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April 18, 2005

That's Just My Baby Daddy...>

By Any Means Necessary...>

Now that I'm old, I've been re-examining a lot of old relationships. My findings are that a) some of what I considered relationships at the time were possibly more quasi-relationships and/or "only good for steady fucking". Or b) those who kept passing me by. And c) there are those that I kept passing by. Furthermore d), a couple who've let bygones be bygones. And there's the shortlist (none of the above). I keep it updated. It's the list of men, who in a few years when the expiration date on the eggs is almost up, will be under consideration for the sought-after title of "my baby daddy". That's a joke, actually, because the men on the shortlist are men, not boys, but actual real true-to-life men who take care of their children, help raise them, and maintain positive relationships with the mothers of their children (and those who don't have children, would do all of these things in theory). Does that mean I won't be a single mother? Probably not. But at this rate, I'd rather have some support, respect, protection, balance and guidance than a diamond ring big enough to cut through safety glass.

Who knows? Maybe something unforeseen will take place before I have to access the shortlist. Maybe not. One thing's for sure. I have a plan B.


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Combat Jack said...

Did you read my post on how Percy likes his Cris warm on bol's site? Percy is a really good dude. no homo.


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