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July 18, 2005


Just got in from a turnaround trip from L.A. 2 the Yay Area. 2 rental cars, a B-Boy jam, Alien Ness, high-powered meetings at the Hieroglyphics building in the Town and the Nokia building in the 'Sco, and meetin' new family born since my last time in the Bay later...basically we doin it real big.

Home in front of MTV Jams, I have an observation. David Banner is whispering at me to RUN GIRL. I know he's a brilliant entreprenuer and revolutionary crunk guerilla, who is simply capitalizing off of the au courant whisper-style. Mr. Banner, I will run til the wheels fall off, or until my skinny Jamaican man tells me to stop - whichever may come first.

I have 2 MCs under my representation as of today, and they're finna change the lyrical standard. TRUNKS from SF, and (BAD) LUCK from Pasadena, CA. Keep it tuned in for the hot shit. MJ's priorities for 2005 are reading like Hip Hop's most-wanted MVPs... don't start hating 'til the total devastation... Before I forget, Mixtape Inc. is down with us - it's mostly my voice, it's so choice. Please believe it.

Live from Love Allah

(Holdin'/Lamborghini Ambitions)

Mira la Sirena


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