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April 24, 2005

<...Last Night Changed it All...>

The Lesson is Conducted From the Mic Into the Speakers...>

Last night changed it all
I didn’t play the wall
Last night a DJ saved my life
He dropped that
He made me feel so weak
Two technics spinnin
Had the fly girlies grinning
He put the needle on the record
And pumped that bass
Last night the DJ in the place to be
Took me back to the E-S-S-E-N-C-E
Scratched the record three times
And brought me back to the present
He rocked some of that Hip Hop
Right on time, plus lessons in the rhyme
He made me listen between the lines
‘Cause it sounded so sweet
He cold cut, scratched, transformed
With finesse
Dropped another beat
He blessed the 1s and 2s
While he blended
That extended remix
Threw in a couple of tricks
Damn he’s a turntablist
He set it off
Just so we could floss
And get lost on the dance floor
All night long
Til the break of dawn
He knew which jams to mix in
And which jams to play long
Like some old school
Five minutes of funk
Anyone playing the wall
Was just being a punk
‘Cause we ain’t stop
Til we reached the top
So international
We did the Planet Rock
The DJ transformed
Back to the present
Dropped that C-Rayz Walz
We just stopped
And crazy rocked
He had us wildin on the dance floor
Footwork and uprock
He played the beat non stop
We was steady breakin
Top rock to pop lock
He brought that break back
Somebody busted the Tut
Then he threw on some G-Funk
Cut it up with some P-Funk
808 shaking the speakers
Like bass in the trunk
He took us to the Westside
Arabian Prince
Egyptian Lover
He told us
You can’t stop
The batter ram
The shit is crazy
Back in the day was hazy
Til the DJ brought me
Back to Life, Back to Reality
He put the needle on the record
Rocked it down to the bone
So fresh
So dope
We rocked the spot all night long
Sundown to sun up
To the breakadawn
Brought back the Steve Martin
And the Pee Wee Herman
We wopped it out for a minute
Then got crunk like down south
He dropped another break beat
That made us do the freak
His style was so unique
He blended Portishead
With Memphis Bleek
Then cut it up again

Cold rockin them technics
Some old shit from Stetsasonic
Into JJ Fad’s Supersonic
The crowd was dead
Until they heard the DJ rock
Then they got live
And too hype
Everybody dancing
No time to fight
No strobe light
Just MC Lyte
The DJ did us right
From the darkness came light
Our memories came to life
I’m only married to the beat
Just a Hip Hop wife
Selector brought it back again
I ain’t gotta tell ya’ll twice
Last night changed it all
Last night a DJ saved my life…>


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