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March 11, 2009


Peace! I'm jacking somebody' linksys on the homie's MacBook Pro real quick to let U know that I still exist. My name isn't Miranda Jane anymore, though. My name is Walasia Mirandajane Shabazz-Oxun. A mouthful I know, but ain't I always?

My fans will be hyphy to learn that I have about 75% of my Hip Hop cookbook complete, and am now testing recipes and seeking a good print photographer to get the "beauty shots" complete. And I suppose that will make the haters hate more.

Bizwise I'm doing exciting and fascinating things with CLEAR LABEL RECORDS, www.clearlabelrecords.com and owner/founder Tajai Massey (from the mighty Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics crew) as his GM. He has signed some incredible artists like Baby Jaymes, Deep Rooted, Chris Marsol, and more. I'm surrounded by light these days with the music clientele I'm blessed to affiliate with! He and I are also partnering up on a Media venture (marketing, radio promo, video promo, PR, press, viral), CLEAR LABEL MEDIA. For a menu/rates of services, reach us at CLEARLABELMEDIA at GMAIL dot COM. To request promo from CLEAR LABEL RECORDS, reach us at media@clearlabelrecords.com.

Bro. Tariq L from United Nations / Hemisphear / Konvict Music / etc. has finally launched his internationally-based label, SOUNDRIGHT MUSIC / SOUNDRIGHT INTERNATIONAL. I am also GM'ing this for him. He has a song called Fast Life f/ Tajh (formerly of the Boyz) that you really must hear. Reach us at soundright.intl AT gmail DOT com to request the MP3 and be added to the SOUNDRIGHT mailing list.

My young stunna of a Sun, Paco "TRUNKS" Youngel, has really come into his own as a mogul, label head, executive, A&R, shot caller, and Gunshow champion. His workout makes 50 Cent's Get Buff or Die Trying diet look weak and tawdry. With his new multi-tiered media (ad)venture GO*KID*GO, he and his posse are at the forefront of sound and are cutting a new swath in many fields of music, entertainment, tech, sk8, clothing, lifestyle and culture. He has this group called Flash Thompson that is so Gnarly, they have to be heard to be believed. You know you wanna...gmail me at LASANGELITAS at GMAIL dot COM if U want to hear this astounding aural innovation. If you want to sign Paco, his groups, his producers, his label, his lifestlye/marketing brand, or just want to pay him in general to ghostwrite for your wack rap acts you signed three quarters ago when you should've offered us a $500k advance and $250k marketing budget; I've got good news. He's become such a motherfucking BOSS, you can negotiate with him directly and bypass me and my murderous music-mogul-killa mouthpiece and get right at him, MAGNUMPACOY at YAHOO dot COM. Serious $$$$ and inquiries only, don't waste yourself or our time.

Besides the usual suspects, I have some new music thangthang's a gwan. One of these may surprise you, his name is 40 GLOCC and he's considered a "Gangster Rapper". He's actually extremely intelligent, his business savvy makes yours look anemic, and his music is DOPE. For music & vids from 40 GLOCC, TIP TOE, and his ZOO GANG affiliates, drop them a line at ZOOGANG333 at gmail dot com. He has some Ning thing too, I don't really even understand it and he does all this shit himself. Killer. I don't manage him, he's too ill, I don't womanage him, it'd be too much work, I'm just a culture consultant trying to create a new paradigm where nobody on my TV or radio or in my magazine has a cock & balls and wears skintight jeans. You'll never catch Big Bad 40 in anything resembling hipster trendoid fashion...we keep it real live gangster gully over here with white wifebeaters, white Ts, blue Levis, and clean kicks. Everything else is so...NOT FRESH.

So what about me, just "MJ"? Why don't you read me in Vibe, XXL, The Source, or another mag in print? Well...I guess those are questions for Danyel, Datwon, and whatever the damned editor of the moment is at The Sauce. I hate being pigeonholed as a "Hip Hop" writer who only knows about urban music. Anyone who ever categorized me this way, you're an asshole. I hate/love writing better than 99% of the men in the print media game and/or blogosphere (excepting of course Harry Allen, BONZ MALONE, kris ex, Kenji Jasper, to name a few). I should be able to make $5000 checks as an Editor at Large at a real magazine; but instead I'm guerillahustling and doing my own thing. But I digress.

Shouts out to Kevin Sakoda, LORD SCOTCH 79th (check his bloggieblog at www.12ozprophet.com, what up KEO?!) , my baby bro. Mike, and the many people who said they missed my eloquence. I just haven't been typing it or macroblogging, you should hear me on conference calls going Damita Dash on ninjas who thing shit is sweet or who haven't cut my gotdamnmufukkkking check on time. Or just check me out microblogging and cold getting dumb on TWITTER, www.twitter.com/WALASIA.

Finally, before I have to relinquish the borrowed MacBook Pro (p.s. If you owe me money, love me a lot, or just want to do a good deed, pay me back in MacBook Pro. This thing is butteryslickuiloquent. ) ... Waleed C-Rayz Walz Shabazz gave me this most beautiful attribute as a friend, brother, partner and one who knows my mind. He said that his twin sister would have been called Walasia, and I am his mental twin. My daddy ain't shit, and I been stopped using his janky name, and I always wanted to have a last name. Miranda was my born name, Jane was my Granny's born name. But that was first and middle. Becoming a Shabazz is such an honor and a privilege. I'm blessed by Allah and thankful for every Master Teacher who has added on with me over the years. The Shabazz attribute has many connotations for many people, all of them positive, and all anyone really needs to know is that I embody these attributes, as does Waleed, as do the rest of his Women and Children. I am not religious, I am a scientist, mathematician, statistician, sociologist, Master Teacher/Student, and a member of the greatest Research and Development department on Earth or any planet.

More later as we once again embark on unlocking the Master Keys to the Universe and debunking myths and destroying mysteries (and devils). It's that time again, time to ask yourself a question, and really analyze the answer. HOW DID WE GET FROM THE PYRAMIDS TO THE PROJECTS?



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