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September 12, 2005


Peace. After I worked too late on Friday and missed the Daddy Yankee concert...and 'cause I work so much I never get to go on dates so I didn't have anyone to take me to the afterparty...I fell asleep dressed for the show I meant to go to and woke up Saturday morning in a fishnet bodystocking, pink & black low-top Chuck Taylors, denim skirt and hot pink top. After I shook that off I changed into sweats and ran around mid-wilshire for an hour or so.

Since the bosses are on the "Get Buff or Die Trying" diet, I guess I'm sensitive about muscles moreso than I was a year ago or whatever. I've been trying to eat more vegan and get in as much walking, running, stair climbing, breakdancing, and heavy labor as possible.

So I called my homegirl Evolve and she was in the midst of packing and moving. She's like my sis from another moms, super organic lady, mad wise, and mad DIY. Or DIH, I should say, Do It Herself. We're alike in that respect, that we'll take on a task that 10 normal women couldn't accomplish in one day, for dolo, and actually finish that shit with time to spare after innovating a new way to do it. I have to shout my other sis's who do it DIH-style as well - RACHEL RAIMIST, MONALISA MURRAY, ASIA ONE, and of course all the single mothers out there makin' it happen.

So I took the bus and hoofed it from mid-Wilshire to Westchester (if you're not from L.A. buy maps), packed Evolve's entire kitchen, labeled boxes, met her pops, listened to his "honkytonk" radio show with Cowboy Nick on KXLU (what don't kill U makes U stronger!)...then we hit up the Chocolate Bar, I broke a little, we freestyled a little, I danced Reggae with this one cat a little, then Greg Nice stopped in for an impromptu mini-concert which was hype, broke some more and received some applause from the Greg Nice camp who were in the house from Now Why, then we bounced back to Westchester, caught a few ZZZs, and got up to greet the movers.

Ahhh, the movers. One of them was a cholo, but he was mad rocked out and was bumpin' (and randomly singing) hits from the 1980s. I was busy with my own shit, bleaching and scrubbing and cleaning the sinks, bathtub, counters, etc; cleaning glass, and all that shit; but after awhile I noticed the fine mover dude had a Latin Kings tattoo. After that I had to ask him some questions, 'cause I've never heard of there being Latin Kings in L.A.... although I have been gone for some time. Turns out, of course, his O.G. from his set is from Chicago, which I had figured as much. He asked me a lot of questions about New York, and after he was walking behind me and peeped the tattoo he turned his radio from the 80s station to KDAY. Of course he's married with two daughters, OF COURSE, and so naturally we didn't exchange numbers, but it's nice to know that a firme Latin King thinks I "look like a rock star" and that if he weren't married with two daughters I'd have someone to go out on a date with the next time I'm not working, which would be sometime in 2011.

Plus I worked it out something fierce this weekend, lifting shit that had the mover men looking at me like I was on PCP (I'm not...I don't take drugs people). I had on the diamond-encrusted Superman shirt, and Evolve saw me lift this bookcase thingy, and she was like, "DAMN, you really are superwoman!!". Maybe I'm going to get buff (or die trying) after all.

Thank God for Evolve, she blessed me with a delicious Thai dinner last night after all that work, and gave me a beautiful "Lady Day" shirt - seamless as it may be - which I'm going to rock to the office today. And when she dropped me off, she pressed a $50 in my hand. That's some shit I would do, some shit it seems only women do...respect hard work and labor, and even though it goes unsaid, give someone something you know they need when they've done a good turn for you on the strength.

And that's how we Evolve Universal.


Mira, ja Una
the Smooth Mover


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