera when I had a red velvet dress, stockings, and heels on and I danced with Stephan (Rest in Peace) to cumbias.

2. 2001 - Some spot in the L.E.S. when DJ Soul was spinning and me and Trag were Tangoing and otherwise wildin out on the floor to the surprise of everyone who thought that gangstas don't dance.

4. 2004 - Upstairs at APT on a random night when I stopped by downstairs and it was Transvestite night; so I headed up and saw the homie Jabbar; who showed his true stripes as an O.G. by stepping with me for a dozen songs in a row, and stepping back to let me break for a couple, then stepping right back in to swing me around again. KILLER.

5. All those times I used to go to the Reggae parties in the house on Adams with the red light bulb, cutting a rug (not to mention cuttin' a monkey) something fierce with O.G. Cuervo PRZ. YEAH DAT.

DJ Rhettmatic of the World Famous Beat Junkies played a dope Funk set at the party, and no one was dancing. Just one lone B-Boy in a huge circle of wack partygoers. I mean, thanks for coming, but can ya'll m'fukkas dance, or not? What's the problem!

So for all you guys reading who think you're so cool...when there's dozens of women on the dance floor dancing alone, and you're hanging back blazin an el with the homies, or standing around talking about basketball, or whatever the fuck you're doing - you're slippin' holmes. DANCE NIGGA!! We don't care if you just 2-step. What the fuck. I just proved it above, real O.G.s DO dance.

!Ya Estuvo!

Mira la Assassina