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September 01, 2005


Peace. I want to let ya'll know that a new album is in the streets and stores that I highly recommend U cop.

CASUAL PRESENTS "SMASH ROCKWELL" is the LP. The hot shit for the streets is the remix single, Oaktown which is produced by Cas and features Too $hort and Richie Rich. Email me if U want to check out this song.
Mizmirandajane@yahoo.com if U don't already know.

Just FYI, my work for Hiero got put on hold, so as of today, NO ONE is paying me to market, promote, publicize, or hype their shit. I just love this track and I love promoting companies like Hieroglyphics Imperium that are Black-owned, Hip Hop-owned, and 'bout they scrilla-scratch-paper.

Someone suggested to me that my blog contains too much slanguistically-challenged wordplay. So for this person, and those like them, I offer this one-time translation.

"You remember Casual from Hieroglyphics, he had that slamming song, That's How it Is? You probably saw him do a concert with Del, the Funkee Homosapien; like one of those raves or something. Anyway, like I was saying to you, this guy, Casual, he also goes by the name Smash Rockwell and he's part owner of this really cool company called Hieroglyphics Imperium or just Hiero for short. And he has this boss new album, it's just hitting the shelves at your local record stores. This guy is a great rapper, he has a really cool voice and delivery, I guess they call that the "flow". And he's a producer too, he uses a lot of bass so you have to watch the settings on your speakers so you don't blow anything out, but his beats are like, slamming. Really rocking shit. So yeah, Smash Rockwell. There's also some beats on there from that Dan the Automator guy, and fucken Dante Ross dude, the guy who produced our shining hero, Everlast, a/k/a White E. Ford. And some underground guys too, J-Zone and that guy Jake One. Smash Rockwell fucken rocks, dude. Later on."


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