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April 19, 2005

I Love it When a Plan Comes Together!

Word to Sha Rock, We Can't Be Stopped...>

U remember the old ads for Reese's? There's peanut butter in my chocolate!? Wait, there's chocolate in my peanut butter?! Basically.

The Princess of the Poem, Desdamona, has this lovely new song I love called "All the Lovely's (Women In Hip Hop)". She posted it on her Myspace blog, but the song was only partially complete, she's still crafting her poetic perfection. She and I were fucking around at our B-Girl Be meeting earlier, and we came up with this crazy couplet

Culturally Illiterate
Spiritually Deaf
Holistically Retarded
Lyrically Inept

Obviously we're two great tastes that taste great together. So then I was thinking to myself, hmmmmm, where ARE all the lovelies at? I put pen to pad and decided to drop science. Here's to a champion-sound collabo!!! I present to you, dear readers, the place where the lovely things are...

All the Lovely's (women in hip hop)

Where are all the lovely's at?
Could it be maybe that they're way laid back?
Cause they wanna be down but the train's off track.
Where they at?

Balance broken
Tits and ass token
Only good for steady fuckin
or product promotin
Where are all my bitches and hoes?
boujee ass broads with their turn'd up nose
This is how it goes and it just keeps on goin'
We have almost been written out of history
providing mystery to the female spirit
following the mystery is fear, afraid to hear it
Can't relate to the voice of the prolific mate
but can't wait to cast bait
securing the grind date
All the pretty girls wait on the sidelines
One half of the other
only seen as a groupie, rhyme dime
Settling for hip hop lovers, under covers
hoping someday their voice will be discovered
They question and I wonder, "Where are all the lovely's at?"
Why is is stated as fact that girls just can't rap unless they fall into the gender roll trap?
Shit, I don't believe that
This is the deal for all the arrogrant
Your oblivion is ignorant
Actin' like she ain't signifigant
Like your voice is the only one that's relevant
Put in place balance
necessary to all life
just one step on the path to get it right
Take insight, something some are lackin in
It doesn't take away your manhood just because you start listenin
All the women I know who write rhymes in their spare time are so muilti-dimensional you wouldn't believe what's inside
No one's takin the time to really find out
It's all speculation of groupie status and the pressure of doubt
Well, I'm bout to call all the ladies out
if you write lyrical spirituals and this hip hop miracle is more than just music to you let me hear you say, "Where are all the lovely's at?"

desdamona HTML©

I said where are all the lovelies at?
Could it be that the bridge called rap
Was built over and across their back?
Ladies got more skills than that
Wise wisdoms speakin on it
The antithesis of wack
So where they at?
Are my lovelies backstage without a pass?
Did they catch the pimp train
Down the twisted hoe track
No that’s not it so let me
Bring it back
To where the lovelies are at
Where they at
Where they at

See lovely ladies
Birthed the babies
Who gave birth to most of these MCs
Some were unlucky in love
Burnt out by lust’s disease
Yet we’ve been lovely
Since Adam and Eve
That lovely mama
Should’ve had a daughter, ‘cause
Man was made in lovely’s image
But through sin he was wicked
Used smokescreens to weave wizardry
Now the media projects negative imagery
So that a bitch in the mirror
Can be what we see
But where are all the lovelies at?
They right here behind me
And they got my back
Believe we ready to rock
And put the train on track
Lovelies make babies
And we don’t make war
We just rise far like shooting stars
How we got this bad rap
It’s just bizarre
Lovelies is who we are
Back in the day
Before bitches began
We made civilizations
Which begat nations
The birth of our frustrations
Savages took our lovely feast
And fed our children
To the belly of the beast
But today’s a new dawn
All that shit will cease
The only thing they’ll remember
Is what the lovelies call Peace

See the lovelies gave birth
To most of these MCs
Created all the rhymes
They use to R-A-P
So next time you twist your lips
To call a lovely a bitch
Please, just stop and freeze
Then get down on your knees
Bow down to all the lovelies
Then somebody scream
Where are all my lovelies at
Could it be maybe
That they’re way laid back
Cause they wanna be down
But the train's off track.
Where they at?

Miranda Jane HTML©


At 9:43 AM, Blogger a girl named Rock. said...

You do know this will have to be published in VERBALISMS' IT Girl issue right?

At 10:39 AM, Blogger princess of the poem: Desdamona said...

ah.ha ha ha-ha-ha. and you don't stop. Miranda got the juice.

Very nice...We just might have to put that together.


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