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June 02, 2005

(I Can't) Wait


**Warning - this post contains explicit content, graphic language, and "they're not threats, they're promises". ** Wait til I see WHAT!? We don’t feel the need to say “wait til you see my pussy,” or to threaten to “beat that dick up” because you spend most of your days waiting to see the pussy, and praying for someone to come along and beat your dick (besides yourself). But here’s the thing…you can no longer issue empty threats of (date) rape toward us, because we’re using our words. They’ve got extreme power. We’ve been weaving our words inside wise domes for years, some of us for decades, because we know that in this man’s world, the colloquialism goes “actions speak louder than words”.

However, we’re speaking the call to action, and if you want to see true power, not just the power of the pussy, wait til you see our movement grow and develop. You’ll shake, you’ll quake, you’ll become nauseous with fear, your bowels will loosen…shit, you’ll probably shit yourself. Because once the movement takes hold, women all over the world will refuse to cater to your misogynistic whims. All the video models will seek employment elsewhere (most likely going back to school for Masters’ in Film so they can direct music videos), and – most frightening of all – women will exercise the power of the dollar and stop spending their hard-earned on this bullshit.

That’s right, soon the day will come when wack rappers will be haunted by visions of women clutching their pocketbooks – not ‘cause they’re afraid of being robbed, because they refuse to open their purse up and pay top dollar to be disrespected. Front if you want, and try to ignore what happened at Spelman, what’s happening in Essence, what happened at The Source, what went down in Chicago, what’s going down in Minneapolis. Wait. I see ‘em playing the wall with a funny, pinched look on their faces. Wait…I think these muthafuckas are shook. Wait. Don’t statisticians say that the majority of music purchases are made by women? Wait. No, homie, it’s too late for you to recant or try to come on some LL Cool J-style “I Need Love”. Wait. It’s too late. It's that F-word again, now every female knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somethin ‘bout it. Wait. Remember “Ladies First”? We're like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I always knew we’d be the ones to resurrect Hip Hop.

June 01, 2005

I'm Going, Going...Back, Back...

Travel in Harmony...>

What a long, strange trip it's been. One day I was working in the Westwood offices of Fox Kids TV, the next day I was packing all my shit to move to New York (again) after KET called to ask me to come work for a new magazine called Ecko.Complex. That was 5 years ago, but in a lot of ways it seems like an eternity; and in some ways it seems like just yesterday.

So on Saturday evening, I'll be flying back "home" to Los Angeles. First I'll see my best friend from college (YES, I went to college, well, a little bit) Stacy. Inevitably I'll hook up with Monalisa and check out some new hang-out thing she's telling me about called "The Do-Over". And at some point I'll see my "family" many of whom I haven't laid eyes on in quite some time.

I can't say that I'll stay in L.A. forever. I already have plots and schemes to visit the Bay or perhaps stay there for a while...a lot of my old-school folks are back around that way, from Q-Shy to Allen Scott Gordon to Jennifer Johns, so it seems once again that SF/Oakland are hotbeds of culture like they were in my late teens and early twenties.

I'm going to miss a lot of the people I connected with here in Minneapolis. I'll definitely blog more about my experiences here when I jump back online. And I hope I get a chance to make it back here soon. In a lot of ways, I now rep for L.A., Oakland, Brooklyn, and Minneapolis. Who knows what travels are ahead? Go ask Enki.

I'll holla back.


Miranda Jane