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June 30, 2005


L-R: ET, Akon & Booba from www.skyrock.com (Senegalese/French site)

"Akon's roots in music can be traced back to his father, the legendary percussionist and jazz musician Mor Thiam. Exposed to many forms of music at an early age, Akon gravitated towards hip-hop as a teen-ager, but he is a true musician who refuses to be limited. The charismatic performer has collaborated with a diverse range of artists that include: Baby Bash, Jesse McCartney, Brian McKnight, Styles P and Bobby Vinton- whose "Mr. Lonely" inspired Akon's current hit "Lonely."" - from www.akononline.net

At first I thought Akon was just another guilty pleasure. After hearing the sped-up, slightly chimpmunkish "Mr. Lonely," and of course his collabo with "Baby Bash" (who I recently discovered is mixed Mexican and white, hence "the whole enchilada" line he kicks); I was certain that he was just another voice on the TV/Radio/Matrix that had been rendered enjoyable and interesting with multi-million dollar SSL boards and an obese marketing budget.

At the same moment, I'd find myself singing to myself while writing to my Kings locked down, "I got locked up, they won't let me out, no..." not even knowin' that this too was by the man Akon! THEN, after being reintroduced to satellite TV and a plethora of video channels the likes of which I've never seen, I delved further into the mysterious Songsta when the video for "Ghetto" came on.

So I'm convinced. I love Akon. He fucken rocks, dude. He's African born, child of a Jazz player, and obviously he's spent 'nuff time in the 'hood and has some homies in the bing-bing.

Just wanted to share.

P.S. Right now on VH-1 Soul there's an Ali Shaheed Muhammad video on, "Banga", and my GIRL B-Girl Peppa is ROCKING OUT as we speak. She's a No Easy Props B-Girl, plus a Break-Girl Breakin' It Down. Check out the links, check out the video, U can't stop the body rock. NUFF RESPECT, SEEN!!??

P.P.S. I can't tweak on it, or spend a week on it, but check here for the race debate that's about to really get set off...


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