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August 25, 2005


Yeah, so, anyway... Where was I? Spoke to Thirstin Howl III today. Waitin 2 hear this new cut he's got called "Spanish Chick" - I guess it's like "Magic Stick" but it's O.G. Vic Lo instead of not-so-O.G. Curt Jack.

And yeah, uh, he sent me this flick... Sorry holmeses, this is just how I'm manifesting my feminisms these days - putting up some eye candy for the ladies 2 check out and enjoy.

Also check for his shit on Tony Toca's new LP, Reggaetony. He's got the fuego cut on there, se llama "Pa Eso"...
check it out here...

And of course check out Big Vic @
The Spitfactory Online


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