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August 24, 2005

Humble Self Promotion (for once)

Peace dear readers. Just when I was feeling rather fed up, exhausted, and tired of looking at the few$1 bills in my pocketbook; listless from lack of proper rest and a recent overdose of stressful situations; and slightly lackluster from my recent diet of one meal every couple of days when I can afford to eat...an email arrived in my inbox. From an anonymous reader named "lilsoulja". I'm printing it here because, let's face it, I O.D. on words on P2P as it stands, and I'm sure all but none of you are reading the comments, since most of you only barely skim what I write. Yeah, I know what time it is...

"Not to be "super spiritual" or what not, but keep at your craft. We as humans are sometimes never satisfied and it can be certain that the future is not promised. Someone forwarded me a writeup (sorry itz not with me so I can't give credit to where itz due) on a documentary/film/blah on penguins. How they live to endure a harsh life...for their seed(s?). Okay, so it goes on and on and I can't go into all of that.I can see you as a coach but of course in life, we want to see the full benefits of our labor. Let me say this now that your unselfish attitude (from what I've read...[did they just turn the library lights off on me? lol]...) is enough to touch countless others enough for them to make differences in their lives.No $$$ could ever repay that. Thank you for unlimited inspiration and know that God has many blessings for us who follow that commandment...treating our brothers like our selves. Thanks sister.I don't know if I will ever get a chance to read all of your works...and to think that now I finally know what a freelance writer is...or should be. --Posted by lilsoulja to
How'd We Get From the Pyramids to the Projects? at 8/24/2005 07:48:28 PM"

He's right, no $$$ could ever repay a lot of shit. And to all you misers, scheisters, and curmudgeons out there, Blood family included, guess what holmes - U can't take it with U when U die. And you're all gonna die...some of U from your own arrogance. But that's up to God. Me, I'm just little old plain Miranda Jane, a rich little poor girl who made herself into something by any means necessary. Sure, my Daddy's rich, and my Mama was mighty good lookin' in her time...but none of that ever got me anywhere. My Muslimah mother-in-faith named me Nasira for a reason. A child born of the victorious One, who is victorious herself through helping others. Or as someone whom I respect very much said to me recently, quietly so no one would overhear, "Thank you for everything. You're an Angel."

Vaya con Dios...>


At 8:58 AM, Anonymous lilsoulja said...

Glad to know that you read your comments.

I looked again at the writeup that I was referring to yesterday and the author of the penguin deal (The March of the Penguin) is Shellie R. Warren. In my ignorance, I had no clue that she is an author (INSIDE OF ME
Lessons of Lust, Love, and Redemption)

In the words of a Crooked Lettaz artist (Grey Skies), "Keep pushin'."

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