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September 09, 2005

ANGELES...THAT'S WHAT IT IS (I Only Use Knives to Cut Food)

"So you really live out here now, huh?" "What's up, Brooklyn!" "Oh, you're too good to come home to L.A.? You're too industry now?" On some 'hood shit, that's what the homies were saying to me while I was living in Brooklyn, working at The Source. And when I was living in Brooklyn, unemployed, hustling hard. But now I'm back.

"The Lost Angels made me do it." I thought some of the homies from Oakland, and some of the homies from Oxnard/Ventura, would hold me down; but things fall apart. At the end of the day, it's my fam from Los Angeles who's showing and proving when it comes to the business end of keeping me here in my place of birth. So enough about me and my shit.

As you can see, this thing of ours, Angeles Records, is setting it off on some real, true-school Hip Hop shit on October 25. As a long-time fan of The Genius, and then GZA, I can say that he comes correct on all lyrics on this full-length album. I was blessed to hear some of it being mixed, and this is truly huge for Hip Hop - GZA on the rhymes, Muggs on the beats. Savage, to say the least.

Ever since I met Chace Infinite at Urban Network, so rudely introduced to me by none other than Ras Kass and "Sir Jinx", I've been on some Self Scientific shit. I was blessed to interview DJ Khalil, Chace Infinite, and Krondon over home-cooked Middle Eastern food - chicken kebabs, grilled eggplant, hummus, tabouleh, pita bread...and some pineapple-upside-down cake for dessert - many years ago at the L.A. crib when they released the 12" single for LOVE ALLAH. We became close as members of the Hip Hop community, and as friends, and eventually fam - I met the rest of the S.O.L.A.R. Panel (Sons of Light, Allah's Reflection) in L.A., Atlanta, the Bay Area, and Boston; and I became a member of this dozens-deep Hip Hop collective.

Flash forward to September 8, 2005 and I'm working once again with Self Scientific. DJ Khalil, one of my favorite producers whom I years-ago dubbed "baby Primo" has grown by leaps and bounds from his already HELLA-dope production style and has shown/proven his skills to not only make astoundingly-deep music but to pay the bills...with his recent work with Aftermath, Genesis, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Mitchy Slick, and others on the production tip - but he always saves the best for Self...Self Scientific. Chace Infinite (Nommo 7), besides being the homeboy Chace, and my brother Chace, is the most compelling lyricist I know. I always hearken back to this rhyme from the song "Love Allah" and I'm going to reprint it again here...

Now do the knowledge
Holly tree
From which wood was carved
To weave wizardry...

I can't find the song, except on www.headcrack.com and I can't get it to load up... and I don't want to misquote the rest of the Brother's lyrics...but U see where he goin with it.

So I'm going off again, and haters say I name-drop too much. But for the haters, let me drop a HUGE name on ya'll, one time, for your mind.



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