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April 26, 2005

FLASHBACK: Left Me Lonely

When We Were Queens...>

MC Shan's "Left Me Lonely" was one of the first Hip Hop songs I loved that met with Moms' approval. I could bump it over and over on her turntable (which happened to be a Technics...hmmmmmm) and even use her amp and speakers. No worries. I mean, MC Shan's lady thoroughly dissed him, dismissed him, and left a Dear Shan note on the mirror with her lipstick. But he never called her a "bitch," "hoe," or even "skeeza" behind the shit. See, if my moms turned on the radio today, she'd lose it. If she heard the Ying Yang Twinz "Whisper Song" she'd go the fuck off. Understandably. That's what this blog is all about. How'd we get from the pyramids to the projects? And how/why are we repeating the same process again with OUR culture, going from "Left Me Lonely" to "The Whisper Song"? They say if you don't know the past, you won't know the future. The answer is out there somewhere, if you know where to listen. Keep your ear to the street.

She used to tell me that she loved me all the time
I'd turn to her and say that, 'I'm
Infatuated by your lovely smile
And some day soon we're gonna walk the isle'
She'd say, 'You're my everything, my strength for life,
Be the mother of your children, as well as your wife'
She used to tell me all the time, I'm her one and only
But she ran with another man and left me lonely

[ VERSE 1: MC Shan ]
Coincidental how I met her
But when I seen her I knew that I'd get her
Can't let her step, she look too good
But my wears made me seem like a stone cold hood
I'm a lucky guy, so I press my luck
I step to her, ah what the fuck
Went her way, took a few steps past her
Got the nerve, and then I asked her
I said, 'Yo baby,' and she started to reach
I said, 'Whoa, don't get excited, that's a figure of speech'
She told me her name, gave her number and all
And when I stepped, she said I better call
It took about a month, but she was finally mine
Everything was going smooth, we were doin fine
After a while it wasn't no thing
We were either holding hands or she was under my wing
She used to whisper in my hear I'm her one and only
But she ran with another man and left me lonely

[ CHORUS: TJ Swan ]
Girl, why'd you have to leave me that way?
I love you to this day
And it hurts to think of the words you used to say
Girl, why'd you have to leave for so long?
I never did you wrong
And it seems we had such a love that was so strong

[ VERSE 2: MC Shan ]
On the day she broke out, would you believe I cried?
And it hurts so much to think of how she lied
I shared everything to the very last penny
Somethin that you really can't do with many
Since this young lady was such a big winner
I'd treat her all the time to a candle light dinner
Have a violinist play a real sweet song
And she never showed a sign that somethin was wrong
My boy used to say "Man, Shan, I'd quit her"
But she seemed so happy everytime I'm with her
We used to hold hands and walk in the rain
And on the days I felt down she eased my pain
This was just too far-fetched to believe
To think that my girl would just up and leave
Imagine that - I just couldn't
Cause I knew deep down in my heart she wouldn't
All of a sudden a lot of things changed
She started actin funny, I mean a bit strange
We had little squabbles, arguments, fights
Wild stories in the days and stayed out nights
I'd say, 'Baby, where you been for all that time?
She cuddled me close and say that I'd
Be the one that she call her only
But she ran with another man and left me lonely

[ CHORUS: TJ Swan ]
Girl, why'd you have to leave me that way?
I love you to this day
And it hurts to think of the words you used to say

[ VERSE 3: MC Shan ]
She put it to me plain, couldn't put it no clearer
Lipstick written on the bedroom mirror
Said, 'I'm leaving you now
And I know that you'll miss me
You're probably sayin
Damn, man, why she dissed me?
But you see, I felt that it was time to go
Then I packed my bags, and I'm leavin, so
You take care and I hope you live long
And don't worry, there's nothing that you did wrong
You'll find the right girl someday, you'll see
Why I'm the type of woman that must be free'
I said, 'Why me?' and fell to the bed
Reached for the 9 and put it to my head
And thought about the words that she once said
(Shan, you know that you're my one and only)
But she ran with another man and left my lonely

[ OUTRO: TJ Swan ]
O-o-o-oh girl, oh my girl
Why'd you have to leave?
Leave me so sad
Girl, you broke my heart
Oh, you drive me wild
You leave me by myself
All by myself
Girl, I don't know what to do
I'm so mad
Girl, you drive me wild
Ooh so wild
Baby drive me crazy
Leave me by myself
Leave me all alone
By the phone
I don't know what to do
I'm so mad
Girl, you drive me wild
Oh so wild
When I saw you leave me
Makes me want to cry
Girl, I'm breakin down
Breakin down
Yo, I don't know what to do



At 10:33 PM, Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

i got dem bitches on my jock like an airplane wing,
and only way for me to get em off I have to sing
i say...
ooh ho dont jock me so,
never, ever, ever wanna let me go,
ooonce i whip this dick on youuuu,
heeey check it out,
i say, oooh ho dont call me no mo,
hoow in the fuck can i let cha know,
that im a motherfuckin trueeee?

awww yeah, word em up!

At 12:55 PM, Anonymous Allen Gordon said...

Your blog site is very informative and heavy with material that piques my interest. Cna't really read such pro-Hip Hop work from a woman's perspective anywhere like this.

Great work. Rock on sista, rock on.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

I used to love that song! "But she ran with another man and left my lonely", biy that brings back memories. Cool blog by the way..


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