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June 28, 2005


Whoa. Just heard a track on the homie Mr. Kamoji's blog-radio station where Kanye showed his whole, entire ass. To paraphrase, he said somethin like "Ralph Lauren wasn't cool until I wore Polo". I'm feelin' the fuck outta the Diamonds video, even though the lyrics are mad contradictory, so I'll give him a cool point for that one.

I remember there was some drizzz-ama at the source when they shot the Kanye cover, something about he wouldn't do the photo shoot if he didn't wear Purple Label (the most "elite" of the Ralph Lauren brands); and conversely Ralph Lauren and 'em were like, Kanye who? Kanye what? So they had to BUY some fucken' $12000 suit for this guy.

So yeah, like I was sayin, I can't stand these new-jacks who come in to the game, get famously over-blown, and start tooting their horn to the point that they sound ridiculous and possibly skee'd out they faces. KANYE WEST, DON'T EVEN TRY TO FRONT LIKE YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF THE LO-LIFES. THE ORIGINAL LO-LIFE CREW ARE THE ONES WHO MADE 'LO FLY, COOL, DOPE, FRESH, SUPER-CLEAN, AND THEY OPENED THE URBAN WORLD'S EYES TO THE WHOLE RALPH LAUREN AND POLO STEELO. They're infamous and notorious for robbing stores for entire racks of Polo, and eventually organized what they called the "Million Man Rush" where they planned and executed a strategic racking mission with dozens of participants. That's some real robin-hood-rob-the-rich-lace-the-poor shit right there. RESPECT THEIR GANGSTA.

It's not just the Polo thing. I know Kanye done heard of Thirstin Howl. I know he wouldn't battle him, if the challenge arose he'd probably 'fess on some "I'm too rich to battle that nigga" type bullshit. It irks the shit out of me that Thirstin Howl III and Rack-Lo and 'em pump out dope albums on a damn-near quarterly basis, only to toil in underground quasi-obscurity and underpaid oblivion. While these A&R's are bullshitting, they need to hit up "The Polorican" and offer him the multi-million dollar deals that they're giving to (c)rappers like Kanye. Or just step aside and let me have their cushy jobs, company credit cards, expense accounts and major-label signing power.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Kanye. I just don't want him to get too big for his Purple Label britches, you know? I mean, Son makes some nice beats, but not hardly as ill as DJ KHALIL.

Diamonds are forever, but so are 'hood legends like the Lo-Lifes. Respect the style master generals.


At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Tracey said...

Damn MJ,

You're bring wreck on those last two posts. I ain't hating on Kanye either, but I wish he would stop with the whole GQ brother thang away. He's under the illusion that he's attractive and that's just not the case. He's just an average looking brother in over-priced Ralph Lauren.

And while we're talking stealing from the old school, KANYE - please stop with the BIG DADDY KANE lite poses in your magazine shoots.

I always find it funny when hip-hop entertainers start believing their own hype. One album does not a career make!

At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Mohamed said...

Kanye ain't make anything cool... dude got beats, that's for sure, but in terms of style he on some major cookie-cutter action.

I am sure Thirstin doesn't really need no major deal anyways, he seems like he one of the undergroiund/street cats really really getting paid. He got one of those cult followings, a la Doom.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger C'BS ALife Allah said...

I can’t fcuk with you! No matter what your birth record in this Hip Hop world KNOW YOUR HISTORY! You went there with the Lo-Lifes, the Polorican, etc! That is that part of HipHop that just doesn’t get covered in the ‘books’. You don’t know that unless you were there or know someone who was there. That’s why there are a lot of aspects of Hip Hop that falls outside of the ‘4 elements’. Keep bringing it Miranda ‘chin checkin’ Jane.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger DJSEEQUENCE said...

word is born fuck kanye!! like my man thirstin says" i still got my 86 gucci macosins" naw mean! "he aint a lo-life if hes wearin lugz" lol! thirstin would rip kanye and his preppy pretty ass! respect nigguh! boricuas stand up!! shit ive been rockin lo since jr high. im 32 now and still rock lo and timbs! i still got vintage shit. ralph lauren needs to thank da lo lifes word up.

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