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April 10, 2005

Just a Little Sample (How I Could Just...)

Who U Callin a Bitch???!!!...>

This is the first post of many to come expressing my views and reporting the news on what went down this weekend in Chicago at the Feminism in Hip Hop Conference. I'm so burnt from the road trip and the emotional highs and lows that I don't have all my shit together yet.

First of all, shouts out to

The intelligent young ladies of Spelman College, who've started a movement that's gaining momentum

Rosa Clemente. Bush is the "pres" but I voted for Rosa Clemente. She'll see to it that these HOT97 10%ers get their just desserts.

Kim Osorio. Honestly we were adversaries at The Source but she came with some honesty and candor at the conference. I want to help her reach some of the goals she discussed during the media panel (more on this later).

Davey D and his Hard Knock Radio Crew. Put me on the air not once, but twice... Not for 5 minutes...for two full hours of talk radio. Links to follow but believe we were droppin' science.

Invincible and Angie Beatty. Invincible came out and signed up for the open mic like she's not a supastar on the underground. When her CD wouldn't cue up right, she brought Angie Beatty onstage who dropped the SICKEST beatbox a woman has ever busted. Word.

Desdamona. Where are all the lovelies at?

Raquel Wilson & Brooklyn of Verbalisms Magazine. They're boldly stepping where no one's gone before. www.verbalisms.com. How can I be down?

Rachel Raimist. Nobody Knows My Name is still the most relevant documentary film about Women in Hip Hop. This means that more women need to make movies...and we have to help Rae get her in-progress works funded, edited and distributed, ASAP.

Jeff Chang. He's all Asian, all amazing. A true male feminist who takes no shorts.

My valet parking cat @ the Hyatt. He looked out ex amount of times, I've never parked so much in my life.

NOW the moment you've all been waiting for, this is just the tip of the iceberg though, don't trip.

Quote of the year:
"NOT KNOWING IS NOT HIP HOP" - Marcyliena Morgan, founding director of the Hip Hop Archive

Shook One:
Video Model Melyssa Ford who ran off after the media panel when she was supposed to do the radio show. Guess she had to catch a plane or something.

Save the Best for Last:
Fred Hampton Jr., who some seemed to want to keep out of the conference, jumped onstage at the end of the last panel in an attempt to deliver an impassioned speech. The room was promptly shut down. There are numerous issues at play behind this whole thing, which I'll go deeper on when I'm not running on empty.

Highlight Off Campus:
Handsome Boy Modeling School show at the Chicago House of Blues. Backstage passes, dressing room love, Prince Paul, Domino, Casual and Opio (Hieroglyphics!), Davey D in the house, Oakland Love, DREZ FROM BLACK SHEEP, oh my goodness, so much handsomeness, so little time. They rocked til 4:30 a.m., fuck it, sleep is for the weak.

Keep it tuned right here, I'll drop the event science throughout the week as time allows.



At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Tracey said...

Hey M.J. -

We met briefly at the Hip Hop and Feminism conference. Major props to your reviews about the weekend. Most people are so caught about the Source lawsuit and Benzino's crap that they have not talked about anything else. You have captured so many of the good things that happened over the weekend.

A couple of minor beefs, You cut on Melyssa Ford for dipping after her panel, but I didn't see Kim Osorio hanging around either. I'm not willing to buy her mea culpa about her time at The Source as quickly as many others seem to be. It seems like to me she was trying to avert some well-deserved criticism for her tenure at The Source. She is clearly going to need support for her lawsuit, but I'm going to need her to really clear the air about her own dirt as editor of The Source.

Speaking of The Source, with so many disgruntled people walking around, how come nobody is talking BOYCOTT THE SOURCE, it's advertisers and investors?

Also, I will be interested in the behind the scenes info about Fred Hampton Jr. I'd be interested to know who would keep him out and for what possible reason.

From what I witnessed, Fred was wrong, plain and simple! It didn't matter if he wanted to recite the gettsburg address, he had no business jumping up on the stage. Many people were disappointed and angry about not getting a chance to ask a question or make a comment, but they didn't bum rush the stage and disrespect the conference organizers.

Speaking of Melyssa, I eagerly explained to my students today about Ms. Ford's video hoe, excuse me, video model categories. I admit not very academic, but oh so informative.

Anyway, that my two cents. I will be at the B-Girl BE Summitt and I hope we can talk in more detail then.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger MJ said...

Peace Tracey. Wow, thank you for the comments.

In defense of Kim O., she actually did a radio show with myself, Joan Morgan, and Jessy Terrero immediately after the panel. Melyssa was a confirmed guest as well, however she did not appear. The show is Hard Knock Radio, and the broadcasts from the FHHC will be archived and played over the next ten days on www.kpfk.com at http://www.kpfa.org/archives/archives.php?id=14

I'll be posting more info about the conference, I hope you also peeped this post By Popular Demand, FHHC Part I


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