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January 08, 2006

No Matter Where Life Takes You...Come Home to the West

Sunday, January 8 2006
Domingo, 8 de Enero 2006
Live from City of Lost Angels

Trouble sleeping. Thinking of you. Take a bow if you want to, I just can't get myself together no kind of way for you. You must have put a spell on my mind. I'm under your power...Baby.

Pretty much. Woke up around 5:20 am. Went to sleep only a few hours before that. Not much chance of getting anymore sleep...much less any rest. Finished my first pair of pants for the new clothing line "Dickiez'n'Diamondz". They're supposed to be a sales sample, but I'm wearing them. I've been putting the Get Buff and Die Trying to work in a very serious manner, and my shape is more "slimma" however I'm still wearing a mens' 40" waist pair of Dickies...but now they're Dickiez'n'Diamondz. Gotta shout out the homeboy O.G. Mitchy Slick...Klack Klack, yeahdat, and all that; 'cause his song Dickies and Diamonds was the inspiration for this new fashion sensation. Shit, if wack-ass Kaws can customize Nike knockoff's, yeah I said it Bapesta, and get paid in full...then Miss Miranda James can certainly do the same.

So this weekend. First my laptop breaks, it's so on it's last legs, shout out to Marc Ecko, Ecko Unltd., and Complex Magazine for the free-slash-liberated PowerBook though, it's put in a lot of work since '00. Trying to bump my 5.62 gigabyte collection of killer oldies, the short in the headphone/speaker input, which has BEEN fucked in the game, cold gave out, it's a wrap. THEN Hello Kitty walkman starts in with the same problem, short in the input, have to press the headphone jack down and to the right hella hard just to listen to my girl Kim Weston...ya'll know nothinboutthat tho...

So when I woke up this morning I looked around. 4 AA batteries...check. My new RadioShack voice activated cassette tape recorder with VOX and built-in speaker...check. And my old cassette single of Xzibit's "The Foundation" produced by DJ Muggs (yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!). So while I sat at my dressing-room mirror and fixed my face, I said a little prayer. For me. Before I put on my makeup. Listening to X spit the real to his newborn son throws me back, waaay back, long before the days of Strong Arm Steady (Gang), PowerStripe deodorant and Pimp Your Ride (my rides already come extra Pimp'n). First of all, I just found out a few weeks ago that Muggs even made the foundation beat...so there that go. Second of all "Just 'cause niggas get behind you don't mean they got your back, Beware of the serpent, it's the time in life, the mothafucka will strike and try to make you lose sight, don't be a fake mothafucka trying to keep shit real, idle threats with no guns to kill, SOn, if you ever pull heat then use it, if you got a chance to walk away then do it, total domination takes total concentration, in all situations a solid foundation."

And I don't even have to give anyone a bar, they can just take their own... I guess that's called a rebar. Another new one, when a four-year old gives you a bar, that's a 4bar.

So anyway, I got shit to do, places to go, people to see, and paparazzi to attract. So I bid U adieu, and in the immortal words of Alvin "Xzibit" Joyner...

"Be prepared for the worst
But expect the best
No matter where life takes you
Come home to the West
Survival takes more than just gats and guns
That's words to live by
From a father to his son...
The Foundation"
- X

Fuck my Father
Love his Son

(my Brother)
- MJ

p.s. I hereby proclaim this week MonaLisa week...MonaLisa is the homegirl that everyone knows, but they have no idea. She's the Foundation for a lot of this shit, and I'm gonna spend some time next time I post giving MASSIVE BARS to those who don't know, and especially those who know but continue not to recognize and retrospect.



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