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July 01, 2005

MUST...READ...NOW...Version 2.0

Pretty Enough to be a Guerilla...>

I'm going to go all over the place, so please try to keep up. There will be a test at the end, but it won't be biased toward rich white folks. Some of you need to get up to speed before we move on in the lesson plan, and those of you who remain behind in your reading WILL be terminated, posthaste. Can you keep up? At least TRY to make me lose my breath...

by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi fka Jehvon Buckner
If you read Neely Fuller's, The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept and Francess Cress Welsing's, The Isis Papers, you would be familiar with the 9 Areas of People Activity. Those areas consist of economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, sex, religion and war. When studyin' global white supremacy — which is maintained by the Illuminati — we find they basically have it locked down. So that we didn't fall into the namin' the culprit "they" while never tellin' you WHO SPECIFICALLY, we did futher research and found that there is such a company that is in the final stages of virtually sewin' up many of the 9 Areas. The company's name is Vivendi Universal. Vivendi is the worldz largest record company, which ownz Uinversal Music Group and Universal Studios, as well as 51% in the European pay-TV provider, Canal. Among other thingz in other fieldz, they have sister divisionz in Vivendi Environment, which dealz in water, air, waste and soil; Vivendi Publishing — where they own over 800,000 copyrighted catalogz such as Louis Armstrong, Chuck Berry, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Billie Holiday, Jackson5, Bob Marley, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes and the Temptationz; Vivendi Internet and Vivendi Telecom.
Finish the assignment here.

A Weekend With the Five Percenters
by Michael Muhammad Knight
I arrived in Harlem on Friday, just in time for jumaa prayers at Masjid Malcolm Shabazz with the bulbous green dome. This mosque had once been the Nation of Islam’s Temple No. 7 but was now run by Warith Deen’s community. I checked my bag at the door and walked up a flight of stairs to the prayer hall. A brother gave me a plastic grocery bag for my shoes. I walked in right-foot-first to find security guards in suits and ties positioned throughout the mosque. One pointed to an open space in the back row so I went and did my sunna. When I sat down he came over and had me sit closer to the brother on my side. I looked around and found myself the only white guy but felt alright since we were all Sunni there, this was the Islam of Malik Shabazz. The imam’s khutbah was long and went all over the place, quoting not only from the Quran but also the New Testament and even Elijah Muhammad but most of the time he read directly from a Warith Deen speech. Doctrine-wise it was Sunni but he used old terms from the Nation of Islam like “trickster” and “grafted minds” without their racial connotations.

PIMP OR WIMP? Why Black Rappers Glorify the Pimp Mentality
by du ewa m. frazier
Pimp has become synonymous with the name rapper these days. Whether it's in a music video, on a television show appearance, or in their lyrics, rappers just can't get enough of likening themselves to being pimps. We know the word to mean a man who manages the daily work of a prostitute and takes a percentage (if not all) of her or several women's earnings. We've seen the original "Shaft", actress Pam Grier's movies featuring gritty street pimp characters or even read the racy, hard edged tales of street and pimp life in books by Donald Goines. We know who pimps are, or rather who they used to be: slick, greased down cats, wearing lavish, attention getting suits, shoes, hats and coats, to match their bigger than life egos. And of course we cannot forget about their unforgettable pimp mode of transportation: the Cadillac, or "Caddy" as some would call it. The men we've heard of as being pimps are notorious for woman beating, drug and alcohol abuse, run-ins with the law and hardened personalities who womanize and seem to be proud of their distasteful interactions with women. Pimpin ain't easy. Pimp life can't be easy, after all, it is illegal, a sort of non-career for hustlers who make a career out of street life dealing and womanizing. Pimping, however uneasy it is, has gotten very popular as in mainstream popular. So mainstream, that it's become entertainment, a stereotype of Black men, a joke. HBO did a documentary on the pimp lifestyle, profiling rapper Ice-T, with his friends who have been pimps for years and the seemingly happy women they pimp.
More pimpin'?

Isis, though worshipped all over Egypt, was specially venerated in certain cities, and the following are among the most common of her titles: --"The great lady, the God-mother, lady of Re-a-nefer; Isis-Nebuut, lady of Sekhet; lady of Besitet; Isis in Per Pakht, the queen of Mesen; Isis of Ta-at-nehepet; Isis, dweller in Netru; Isis, lady of Hebet; Isis in P-she-Hert; Isis, lady of Khebt; Usert-Isis, giver of life, lady of Abaton, lady of Philae, lady of the countries of the south," etc. From a list of title of the goddess collected by Dr. Brugsch, it is clear that Isis was called Usert, in Thebes, Aat, in Heliopolis, Menkhet, in Memphis, God-Mother, in Coptos, Hert, in Letopolis; and "Hent," i.e., "Queen," in every nome; and another important list tells us that Isis was called Ament, in Thebes, Menhet, in Heliopolis, renpet, In Memphis, Sept, in Abydos, Hetet, in Behutet, Hurt, in Nekhen, Thenenet, in Hermonthis, Ant, in Dendera, Sesheta, in Hermopolis, Heqet, in Hibiu, Uatchit, in Hipponus, Mersekhen, in Herakleopolis, Renpet, in Crocodilopolis, Neb-tept, in Arsinoe, That, or Tchetut, in Aphroditopolis, and Shetat, in Bubastis. Among her general titles may be mentioned those of "the divine one, the only one, the greatest of the gods and goddesses, the queen of all gods, the female
Ra, the female Horus, the eye of Ra, the crown of Ra-Heru, Sept, opener of the year, lady of the New Year, maker of the sunrise, lady of heaven, the light-giver of heaven, lady of the North Wind, queen of the earth, most mighty one, queen of the South and North, lady of the solid earth, lady of warmth and fire, benefactress of the Tuat, she who is greatly feared in the Tuat, the God-mother, the God-mother of Heru-ka-nekht, the mother of the Horus of gold, the lady of life, lady of green crops, the green goddess (Uatchet), lady of bread, lady of beer, lady of abundance, lady of joy and gladness, lady of love, the maker of kings, lady of the Great House, lady of the House of fire, the beautiful goddess, the lady of words of power, lady of the shuttle, daughter of Seb, daughter of Neb-er-tcher, the child of Nut, wife of Ra, wife of the lord of the abyss, wife of the lord of the Inundation, the creatrix of the Nile flood."
You know you want more.

Three Gems of Alchemical Initiation
Part 2: Sublimation of Ching, the Second Gem of Alchemy
Lynn Osburn
The sublimation of ching is the second alchemical gemstone. When ching is sublimated through the inner circulation you can become aware of your subtle body. Chi circulates through the inner circulation. Ching can rise through the microcosmic orbit and enliven or activate the dormant subtle body. The subtle body is the complement of the gross (physical) body. When enlivened by the reverse flow of ching the dormant subtle body begins to develop. The old Taoist masters called this development of the immortal fetus.
Study up on it!

Black Gods of the Inner City
by Prince-A-Cuba
(Fall 1992 / Gnosis Magazine)
After centuries of slavery, lynchings, discriminations, miseducation, policebrutality, and poverty, it was not difficult for semiliterate Black migrantsin the Depression era to believe that the White man was a devil. What wasdifficult, after generations of being taught in schools, textbooks, and themedia that Black people were inferior and had no history of achievement beforeenslavement, was for them to see the divine nature in themselves. It was not for Black people to rehabilitate their view of Whites, but to raise their ownself-esteem. The doctrine of Black godhood responds to this need, and the Black gods of the inner city are symptomatic ot this effort.
Required reading...

The Cotton Club
Black-conscious hip-hop deals with an overwhelmingly white live audience
by Bakari Kitwana
Armed with messages of Black political resistance, Black pride, and opposition to militarization and corporatization, designed in part to counter the commercial hip-hop party-and-bullshit madness dumbing down the nation's youth, hip-hop's lyrical descendants of the "fight the power" golden era today are booking concerts in record numbers—far beyond anything imaginable by their predecessors. Problem is, they can hardly find a Black face in the audience. As the Coup (Pick a Bigger Gun), Zion-I (True and Livin'), and the Perceptionists (Black Dialogue) get set for a wave of touring to promote their new CDs this summer, the audience that will be looking back at them unmasks one of the most significant casualties of hip-hop's pop culture ascension: the shrinking Black concert audience for hardcore, political hip-hop.
"My audience has gone from being over 95 percent Black 10 years ago to over 95 percent white today," laments Boots Riley of the Coup, whose 1994 Genocide and Juice responded to Snoop Dogg's 1993 gangsta party anthem "Gin and Juice." "We jokingly refer to our tour as the Cotton Club," he says—a reference to the 1920s and '30s Harlem jazz spot where Black musicians played to whites-only audiences.
Finish it!

by David Bediz
Hatshepsut, as a female, had many obstacles to overcome. There was always a threat of revolt, especially as her bitter nephew came of age. Using propaganda and keen political skills, she deftly jumped each hurdle she faced. To quell the fears of her people, she became a "king" in all statuary and relief during her reign. She even dressed in the traditional garb of male rulers: the shendyt kilt, the nemes headdress with its uraeus and khat headcloth, and the false beard. Although there were no wars during her reign, she proved her sovereignty by ordering expeditions to the land of Punt, in present-day Somalia, in search of the ivory, animals, spices, gold and aromatic trees that Egyptians coveted. These expeditions are well documented in the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the walls of her temple. With these inscriptions are included incised representations of the journey, including humorous images of the Puntites and their queen, at whom the Egyptians no doubt looked while restraining a giggle; the queen has folds of fat hanging over her knees and elbows, her back is crooked and she has an aquiline nose. To the short, thin Egyptian she was probably quite a sight. Hatshepsut, in a final bid to be recognized as a legitimate queen, constructed a fabulous temple in the Valley of the Kings, of all places, by a tall plateau at Deir-el-Bahri, across the Nile from Thebes.
You guessed it...homework.

What, you thought "How'd We Get From the Pyramids to the Projects?" was some rhetorical shit, or me just being cute? Wrong again...learn about it.

P.S. Believe nothing. Question everything. Come up with answers. Don't believe e'thing you read; especially on the internets.



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