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April 13, 2005


Photo by B+, Words by MJ, Inspiration by U 1 Who U 17, nuff said...>





The Sunshine comin through

The clouds above

Love is rays of light

Like when U holdin me tight

Everytime we hug

I become energized

Love is Love

Love is raining down

Sun Rays from above

Love is Love

Love is your Sun

Who’ll be my daughter’s brother

When she finally arrives

Love is the struggle

And how we strive

To show and prove

Love is nothing to lose

Love is how we both make moves

Love is how we stay poor and right

Love is

How U fill me up

When U hold me tight

Love is Love

Love is

How we love each other

Too much to fuck

Love is the plum sauce

On the vegetarian duck

Love is cup after cup

Of hot tea not too sweet

Just a little



Love is


How I love you

Only U and not your money

Love is how I miss U

When you’re out on tour

Love is how U stay strong

We ready for war

Love is memories and scars

Love is the Sun Moon & Stars

Love is Allah U Akbar

Love is Love

All ways

Wherever U are

Love is Love

Love is my lips

Against your I Ching tattoo

Love is how I don’t sleep

And I only rest when I’m with U

Love is my head on your chest

Love is your back against my breasts

Love is sweet dreams

Of our little Kings and Queens

Love is a drug

How we get high off each other

Love is Love

‘Cause I’m your sista

Love is ‘cause you’re my brother

In the struggle

Love is how we juggle

Reality, spirituality, sexuality

And keep a loving mentality

Love is telepathy

Love is unconditionally




Love is patience

Love is virtue

True love is true

I love U and U love me too

Love is

May I ask

Next time that we’re together

Inside our forever

Even though we’re not there yet


Not quite yet ready

For our family

Can we finally

Make Love

And practice making these babies?

Love is whether U answer

Yes, no or maybe

Love is cool

Love lasts forever

Whatever the weather

Love is Rashida and Deborah

How they brought us together

Love is Love

Love is always and forever

Love is pain

And Love is pleasure

Love is our greatest treasure

With every measure and moment

Love is the place time forgot

Love is trust

Love is a must

Love is a plus

We add on and never subtract

Love from Love

‘Cause love is lovely

And Love is abstract

Love is lovely

‘Cause I know my place

But U are never above me

Love is how U love me

Love is how we both held rocks

On the block

Love is how we both

Had the presence of mind

To just stop

Crazy love is what I feel

Behind the wheel

With U beside me

Love is the slow jams

Bumpin in the Cee Allah Rule

In stereo Love

Love is your palm restin on my thigh

Love is love and the look in our eyes

When we reflecting each other

Love is respect and protection

Of one another

Love is honor

Love is trust

Love is admiration and adoration

Love is pure elation

Love is love and our desire

Love is U, I, and all we acquire

Love is love for the Earth

Love is rebirth

Love for God and the Universe

Love is love for unity

Love is equality

Love is balance

Love is love for reality

Love is life in the galaxy

Love is love and everything

Love is made from and of

‘Cause Love is Love

It’s all we know of

Love is Love


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