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April 13, 2005

Shameless Self Promotion

MJ & Zulu King Afrika Bambaataa in Madison, WI circa 2001. This was the Hip Hop plane with Bobbito Garcia a/k/a DJ Cucumber Slice, Christie Z and Fabel Pabon, rapper The Bad Seed, and dozens of others, we literally had the entire plane full of B-Boys and B-Girls. Thank God we didn't crash...>

When I was fixing up my resume some years back, I reached out to some of my folks and people I'd worked with in the past. I was amazed at the responses I received, and in the name of shameless self-promotion I will post them here now. Also, this blog serves as the historical record of my existence on this planet, my work within the music and publishing industries, and the grand traditions of feminism, revolution, Be-Bop and Hip-Hop prevelant in the last six generations of my family - whether bound by blood or by bond. Without further ado...

What the Industry is Saying About MIRANDA JANE…

“Miranda Jane has been a valuable asset in helping me to build Ecko Unltd's west coast marketing headquarters. She is a rare example of a colleague whose contacts and relationships are as extensive as her follow-through is thorough. Her calm, patient demeanor is the perfect complement to her meticulous organizational skills. I choose to work with Miranda every chance I get, and she has truly helped me shine.”

Raphie Aronowitz
VP Marketing - Western Conference
Ecko Unltd

“Miranda Jane is a beautiful spirit with a dedication to Hiphop culture that is unmatched. I am fortunate to have met and worked with her.”

Hard Hittin Harry
Chief Financial Officer/Partner
Meridian Entertainment

“Since i've had the pleasure to know Miranda, I have only been impressed with her as a person and a journalist. The topics that she covers are always informative and inspirational. Unlike many journalists, Miranda speaks as a voice of reason and I think that she will be a powerful voice in the entertainment industry for years to come.”

Business Manager for The GZA and Inspektah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan

“Peace. Miranda Jane has helped Prophetix in various ways. Mainly, when we released "Da Unfold" EP she helped us get it to press, radio, etc., and we still utilize those contacts to this day. One such contact was Day By Day Entertainment, and that relationship has led our company to a manufacturing and distribution deal that will give us more exposure.”

Carl Mello
Asylum Entertainment, Inc.

“Miranda Jane is dope because she doesn't get involved with pretense or ego; she's willing to help out and do what it takes to get the job done. One time I was swamped with work, and I called her hoping she'd transcribe a few interview tapes for me. Not only did she do it, she finished in a couple of hours what usually takes me a week. Her organizational skills are bananatastic. She doesn't trip offa titles, position or prestige. she just does the damned thing and rides 'til the wheels fall off. Word is that she can actually write, too. Why wouldn't you want to work with her?”

kris ex
Esteemed Music Journalist

“Working with Miranda on location in Miami during winter music conference in 2001, I realized what a trooper and dedicated journalist and professional she is. Whether she had to chase artists, wait for hours, shoot video herself, travel to strange places, or but up with artists’ b.s., she pulled through with great interviews (not one or two but 6!). I'd send her on assignment in a second.

Alan Ket (a/k/a KET ONE)
Vice President
Complex Media
Former Publisher, STRESS Magazine

“Miranda Jane is definitely the best I’ve worked with. She has literally helped me to revitalize myself, my art and my well being. I wouldn’t want to deal with anyone else as far as my business, instead I would rather give her command over my work. She gets it done, regardless to being overwhelmed or not. Miranda Jane is what most artists need in their corner. Respect her gangsta!”

MC/Rap Artist

“Yeah I got a chance to meet and build with the one dem call MJ. Miranda from off the top is dope to me. Her style and personality is unmatchable because she questions you straight from her heart for she intends on getting a response from that same source when she talks with you. She's definitely one of the best!!!”

MC & Member of Finesse & Synquis/Five Deadly Venomz

“Miranda Jane is one of the few journalists that I actually see at underground events and she is well informed regarding the cultural elements of Hip Hop. She has a great disposition and work ethic and I can't imagine anyone not getting along with her. She is very down to earth and easy to work with.”

Christie Z-Pabon, Tools of War
Publicist, Events Coordinator, Promoter, etc.

“My experience working with Miranda Jane has always been insightful, fun and encouraging ever since I used to assigned her record reviews in Rap Pages magazine in 1995 up until now when I had her interview members of the Wu Tang for their international press day. Her passion and knowledge of hip hop has always been impeccable. Miranda has an amazing ability to always bring a new energy to a project that resembles bringing new life onto the planet. I plan to always keep her name in the front of my rolodex for whenever I need to pick her brain, refer her a project or just to to recharge my battery. Miranda Jane is the consummate professional and ultimate " hip hop head".

Bilal Allah
CEO, Enlight Entertainment
Former Director of Urban A&R, MCA Records

“Miranda Jane’s diversified skills of organization and mobilization, combined with her personal relationships with key people within hip-hop and business makes her one of the most valuable players in the game today. Her abilities are limitless and i count on her involvement in all of my projects.”

Asia One
Founder, No Easy Props/BBoySummit

“Working with Miranda Jane is always a pleasure. She has so much insight on so many different things that I have come to rely on her on many different levels. Business discussions, editorial assistance, or just as a friend; Miranda is always someone that will go that extra distance, and most of all can be trusted.”

Greg Watkins
CEO/allhiphop.com/Standard East Holding Co.

“Miranda Jane has always been very professional in all of my business dealings with her. She is very honest, eager to help others and a true team player. Who could ask for more? “

Adisa Banjoko "The Bishop"
Co-Author to Chicken Soup for the Hip Hop Soul

"Miranda Jane looked out for me on a work project at a time when I needed her most. We were introduced over email through a mutual industry colleague, and without even having ever met me in person, she provided me with a list of information that, at the time, meant the difference between the success or failure of my project. Needless to say, she helped usher me towards success!"

C. Zawadi Morris
Principal, The Original Media Group, LLC

“Miranda Jane is the main publicity and product placement connection to the United States for the Joint One Radio Show and Record Pool. No one else has the key connections to the U.S. Market.”

Joey Slick
Owner of the Joint One Record Pool Los Angeles and Japan, Creator/Host/Dj/Music Director of the Joint One Radio Show on 76.1 InterFM Tokyo, Japan (Japan's 1st Hip Hop and R&B show in commercial radio history)


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