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July 02, 2005



Yes, yes ya'll. The streets is talkin. Good shit.
First of all, re: Ying Yang, Stripper Rap and Hoe-Hop...

Fresh said...
The Ying Yang Twins just need to stop. They are always trying to justify their ignorance. And Free is sitting herself up and back. It's bad enough she was pretty wack on that Fighting Temptations song now she bragging about giving incredible head. I can't even look at her without thinking about how she put herself out there like that. I wonder if she's been kicking it with Khia down in Tampa.
7:37 AM

princess of the poem: Desdamona said...
damn. damn. damn. Miranda. Thank you for posting this. I can't stand this song and I am thankful that I have not had the misfortune of hearing these holla back tracks by the ladies. I have thought of doing a response track but honestly, I don't even know where to begin. The ying Yang Twins were recently in the Twin Cities for the "high school summer jam" They headlined. I don't understand what the hell is going on.At this point, if I were to write a response record it just might end up violent and I'm not trying to perpetuate that shit either. Besides, I can't even listen to the damn song long enough to even catch all the lyrics. Just when you think it can't get any worse....des
9:59 AM

MJ said...
Peace Des. I feel U. Especially about the violence. But that's the point, in essence, the song alludes to date-rape, or worse, club-rape. The song is on your MTV, BET, Clear Channel and Radio One, all day. The youth them are being pummeled with aural images of this shit, "walkin round the club with your thumb in your mouth, take your thumb out, put my dick in your mouth". WHAT!!??So the answer record, in my mind, is moreso to make a song, with the same beat, with women's voices, letting men know that we ARE NOT anxiously awaiting seeing their dick, but seeing their intelligence, respect, divinity, masculinity, chivalry, and love. U know?? It SHOULDN'T BE NASTY OR VIOLENT, the nasty bitches are already recording over that beat. It's not for the people who The Whisper Song is for, it's for the people the song has hurt and damaged. The truth shames the devil. - MJ

And the much-misunderstood MJ's House of Hoe Cakes/MF Doom/Stonesthrow/MadVillain post

Gangalino said...
I saw your post, I think on Adisa's site, talking about not being a groupie, and blah blah blah, and I'm not saying you are, but you know mfs that listen to this music tend to be around the streets, and that's why we connect with the stories rapped, and how things go down. So you have to know that niggas know how white girls get down with this scene, so I have to ask, if you're not a groupie, being a young white girl and all that, what were you doing "...waking up at one of the half-nice hotels they’ve still got downtown, on the top floor. There’s a fat, balding, older man asleep next to me, calling the hogs a/k/a snoring in a major way. He’s missing a couple of teeth, but he covers them with gold and ruby fronts in public."? You like fat, bald, toothless men? Word?There's nothing wrong w/ doing your thing, don't have to put any labels on it, but tell it like it is, no?
8:56 AM

I want to speak to this one in particular. At least this cat actually READ the piece in its entirety before he came out his face. And this is the point I'm trying to make exactly. I don't judge someone I'm in a relationship with by how they look. I put off Doom's advances for a LONG time before I ever got into a relationship with him. I was not FUCKING him, he and I were together. His wife used to call my house to speak with him. He and I have a relationship that no one can define. I was attracted to him because of his scientific intelligence. YA'LL are the ones who are attracted to him because he's an MC. And most of his groupies are men, so what does that say about you? At the end of the day, despite the bullshit and the bad business, and the fact that we're not in close touch, I still love Daniel Dumile because he's a brilliant mind, as I am. And it doesn't matter what ANYONE else has to say about it, I know he still loves me too. I am NOTORIOUS for telling it like it is, why you think I'm writing all this shit for no money? Get it. Get it. Get it. Money don't move me. Music does. The industry didn't make me. The streets did. I don't have a PhD. I'm still enrolled in the School of Life, studying the Book of Life e'day and writing my own plus lessons as I go along. Don't get it twisted, I'm not the groupie, and I'm not the hoe. Think about it. And ask yourself one question...How DID We Get From the Pyramids to the Projects??

p.s. Don't call me a white girl. That's mad insulting. Just 'cause I'm not blessed with as much melanin as some folks, shit, neither was Yellowman or Krondon or Malcolm X or Sean Paul. If you want to call me anything, call me a B-GIRL, and keep it movin'.

Live from Love Allah, Representin Poor People Everywhere,



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