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September 03, 2005


There's a lot of shit goin on in the world, but that's the thing about this music shit and this in-the-streets/industry life; there's no rest for the weary, and sleep is for the weak.

So I've been bumpin' A-Plus of Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphics Imperium's mixtape/CD, PLEEMIX Vol. 1. I'm trying to get my mind right and go back to '93 (Til Infinity) when times were simpler, I was a lot younger, Souls were four fine-ass boys in a black & white video on my TV rockin' beautiful dreadlocks up in the Oakland Hills.

The song "Grab the Girl, Get the Money..." might not have been a favorite of the haters, but I still love this shit. Souls are mad deep lyrically, always have been, the trouble is the same way most people don't read/have ADD/need ritalin/are all about the short-attenion-span; most people who listen to music don't pay attention to the vibrations in the soundscape or pay attention to the intricacies of the lyrics. Anyways, this song is on the PLEEMIX, A-Plus (known as Adam 7 as a producer) made the beat, and I love it.

The remix to '93 til Infinity will blow your whole woofer and some of the rest of your speaker system if U don't turn the bass down prior to bumpin this cut, so use some caution with the volume holmes.

My favorite cut on here is one of my favorite cuts from Hiero of all time, "Acupuncture". Tajai tears the roof off the sucker as soon as the beat kicks in, so there that go. Opio rips, Tajai gets his verse off, Plee gives 'em the bizness..."niggas be actin like they be rappin tight, but they lost like in the black of night soon to be my sacrifice better be wary of the legendary, 'cause your spot at the cemetary isn't temporary..." Phesto is a lyrical psychopath kickin that ill murderation as always, "we gargantuan, killa tarantuala touch the intagible, viagra flow, raw, stronger than niagra falls, Mack Julian backhand MCs and grab my balls, hit 'em with the Black squall and crack they jaw," before passing it back to Plee, who kicks the most time-sensitive line of all-time "we start a riot like Jamaicans over gas prices, that's why the mass like us, we them crass writers". PRETTY MUCH. Opio echoes my rap/Hip Hop sentiments exactly with "Niggas think I got punched by Ruddock, in the stomach, the way I bust from the gut, it did G's by the hunned but that don't matter, 'cause niggas get millions - for shit I ain't feelin, and that's why I'm building."

So yeah, Plee and 'em are my fam and my friends and my brothas and we go waaaay waaaay back like cornrows and nosebleed seats in stadiums. But if you haven't noticed I don't fuck with the wack. Ever. And if/when my folks make music that falls into that category, or say rhymes that ain't on time, U best know I'll be the first one to pull they coat and let 'em know what's not on point and what ain't the bizness.

www.hieroglyphics.com is their site, check it out sometimes.


Mira la Jornalista de Musica


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