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July 06, 2005


(L-R) MJ, Venice High School, circa 1992; JUSTO R.I.P. MURAL BY DEZ ONE (DJ KAY SLAY), HALL OF FAME 2005; THE STARGATE CONSPIRACY - Pyramids, Extraterrestrials, Aliens...oh my!

First of all I conducted almost a dozen phone interviews today, starting at 6:30 AM cali time, and over half-a-dozen yesterday. If you know someone else who's interviewed Afrika Bambaataa, Bun B, DJ EFN, DJ Drama, DJ Jelly, Mr. Marc, Stage One, Risky Business, two high-level corporate executives, an attorney, two documentary filmmakers, and an assortment of other DJs and artists in a 36-hour period while finding time to sleep and cook a delicious Mexican feast with turkey burritos, veggie tostadas, refried beans and spanish rice...HOLLA.

Then just when I thought I was done for the night, the phone rang with The Drama King on the other end, promising to call tomorrow early for an interview. It might not be a popular opinion, but Kay Slay is one of my favorite people. He's an INCREDIBLE graffiti artist, a legendary DJ, and he's one of those cats who's been in the streets enough to know that if you're gonna be the shit in the industry, you've gotta be an ASSHOLE. Dame Dash ain't got nothin' on Mr. Smack Yo' Favorite DJ. It's all love though, just look at the piece he did above for this years annual Graffiti Hall of Fame. And you thought he just made mixtapes!

I have more energy than ever before because I made it through the wilderness. I'm home! Being in Cali, even though I've only been back home to L.A. a couple of times since I got here, I realize how much love people have for me and how much they respect my hustle. My organic shine gets lost in NY, is too big for ATL or MN, but back home I see there's a good balance for me right now. I'm shining like a diamond in my own right, as I have for so many years running, and I have a secret weapon now - a man on my team who's an O.G. - O.G. in the streets, O.G. in Hip Hop, and just straight up Original and Gangsta - who respects me immensely and calls me his "classmate", who is just a sweetheart, invites me to come chill with him all over the country since he's always working, and who calls me numerous times throughout the day to check in and make sure I'm having a beautiful day. He's so dope, and as a unit WE are so fly, I'm not even going to write about it (anytime soon). That unity right now is the summmer breeze that makes me feel fine, blowing through the Jasmine in my mind.

Fruition is here. I've been asked to do voice-over for a feature film that'll be released in 2006, and I can't divulge too much, but it's definitely Hip Hop game to the fullest. I got an email from Hip Hop's legendary writer, Harry Allen, and he's read parts of the blog and likes it! Harry says, "Great blog. A lot of writing, and a lot of energy." Definitely keep an eye out for an interview between The Terrorist Journalist and The Media Assassin in the near future. And amidst all of my interviews and hustling, a journalist from the Sacramento Bee hit me up yesterday after reading my "Trillions and Trillions Sizzerved" post and she interviewed me for a news feature on McDonalds, Steve Stoute and the power of Hip Hop culture as a marketing tool.

Sometimes people ask me why I move around so much, or why I haven't put down roots, or why I never stay in one place. My family, who used to be so laid-back, cool, avant-garde, and anti-establishment, now only wants me to "settle down" into a nice, square, corporate job. My homeboy Chace Infinite told me the other day on the phone, "Miranda, the only reason why you ain't married is 'cause you've been spending too much time on your work, hustling your ass off." And I realize he's right. I have a couple more years in the game, and I'm going to make them count. And unlike one MJ, you won't see me in court. And unlike another MJ, you won't see me retire, then come back, then retire; although I'm sure I'll end up coaching. I left behind all the rest, so I could manifest and be the best.



At 1:30 PM, Blogger princess of the poem: Desdamona said...

hello beautiful - This comment does not pertain to the above post but I had to send you a little message.

Thanks for posting on the dunation message board about the B Girl Be -the latest rant. ughhh! Kids just don't get it. And every time I see that shit it just makes me realize how important it is and how stifled some of us ladies really are. At this point, we've accepted it and think that's just the way it is. And quite obviously that's how some of the fellas would like it to stay. (mostly the young ones who don't know shit about shit, yet) We gotta be good teachers and one day they will get it. I hope.

I just did an interview on KPFA (bay area). I don't know exactly when it will air. It's the Full Circle show. Check for it online.

seeeeee yaaaaaa!

At 7:06 PM, Anonymous rae said...

you are too right. im starting to itch with anticipation. im hitting my 2+ year mark and feel that i too, am too big for mn (and too big for my skin - to quote tha lovely desdamona).

lately i feel like in some ways my ideas and energy are getting wasted. maybe they're just tricking down into the earth and marinating. a few more years of school and one big ass shackle to cut through and then out. who knows where, who knows when. you are also right mj, the time for these next couple films im doing is now. everything else can wait. im trying to get my hustle on like you, channel my energy in the right direction and make some moves.

it's so beautiful to hear you so happy and back in your element in cali. it's necessary. please keep writing on this blog, everyday. i already told you i read it every am.

At 4:12 PM, Blogger lynne d said...

yo - new york is dope - but if you been here all your life you burn out and your light doesn't seem so bright anymore - with everyone here on the hustle aiming to shine or whatver - it gets a lil played and a lil tired - i'm ready to do the opposite and go somewhere a lil smaller

you can be one of many or a big fish in a lil pond - i don't know - isn't there some adage to that effect

but on the real - i love to hear all of these wonderful things going on for you - keep doing what you do - and keep doing it to the fullest

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Q said...

Make sure to post that Sacramento Bee joint on here when it drops... keep hustlin too... it's all us freelancers know how to do...

At 8:48 PM, Anonymous lilsoulja said...

Not to be "super spiritual" or what not, but keep at your craft. We as humans are sometimes never satisfied and it can be certain that the future is not promised. Someone forwarded me a writeup (sorry itz not with me so I can't give credit to where itz due) on a documentary/film/blah on penguins. How they live to endure a harsh life...for their seed(s?). Okay, so it goes on and on and I can't go into all of that.

I can see you as a coach but of course in life, we want to see the full benefits of our labor. Let me say this now that your unselfish attitude (from what I've read...[did they just turn the library lights off on me? lol]...) is enough to touch countless others enough for them to make differences in their lives.

No $$$ could ever repay that. Thank you for unlimited inspiration and know that God has many blessings for us who follow that commandment...treating our brothers like our selves. Thanks sister.

I don't know if I will ever get a chance to read all of your works...and to think that now I finally know what a freelance writer is...or should be.

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