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May 18, 2005

These Are the Breaks...>

Get Ready for Another Session...>

Still broadcasting live and direct from Minneapolis/The Twin Cities... Here's the rundown of what's coming up at Intermedia Arts, 'cause it's almost time for B-Girl Be - the summit begins June 2!!

If you're not in Minnesota, that's okay. We still need your help. If you can't come to B-Girl Be.....You can still donate!

B-Girl Be Summit Pass Available Now!
Available through May 27, 2005.
$30 (summit passes will be held at Intermedia Arts to be picked up June 2–5, 2005)
This "all access" pass allows you entrance into all B-Girl Be sponsored events June 2–5, 2005 (after-party not included). In addition you will receive one food ticket to the B-Girl BBQ on Sunday, June 5, discounts on B-Girl Be merchandise and eligibility for giveaways.

B-Girl Be and Hip Hop Events at Intermedia Arts this week, May 16 - May 26....
All events located at:
Intermedia Arts
2822 Lyndale Avenue South,

6:00 PM
Want to volunteer for B-Girl Be? Show up for this one hour volunteer
sign-up and orientation and find our how you can get involved.
*Volunteers receive a free ticket to the main stage event on Saturday
June 4th at 7:00 and free entry to every day that you volunteer.

Dance with Leah Nelson and B-girl Seoul (ages 12 and up)
Thursday May 19; 5:30–8:00 pm
This session will cover the fundamentals of the various styles associated with breaking, popping & locking. We will start with a warm up that incorporates the basic movements. We will watch some videotapes by funk dance legends Don Campbell and the Electric Boogaloos whose style of movement have influenced current hip hop dancers. We will then create a routine together incorporating all these styles as well as some current hip -hop dance trends and end with a freestyle.
$5 (group rate available)

Open Forum: Women in the Twin Cities Hip-Hop Scene
Noon–1:00 pm; free admission
A space for you to build on local energy and local artists and to discuss ideas to support women in this community. Meeting place for Twin Cities female MCs, Poets, Spoken Word artists, vocalists & musicians to discuss involvment in B-Girl Be and our upcoming mixtape & compilation projects. BE THERE!

Digital Media with Rachel Raimist (ages 16 and up)
5:30–8:00 pm
In this session we will deconstruct and (re)construct images of women in hip-hop. We will analyze photography, film, music videos, and print media. We will erase the beat, slow down the frame, and discuss why and how these images are so powerful. This is also an opportunity to talk about how you can get involved in documenting (filming/photographing/writing) the b-girl be summit.
$5 (group rate available)
Please email bgirl@intermediaarts.org to sign up for this important workshop.

Questions? Email us at bgirl@intermediaarts.org or call 612-871-4444

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Yo this was a dope azz read, good
subjects good info.
much Hip Hop Love


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