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August 24, 2005

CIRCLES (Go Round and Round)

Last night I saw my homie, my main road-dog, my Ace - Cuervo - whom I haven't seen since 1992. I took the train to LB to meet him, and he rolled up on me on his bike (que Cholo); and it was as if 5 minutes had elapsed rather than 13 years. I love to write and share my opinions, so I love this blog shit; but this moment wouldn't have been possible without this blog. If kris ex hadn't been doing such immaculate work at http://warscribe.blogspot.com, I'd never have started this thing.

The other night, also in Long Beach, I went to the Battle of the Year afterparty/concert with DeLa Soul, Zion I, Crown City Rockers, etc. I had the pleasure to bless the circle with some of the best in B-Boying - Alien Ness/Zulu, E-Z Rock/Rocksteady, and Risky/Stylelementz to name a few. At the show I ran into some of the members of the S.O.L.A.R. Panel - Nah'l and T-Zone from Eternal Measure and Amad Jamal (AJ) who didn't even know the one another were at the concert; these are my brothers I ain't seen in years. I had no plans to go to the show, I had no ticket, I was on no guest or press list. I just showed my Cali drivers license and my Source I.D. and walked up in. Backstage Davey D introduced me to Brother J from X-Clan, and when he finished a sista I used to work with at Fox Kids/Fox Family came up to me and re-introduced herself as Brother J's wife, with her belly full of baby. I saw Madlib's physical brother Oh No, gave him huge hugs, and told him to tell Madlib that I have nothing but love for him and that I only have beef with Doom and Chris (Peanut Butter Wolf) behind that MadVillain bullshit. I ran into "Fairfax" which is my codename for P.S.C./LuckyIAm from Living Legends. My sista Lady Sukari was in the house, and we tooAfter the jam I built with L.A. Zulu King Mark Luv, and we talked about how I should join the L.A. chapter after all these years with the mission of recruiting jr. high and high school-age girls and women into the Universal Zulu Nation.

Rolling around with Crumbs, Risky, Bas-1, Blaze Fire, Atomic and the Stylelementz Crew this weekend, I overheard Crumbs talking to Sugar Pop on the phone. He worked on the 7A3 record back in the day, and I've recently been working with DJ Muggs and Chace Infinite on their upcoming label, Angeles Records. I also stopped by Zulu Gremlin's studio with Stylelementz and sat in on their recording session.

All roads are leading me back to O.G.'s, and all roads are leading to the fact that L.A. Hip Hop is in full m'fucken effect right now. I can't say we're back, 'cause we never left. Even though I've called Oakland, SF, Vallejo, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Brooklyn home since 1992, my roots are here in Los Angeles. And I'm rolling with the Angels. Everyone says I talk too fast now, too much time in New York. U can see Brooklyn all over my persona, from my bamboo doorknockers with my name in Graffiti to my punk-rock hair (just did a redux with Purple & Fuschia...someone donate a digital camera and I'll post some photos). And while I'm still rockin' with Day By Day Entertainment out of Harlem, and of course with Tragedy Khadafi & 25 to Life out of QB, I'm from L.A., born and raised, and this is where I ride 'til the wheels fall off and the axel busts. KDAY is back on the air, and life is good. Bigga B lives in our memories everyday as the connections we made at UNITY back in the day come back full circle. My primo Valentine (SCOUT K.G.B.), may he rest in peace, walks with me and watches over me as I come in to my own as a B-Girl and Graffiti artist - amazed at how I've come so far, so fast. All my O.G. homies from all different sets and cliques are now gainfully employed - all of them are in film, television, music, and fashion. And we're running shit.

SOMOS LOS ANGELES, Y RIFAMOS - We are the Angels, and we rule.

MIRA, ja Una.


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