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May 01, 2005

Sometimes it Snows in...May!?!

Please don't step on my toes with them pointy-ass boots, Prince

Well, first of all, I've been sickie & really too out of it to blog. So my apologies for that off the bat. Now some of my old-school folks have been whoridin me about living in Minneapolis. Prince references abound. Raspberry Beret, Purple Rain, "have you been purified in the waters of Lake Minehaha", "are you workin for Mr. McGhee?", Under the Cherry Moon... And no, I'm not the latest member of the New Power Generation. Stop playin. I done heard 'em all, so cease and desist, ya heard?

But, there was one that always bugged me out, being a Cali girl and all. Sometimes it Snows in April. So until I lived here I didn't quite get it. But, alas, today is May. And it snowed this morning. Heavily. So, sometimes is snows in May. And when it's snowing, it's hard to get motivated. You don't even want to make a trip to the wrecka stowe. I'd like to make a trip to the grocery store and fix some Enchiladas, or even a nice veggie Lasagne. But the remnants of my head cold, and the lactose-intolerance of Rae, will not allow this to happen.

And no, I haven't met Prince. I've met Desdamona, and DJ Nikoless, and Felipe from Los Nativos, and DJ Stage One, and Sarah White, and Brother Ali, and D-Tekh, and I've bumped into the old-school homie I Self Divine. But no Prince sightings. And, er, um, uhhh, I hate to break it to ya'll Prince fans of the hardcore variety, but I'll be blunt. He moved to Canada. And before you ask about them, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have broke camp to L.A. last I heard.

But as I keep repeating, we couldn't put together a great event like B-Girl Be on one of the coasts. So it might as well be Minneapolis.


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