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May 15, 2005


Come Get Baptized in the Waters of Lake Minnehaha...U Suckas...>


It may sound crazy, it may sound like I’m runnin…but please take me seriously, I ain’t buggin.

11 Reasons 2 Move 2 Minneapolis

  1. They call it the “Mini Apple”. Tasty, sweet, a lil tart…but without the worms. Feel?

  1. This is a B-City (but an A-List town). Out around these here parts they B-Girls and B-Boys. Strictly Queens, Strictly Kings, there’s no better.

  1. A Yo, the DJs here them a’ play nuff HIP HOP, seen?! Ya’ll know whatinthaF I mean. Them DJs cut the record down to the bone, drop the needle on the vinyl and pump that bass…Yo, fix ya face, we live and direct in the place. It might be dingy, it might be dinky, but these DJs rockin out heah make ya’ll sound softer than twinkies. Lord have Mercy, word to Percy (P, Coles & Carey), their styles are so very, and so varied, you might leave the club married; we stay aurally blessed I won’t fess, it’s DJ Nikoless, it ain’t no fun if Stage One don’t rock some, 1s and 2s, Lady Luca won’t shoot ya but she’ll give you the Blues, and let the Riddim hit ‘em, with that P-Funk ya’ll can keep the G-Funk DJ Jen’s Groove Garden got the sweets in the candy shop beat...ef a kay slay word to Mary J. it's no drama, this DJ K.A. what can I say, what that ol'skool night like, fool? i mean when he dropped the needle he was droppin jewels, class in session teach the youth them, pure delight...just yesterday, I mean last night, changed it all, I mean this DJ saved my life, no disrespect to his wifey but if he want two he could ahhhh…one two, just rock on til the breakadawn, all night, all day, ‘til the early morn, Twin Cities DJs spinnin Jawns, no pawns, Strictly Kings, Queens, you better recognize they catch wreck like synthesizers, MPCs, and eight oh eights, all my rough riders go rent that Ryder, U-Haul or board some skates…I don’t care how U get here, just get here if U can, we rocking Chi, NY and MN…while all the while, we thinking of a Master Plan...YZ

  1. No Coasts…One Love

  1. We, B-Girl Be, we free girls free to Love ourselves; while our B-Boys Be, free boys free, to Love themselves, and Love us, ‘cause we Peace Fully…Serene (Strictly Kings & Queens)

  1. The Elements of HIP HOP live here.

  1. ‘Cause we serious, as serious could get. Ya’ll need to stop rappin’ and stop robbin’ banks, Peace 2 Steady B.

  1. Even when it’s cold, it’s bold. It may be brick, bricker than the ice on Slick Rick. Kool like the gang, Kool'n G. Rap, a pack of Kools and Cool C's habit. Eskimo flow. Let it snow, just hop a flight to Puerto Rico. HO!

  1. Indian style, knees bent, hands together, whatever, whenever, what ever the weather. These MCs drop poetry so sick, so slick that you ‘could just…feel it right quick.

  1. So, you’re a rider? A cold driver? The ill whip-pusher deluxe? Straight Trues & Vogues Ho'? Cadillac dipper, slow boat roll whip, ah... Roll out. That's how ruff ryders roll. Swing down sweet chariot (it don't) stop, you can split to Chicago, Wisconsin, Canada, Now Why…shit I drove here from Love Allah wit my sis & the princess and a Def Kitty, lookin oh so Pretty (We had to leave the big city, it had got so, so siddity!). If I could do it, U could do it. Ain't nothin to it, BUT to do it. So for those that can dance, just clap your hands to it. You got it... Word up.

  1. PEACE


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

"Percy (P, Coles & Carey)"

what about miller?

At 1:33 AM, Anonymous illwafer said...

mpls sux, but it is better than any place else in the midwest besides chicago.

i can give you more than 11 reasons to leave mpls, but all you need is 1. california.


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