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March 27, 2005

Crayzee Rock

Feel Walz in Pantomime...>

"There’s no set formula. I see music like women. With each one, I have a different approach. Some, I may want to have sex with. Some, I may just want to walk and talk with them. Some, I may just want to spend a night with them and cuddle when I’m stressed out. Each beat has its own personality. Sometimes a beat is just so hot, I may just hear it in the booth and just jump in there."

From "Rain Forever" (WE LIVE: The Black Samurai EP)
<>I’m a stick up kid of the worst kind
On second thought
Let me go with my first mind
Before I burst nines
Rehearse rhyme and raw truth
Forget sixteens
From the eight
I show you what the fours do
I used to aim clappers
If you had chains like famed rappers
But I’m a changed man now
Your chain don’t matter
A bag of magic
Slash in the trash with a hatchet
I kill verses on purposes
My notebook is a casket
To be serious with you guys
I bust metal flies and crush floors
You don’t know me from the last Vulcan
You fucked raw
On instinct the next line would be
(Fuck off)
You stupid chickens ain’t shit
Without my duck sauce
I scream down to the ground
And cause an uproar
The reason for this?
Well, the floors reflect Walz
Install my cingular wireless
To unplug your mind
For 9.99
You could add a line
The Angel from Anaheim
Feel Walz in Pantomime
Next time we’ll rock
On the block
In Palestine
I used to drink Ballantine
Till Wu exposed the Steelo
Now I’m thinking long range
Like relive with Steelo

( * (* (*

"Everything is spiritual, physical and mental, so spirituality is 1/3 of my music. The other 2/3 is made up by the mental and the physical, because you can’t have one without the other. They all reflect off of each other.

My spirituality ends and begins at balance. Everything is a balance. It’s not all good. If it was all good, we wouldn’t be oppressed and gettin’ killed for no reasons. And it’s not all bad, because we find happiness out of even the sorriest times. It’s a balance.

Where we lost our spirituality, is when we started believing in things other than ourselves. We need to listen to ourselves more. We’re connected to the Most High directly, Nature."

Nuff 'said Rayz...>

Hear the rest at http://www.discogs.com/release/316073

Or check The Prelude at http://www.dango727.com/c_rayz_walz.html







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