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September 12, 2005

CONGRATULATIONS & PEACE 2 THE RZA... www.wutangcorp.com

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Published: September 3rd, 2005

First of all, on behalf of all the fans and Wu-Tang Corp, we would like to congratulate The RZA on his new born baby son who was brought into the world at 8.3 pounds yesterday. RZA, who has been living in LA for a while since he departed New York last year, has been busy in the studio working on various Wu-Tang projects.

First of all, there's good news about Cuban Linx [Part II]. While various producers, including Dr. Dre and Nottz have laced Raekwon with beats for the highly anticipated album, it is The RZA who will now be responsible for 90% of the production. Other good news is that all of the Wu-Tang Clan members have returned to their infamous Wu-Gambinos characters for the album including GZA/Genius as Maximillion who has been recording many songs with Raekwon lately. Busta Rhymes is still involved as an executive producer.

Another special appearance on Cuban Linx [Part II] comes from Red Hot Chilli Pepper guitarist John Frusciante who has been camping in RZA's studio for a few days. RZA and John reportedly recorded five beats together but where they will end up remains uncertain. Daron Malakian, guitarist of System Of A Down has also been in RZA's studio for a few days recording up to 10 songs with RZA. Method Man is back in the lab writing after recording 8 tracks with RZA. There's no word on his release yet.

On a brighter side, Inspectah Deck has been in LA recording with RZA after a 3 year break from working with each other. Masta Killa is finishing up his second album with at least 5 beats produced by Bronze Nazareth.

On the movie side of things we can report that RZA will defenitly start shooting his movie 'The Man With The Iron Fist' in October. The movie will be a tribute to the old school Shaw Brothers movies that inspired the Wu-Tang Clan in their early days. One of the 'Five Deadly Venoms' actors is scheduled to make an appearance in the movie. More information is to follow...

I'm giving it up to WuTangCorp.com, they have the official lock down on Wu-Tang Clan news, hifey message boards; and I know they bout-2-blow 'cause I emailed them to spend some ad money and they haven't had time 2 hit me back.

"That's how we keep Wu-Tang money all up in the family" ... >

Thinking back to the first Gravediggaz album recently, for s0me odd reason. The skit on that record, "Mommy, What's a Gravedigga?" has the illest sample that's been running through my head. One of those songs where the melody haunts you and you can't recall the name of the song until something triggers your memory.

Patrice Rushen "Giving it up is Giving up"


I'm also reminiscing on the first Wu-Tang show I ever saw, in Oakland by the water, Jack London Square...at this spot called Ahonatu. For some reason, Wu-Tang, who at the time were just just starting to burn off "Protect Your Neck" 12" were headlining with DRU DOWN. The real true pimp of the year. So you have to imagine this crowd that was in there, half Peace Nation of Gods and Earths 5% outta 100 headwraps dreadlocks incense bidi smoke frankencense and myrhh and patchouli shit + half perms curls gold diamonds Cadillacs parked outside high-sidin super flossy niggas with hifey broads with pink cellophanes mixed with grape kool aid dyed 100% human hair weeves and long curved acrylic nails. Real wild shit already, but when Wu-Tang set it off with "Ice Cream"

For real nigga what
It's the after party
And niggas wanna fuck
French Vanilla
Buter Pecan
Chocolate Deluxe...
There was some funkadelic-type funk goin on 'cause Dru Down had this one called "Ice Cream Man"
'Cause it's the Ice Cream Man
Bitch Don't You Hear the Music?

I seriously thought it was gonna riot off in there. Now that's the West Coast/East Coast Beef for your ass, cooked up Mongolian Barbeque Style. It was all good though and everyone left peacefully. I even saw a hoochie-mama asking one of the Earths how to wrap the headwrap in the back... U KNOW HOW WE DO




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