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July 15, 2005


Baked Macaroni and Cheese, it's What's for Dinner...> On the side, Collard Greens with Turkey Bacon, Garlic & Onion; plus a nice, fat, juicy steak for the man of the house.

In the mail, rain, sleet, snow or hail, even though it's hotta than Hell Rell (well, besides my m'fukken check!) DJ J.Period's slammin new mix, The Best of Lauryn Hill (featuring Ms. Hill her-damn-self!); not to mention the new DVD/CD package from Queensbridge hustla LITTLES, entitled Reloaded/The Queensbridge Ghettomentary. On the way...FREESTYLE: The Art of Rhyme DVD review, your BLISS review (Ms. Danyel Smith, congratulations on this new book, I salute you! You were laying the foundation for all this when I was just a lickle youth in the game freelancing for Rap Pages...THANK U.) And, since I'm trying to put everything in writing these days, I promise, soon come, the historical breakdown of the name(s) - Miranda Jane (MJ) AND Pyramids 2 Projects; giving it up to those who came before me, and after me! It goes down.

Fa'shiggadale. Had an interesting convo with a handsome young gentleman-friend of mines, J-Minix (like J-Mix with the Yay Area on it) earlier today, breaking down how a lot of New York and L.A. (and Down South) rappers have co-opted the Bay slanguistics for their own use. Watch this spot for a lesson in the origins of your favorite lenguas, and remember if it didn't come from E-40, it musta had came from DJs Lord Sear & Bobbito "Cucumber Slice" Garcia - fine purveyors of "no homo", "pause", and all that old C.M. Famalam shiznit.

And while I won't go into the deep-ass recipes for tonight's dinner, I will share with you'all the recipe for Mr. E-40's libation, GORILLA MILK. Mix some Christian Brothers brandy with some Fridays Club Mudslide Mix, with ice if you take your draank cold. Don't ask/axe me how many parts brandy to mix, I have no freakin' idea and I wasn't trying to pressure Feezy/Forty-Water, yo' Playa Potna (eva since the womb, he been a tycoon), for the precise measurements. Let's Get Drunk (and throw up in the car?) It's that fire tho, I put that on The Click.

Hmmm... In the mail today,
Freestyle. Finally. Peep Rae's Spot for some background on this one. I've seen this film in so many forms, I'm excited to crack the package, throw it up in the DVD player, and see what the final product has in store for Hip Hop.

On the phone today, DJ J.Period, Tragedy Khadafi, and the illustrious
Dipset Capo himself, Jimmy Jones. He gave me the FUEGO quote for my piece, thank God, and that'll be comin' at ya'll 1st thing next week.

Also a couple of very interesting emails came across today, and I'm sure more than that 'cause there's dozens left unopened as I take this short break to a) finalize the cooking of said greens, mac and cheese, etc. (big ups to my girl Ms. Sugal for hookin' up that steak so I didn't have to wang with it at all); b) drink me a nice big tall icey glass of half Mango nectar/half Strawberry nectar (
KERNS! What's up with some product placement?) and c) take a much-needed break from trying to edit this leviathan feature with WordPad, whatever archaic software this shit is, which does not feature little luxuries such as word count nor spellcheck. If I never liked
Bill Gates before, I like his ass today.

Huge, massive, strong, big-it-ups to Tachelle Wilkes who did a high-powered interview with me for
www.femmixx.com; keep your ears peeled for that to pop up sometime in July, I hope. Tachelle is awesome, as is her partner on the site, Gary. If you've not familiarized yourself with Femmixx.com, please do so ASAP.

U may notice a change in the blogsite, in the form of a couple of banner ads & search engines. I won't have any pop-up ads for penile enlargement, I promise... And my love don't cost a thing. But somehow I gotta pay for all this 'lectricity, the faultellulesses/cellie-cells, and the internets. And I suppose I gotta eat too...

So. She cooks, she writes, she edits, she emails, she drinks juice, she writes, she blogs, she reads, she watches, she listens, she asks the tough questions, she's interviewed, she laughs, she edits. One thing tho...she don't sleep. Like we used to say at

Stayin' strong...

Mira, ja Una

p.s. To any/all editors and/or publishers who may be/are reading Pyramids 2 Projects, I am not illiterate. Nor ignant. I can/will use proper punctuation, pronounciation, and person - within the boundaries of Hip Hop parlance - in a professional environment WHEN $$$ IS INVOLVED. This is just where I free the dome.

XO/Besitos y Abrazos


At 7:54 PM, Blogger Q.Rock639 said...

What's up MJ...is my plate broke?

Bring some leftovers thru at the party!

At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Andre S. Belcher-El said...

Great work, Sista.

One Love.

Andre S. Belcher-El

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At 11:50 AM, Blogger princess of the poem: Desdamona said...

baked macaroni!!!! MJ - I never got my taste. damn!

Hope all is well with you. Wondering if you would be interested in writing for the Hecatomb Monthly Newsletter. I showed the guys your stuff and they liked it. Let me know either way.

hope to hear from you soon. peace, des

At 10:49 PM, Anonymous old white dad said...

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