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April 25, 2005

The 5-Year Plan

A young B-Girl rocks for the crowd in Puerto Rico at "Express Your Skills"...>

You know, I got into it online with a couple of cats and chicks recently about the Hip Hop vs. Rap aesthetic. So funny to me when I was googling earlier today, how I wrote this piece on Davey D Dot Com in January of 2001. And I'm still mercilessly kicking the same truths five years later. And not much has changed. The only real difference is that today, I'm involved in activism. I've been featured on a lot of radio shows recently. I've been getting more and more requests to speak on panels, and now magazines want to interview ME. So let's go back and revisit Why Do We Need The Music Industry?

Why Do We Need
The Music Industry?
by - Miranda Jane
1/30/01 7:44:30 AM

why do we need the music industry? we, the people, do not. to break it down in simple, mathematic terms the industry is a tool of the 10% used to control 90% of the mind capacity of 85% of the people. Example - only 5% of the music used to "entertain" the people also serves to educate them. conscious, enlightened, underground MCs - so-called 'backpack rappers' with incense and licorice root... you just don't see those artists on the television much, nor hear them on the radio, as much as you see and hear 'bling bling'.

Ballers, playas, pimps, hustlers, and all types of cats (and chicks) are all in my ears, and all in the babies' ears. they're in our eyesight and earshot constantly these days through radio, cable television, news media, the car next to ours and even on our own car radio. or in the man's car next to you.

Think about it. why are people trapped like rats in a maze? how high can we increase the murder rate befor its too late? how much baby mama drama can one generation withstand before forgetting who their fathers and mothers are? it's our lifelong exposure to the industry and its minions distracting us from the truth.

Of course it adversely affects our babies and our selves. we grow up on a malnourishing diet of television and music created for the sole purpose of causing our collective mental to become desensitized toward violence, misogyny, hate and disrespect.

The industry. 'the industry' seems to cause the greatest troubles here in america, where often your right to choose comes after someone else's right to choose for you. if you ever meet someone from another country just visiting here, you will hear of some of the problems we experience here happening in their native lands. however, only in america do as many people kill each other - senselessly, one by one like this son of a united kingdom's people have done.

'Crabs in a barrel' in japan means there are crabs in a barrel literally, not as a figure of speech to describe the reality of many people in america. in japan, it is truly all about the yen. there is never time nor circumstance in which it would be proper to mention yen, much less to praise it or worship it. respect and 'face' are far more valuable than the yen.

In denmark are there projects? is there pollution in europe? even the graffiti overseas is more of a diversion than a national issue or a crime. art is often done simply for the art. hey, life is just easy like that sometimes.

So if you really want to walk through babylon, visit the true capitol of america - new york city. here 'the industry' lurks in every corner, even under the train tunnels. walk through the tunnels of hell, the next level. vibe, the source, xxl - the big 3 in print magazines, a few entities dominate a lion's share of the gross income from advertising sales, from subscriptions, etc. the record labels are another story - hundreds of labels are out there passing money around to each other, or so it seems from the surface.

Scratch beneath the surface, and the truth will come out. There is now a big 3 in distribution and the powers that be above the record label level. factor in the liquor companies with majority control over many of the distributorships. examine exactly how deep this shit goes.

Then ask yourself, why is that? why do we need the music industry? we, the people, do not.

miranda jane


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