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July 01, 2005

BRONXSTYLE + the blueprint

Alien Ness...So Fresh

"You got this record playing, just take time to listen to it." - B-Boy Alien Ness

"If you ain't doing what Alien Ness is doing, you ain't doing nothing." - Wyclef Jean of the Fugees

"The brother definitely proved to be out of this world." - Popmaster Fabel, Heirophysics/Rock Steady Crew

"Alien Ness is one of the illest b-boys out there." - Grand Wizard Theodore, Creator of the "Scratch"

"Alien represents real hip-hop and I am proud to know him. I hope he succeeds in every way." - Kurtis Blow

"The quintessential b-boy…it's in his soul." - Grandmaster Caz, Cold Crush Brothers

"He's numero uno…The original…b-boy killer." - Afrika Bambaattaa, Godfather of Hip Hop

"He came to break!" - Crazy Legs, Rock Steady Crew

The homegirl B-Girl Asia One (No Easy Props) hooked me up with a copy of the double DVD from Alien Ness, Bronxstyle/the blueprint. I just finished checking it out for the first time, and I'm floored (no pun intended). Since I shot some flix of Ness a few years back at the RSC Anniversary, he's been one of my favorite B-Boys to watch. But this shit is ridiculous!

First of all, for those who've never been to a B-Boy/B-Girl jam, Rocksteady Anniversary celebration, Universal Zulu Nation event, B-Boy Summit, Freestyle Session, etc. let me begin with some background on Ness. A B-Boy since 1982, he's been down with a number of crews over the years such as Electric Ave Rockers, Dance System 10, the NYC Breakers, B-Boys in Action/Bronx B-Boys/Boogie Down Productions, High Performance, Heirophysics, Rock Steady Crew, and the Universal Zulu Nation. He got a lot of his skills and foundation from two O.G. B-Boys, Buck 4 and Kuriaki, both of whom went back to the essence (God bless their lives). "Buck 4 used to tell me to practice slow," explains Ness on the how-to DVD, "and to think of different combinations and variations." In fact, Ness dedicates this to everyone he's learned from, including Buck 4, Kuriaki, Crazy Legs, Popmaster Fabel, Icey Ice, Mr. Wiggles, Sugar Pop, Melle Mel, Steelo, Sab, Wicket, Trac 2, and many more.

With footage from the Furious Styles Crew 10th Anniversary jam, demos from RSC Queen Jeskils, words from Mr. Freeze RSC, and mad demonstrations, explanations, breakdowns, and moves from Ness himself; one thing is clear - even newbies can learn to break with these DVDs and a whole lot of practice. Ness shows you how to toprock and go down, stressing that the best ways to learn are to run through drills (shown/broken down in the DVD), study old-school breakers, and use some common sense. It's the little things he explains, such as how to toprock on the balls of the feet - not to toprock flatfooted - that make these lessons golden.

In the mindstate of "each one teach one" intact, Ness pays homage to the B-Boys who taught him these moves so he can today teach others how to rock. Breaking down how to do the "Ness Glyde" he explains that the move he started from to create this new move was "The Float". In demonstrating the 4 Corners he explains that Crazy Legs taught him how to do it. The DVD gives inspiration to up-and-coming B-Boys and B-Girls as well, 'cause like Ness explains about coming up with his signature moves, "a majority of them were mistakes, or doing something I was trying to do by accident."

While most folks might not sit through a 2 DVD set about skills and steps, it's worth it to see the raw energy of the moves showcased here from dozens of B-Boys and B-Girls. And it's entertaining and comedic at times to listen to what Ness has to say about the dance..."Bottom line is, it's gonna work like Daniel-Son - wax on, wax off". Speed, leg steps, footwork, twists, bicycle pumps, figure 4 spins, swipes, windmills, chair freezes, baby freezes, transitions, poses, forms and flows - it's all here for the learning.

Check out a preview of Bronxstyle here and the blueprint here. To cop the videos visit B-Boy Summit Dot Com, or visit Alien Ness's site at B-Boy Alien Dot Com. And if you want to keep up with the B-Boy/B-Girl scene, subscribe to the Tools of War newsletter. That's what's up.



At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


thank u for the info amiga!

At 9:32 AM, Blogger princess of the poem: Desdamona said...

hey miranda - just wanted to say thanks for the reveiw on cdbaby.com. :) And....damn, you are a bloggin' fiend. I can't even keep up!

Guess what...I saw the Wiscompton people perform last night at Triple Rock!You MISSED it!

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