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April 24, 2005

From Ink to Pink

Hip Hop's Got My Back...>

I've received numerous requests to show the detail of my tattoo, and rather than line you all up and pull up the back of my shirt I decided to drop a large-size image right here on How'd We Get From the Pyramids to the Projects. The significance of the piece is this. I travelled to Puerto Rico in 2004, where I was blessed to link with the B-Boy crew TIME MACHINE SQUAD, who took me all over the island and showed me how beautiful the Hip Hop scene is living en la isla Encantada. My big homie BLEN ONE TDS has the tattoo shop All Star Tattoo in Ceiba, and he forced me to get some ink from him (and wouldn't let me pay). I literally had 30 minutes to decide what I wanted and where on my body, and I immediately knew the only thing I could trust to have on me forever is HIP HOP; my life and culture. The "I" is made from a spraycan, 'cause Graffiti is the 1st element of Hip Hop, dating back to the late 1960s. The "O" is made from a vinyl record, because DJing is the 2nd element of Hip Hop, dating back to the early 1970s.

The piece isn't finished, it's a big tattoo and my back was on fire by the time Blen was done (even though he has a very gentle tattoo hand, comparable to Mr. Cartoon). So, Insha'allah I'll be back in Puerto Rico again soon for round two; to get the outline refined and some bold colors/designs inside the letters. Besides reppin' hard in Graf (big up ZORI 4) and B-Boying (Time Machine Squad, Floorlords), Puerto Rican MCs like Siete Nueve (79), Tego Calderon, and DJs such as DJ Nature (who also produces joints) are holding shit down in PR, so if you ever have the chance to travel there check out the amazing culture of Hip Hop en espanol de los Puertorriquenos. Estan Yayo (They're DOPE).

To learn more visit Phantom Vox and hear some Puerto Rican Hip Hop on their internet radio shows.



At 5:21 PM, Blogger Q.Rock639 said...

in the words of the Hip Hop feminists most hated emcee, Snoop..

"Girl your perfect!"

Nice, nice, nice tat!!!


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