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August 23, 2005


Someone sent me an invitation to this new shit called Catch 27, it's reminiscent of Friendster and MySpace, or BlackPlanet or whatever... U have to fill in some questions and answers, so I did... I'm sharing them here. Join my "pack" at Catch27 HERE.

Catch 27 Playlist


What I'm Wearing Now: White T-Shirt XXXL and Hello Kitty panties
Career High: Associate Editor of The Source Magazine
Worst Job: Associate Editor of The Source Magazine
Last Thing That Took My Breath Away: This indie documentary called INVENTOS: Hip Hop Cubano
My Last Meal, Like Ten Minutes Ago: Arroz con Pollo (I pushed the Pollo to the side)
Fantasy Make Out: Nas
Living Human Beings I REALLY loathe: Evil ones
Kindest Thing I've Ever Done: Given money to the homeless and hungry

Confession of My Dangerous Mind: I'm smarter than most people, I've read more books than they have at the library, and my milkshake's better than yours.

Sin I'd Like to Try: Something slothy and lusty, but I won't, I'll let she who's without sin cast the first stone.

Itch List (who are U itching to meet?)

10 Things I Want in a Catch:
1) Brilliance
2) Perseverance
3) Masculinity
4) Tattoos
5) Life-long love for Hip Hop Culture
6) Sensuality
7) A good appetite
8) Someone with a hard-knock life
9) Industry/In-the-Streets lifestyle
10) A Beautiful Visage (that's your face)

Deal-Breaker: Too many baby mamas

Crap That REALLY Screws With My Head: Lying when you don't have to

Most Hideously Humiliating Social Moment: That I've been home for damn near a year straight without going out

I'd Like My Catch to Earn: $57,000

How I Lost It: Long story

Gigantor Social Fear: None

My Fantasy Band: Tragedy Khadafi, Thirstin Howl III, Trunks, Steele/Smif-N-Wessun, DJ Hi-Tek, & Roc Raida

I guess file this under shameless self-promo again, I also sent a quote in for a catch-all piece for SOHH.com about Online Hip Hop Journalism... None of it got printed, so guess what? I'm finta print it now, right here!

"In 1996 I began working on grassroots marketing and viral PR for Saafir's "The Hit List" campaign, creating my first AOL account and joining the millions of world citizens online; and as "MiraJuana" I began to build a list of contacts and fans that is now 1,500,000 plus. Reporting daily news for Platform.net and pitching to 360HipHop.com and Urban Box Office Dot Net was my trial by fire - the path for a college dropout and former gang member & drug dealer to rise to editorships at STRESS, Complex Magazine and The Source sans a journalism degree; joining the ranks of stellar journalists like Jon Caramanica, Joseph "Jazzbo" Patel, kris ex, Davey D, Wendy Day, and others of their ilk whose online presence paved the way for their greatness. Posting dozens of times per day on Urban Expose Dot Com earned me write-ups in the Village Voice - and prepared me for the 2005 launch of my blog, http://pyramids2projects.blogspot.com. Face the facts...there is no digital divide, and Hip Hop isn't dead - the global, online Hip Hop community is BILLIONS strong, and we've got the internets going nuts."

Finally, there's talk of one of the homies filming me tomorrow for a documentary about sneakers. With my folkerellies @ MixtapeInc.com hard at work getting their documentary fully funded, which will enable me to record my voiceover/narration for the flick, and this latest development; your girl is about to pass up almost-famous and infamous status and go for the real thing. I told ya'll fools David Banner had me running, and I've been walking in my Chanclas como Jesus all over L.A. county. Spent the other night breaking at the Battle of the Year concert with the homies Risky and Bas-1 from Style Elements, Zulu King Supreme Alien Ness, E-Z Rock from Rock Steady, and myself; I got applause when I came out of the circle so I must've really rocked shit hard. Now get this, I finally got hooked back up with the old-school homeskillet BIG CUERVO from PRZ; and he's a personal trainer now. Let me get this gut flat while I keep this booty fat; and you'll be seeing that Hip Hop tattoo in King Magazine before you know it. I'm thinking of starting a B-Girl calendar/magazine/pinup club a'la Riot Girls & Suicide Girls featuring scantily-clad yet tasteful shots of stylish/profilish B-Girls like myself replete with tats, crazy hair, illy gear, and of course...sneakers/kicks. With some low-riders thrown in for good measure. I've got my boy shorts on deck, thighs thick as hell, and now I have my own personal gangsta trainer? On like burnt popcorn.

And buck that - I'm still a feminist; and please believe if anyone ever approached me in the club on some "wait til U see my dick, bitch..." they'd get crowned with every bottle behind the bar, and touched by every piece of furniture in the spot, twice. Don't get it twisted, even Killafornia feminista/jornalistas got tools.

I love this game.

- Nunya Biznet a/k/a Miranda Jane

p.s. Somebody asked what I've been listening to lately, so I'm currently bumpin' the Delfonics greatest hits double LP, Lil Bow Wow f/ Ciara "Like U" (serious...one of my favorite songs in a long time), "Ape Somethin'" by Lord Littles/Tragedy Khadafi from the Reloaded soundtrack, and the audiobook version of "Fingerprints of the Gods".


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