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July 03, 2005


Bless Luther Vandross's Life...>

Ever since I first fell in love with Stephan (Rest in Peace) I've been a huge fan of Luther. His voice is one of the few truly electric voices of the post-R&B generation. You know, not Teddy Pendergrass or Marvin Gaye or Al Green, just Luther. I was a fan of the jams like "Never too Much" but it was the slow jams of his like "Creepin'", "If Only For One Night" or "A House is Not a Home" that really got to me. And I always said I wanted to see him live.

I was in the surgical waiting room when the news announced the sad truth - that Luther Vandross had gone back to the essence. I broke down into tears for a moment, and sent blessings to him and to my friend in surgery. He was 54 years old.

Of all of Luther's contributions, one of my favorite songs of all time is a duet with Cheryl Lynn (even though she's a bitch who's anti-Hip Hop, she still has a pretty voice), "If This World Were Mine". Let's see how much I remember....

"If this world were mine, I would place at your feet, all that I own, you've been so good to me, if this world were mine...I'd give you each day, so sunny and new, and if you wanted to moonlight, I'd give you that too, if this world were mine."

Sometimes life takes sharp, devastating turns. It ain't no mystery, when Luther had that stroke and came back from it, he was on a path. He had something left to do. With the song and video "Dance With My Father Again," he made a name for himself among a whole new generation of music lovers, and he sent a message to his Pops. I know that today, Luther is getting the chance to dance with his father again.

Until we meet again, "Oh, my love, A thousand kisses from you is never too much, I just don't wanna stop, Oh, my love, A million days in your arms is never too much..."


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