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September 17, 2005


Peace. Running, running, running. Yesterday I started at the crack of dawn, rode the bus to Santa Monica to pull Adidas gear for Muggs & GZA's video shoot this weekend. Gotta shout out Porsche from the Entertainment Marketing office @ Adidas, she looked out with some real fly shit for those guys.

Dropped it back at the auntie's house, then the homie DJ White Ice picked me up with surprise celebrity guests in the car, the Chief Rocka Bizzy Bee and DJ Cochise, who is KRS-1's DJ and not even 21 years old! Bizzy Bee gave up shotgun for me to sit up front - BIGTHINGS! We all swung by Ecko Unltd, picked up more gear for the shoot, and I have to shout out the finest Jew EVER, Raphie Aronowitz, who runs the West Coast office for Ecko. Plus my man Chris, formerly known as 007...they put together a nice package for us. I got myself some G-Unit jeans, your girl is FITTING into a size 15!!! YEAH BUDDY. I may be poor, but I'm wealthy with wisdom and dammit if I don't have a lot of fly, new, free shit...thank God for the industry and the streets, where a broke-ass lady like myself still gets to pop tags. WOOOOORD.

So this weekend, at an undisclosed location, the illustrious Sun Min Park (The Others) is directing the video shoot for DJ MUGGS vs. GZA/GENIUS "General Principles".

Sexy Ass gave me the business the other day - a/k/a came out his face on some flirtatious shit - but I think that's just his steez. I'm not a fish, and I'm not biting. Hit up Project Blowed for Ellay Khule a/k/a Rifleman's album release party, ran into Planet Asia a/k/a Lord Soundwave Supreme. Met a FIRME cat called Fatal who I think I used to know back in the day, who is a producer, Adidas aficianado, and whose Santo is Chango/Santa Barbara. Have this feeling that we'll meet again soon; everything happens for a reason, and timing is everything.

On the timing/dating tip, I keep missing this fly guy I met a few months back who works for Sunset Gower Studios. We've talked dozens of times, and I went shopping for craft service with him at Costco...that's been the extent of kicking it so far. Pretty funny a former D-Boy and a former D-Girl who've converted to PA's (he's a production assistant, I'm a personal/executive assistant) and we're the best in the business. I guess if you can rise out of the trap, you are the trap. Peace to Young Jeezy. And I'm out...>



p.s. Some peanut-gallery anonymous-ass ninja cat said some shit the other day that I should stick to the music news and leave my personal life out of it. A # 1 holmes, get your own blog and you deliver the fucken music news, okay? B # 2, my nipples aren't pink, they're brown...not that you'll ever see them unless I decide to pose for Fish and Grits Magazine or some shit. And finally, C # 3, you'll notice if you read every word (hey, some of my readers do it, you too can be hooked on phonics...) - MY LIFE IS THE MUSIC NEWS. Not necessarily 'cause of me, I'm not egotistical like that, but because I'm the conduit, I am the energy, I am the source, and I AM HIP HOP. Live & Breathe...

Mira, la Sirena

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