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December 08, 2005

HONEYCONE (I'm 'a put it in the want ads)

Intelligent, sexy Queen seeks Rugged Intellectual Thug for life-long mission encompassing Peace After Revolution. Must intend to love me like cooked food, not just love me for my home-cooked food. Fathers welcome...Baby Daddies need not apply. Currenly accepting applications - serious inquiries only - www.myspace.com/mizmirandajane. * References available upon request, or to those who try to test. FYI, a rugged, intellectual thug will fufill or possess all 10 of the below-listed requirements.
1) Brilliance
2) Perseverance
3) Masculinity
4) Tattoos
5) Life-long love for Hip Hop Culture
6) Sensuality
7) A good appetite
8) Someone with a hard-knock life
9) Industry/In-the-Streets lifestyle
10) A Beautiful Visage (that's your face)

Hola Cholas! Classic material from the ride home last night... With my homeboy the Black/Panamanian Cholo and his homeboy (who's in my top 5 right now) who's a regular ol' Cholo...U know the kind from Mexico & Los Angeles? Topic came up in conversation how my homeboy's wife called my crib in BK a few years back TRIPPIN asking me why I was calling her husband.

El Cholo said like this - to my homeboy (and me, I believe, covertly) - "Your wife? She was trippin' like that, holmes? Nah, holmes, I tell my old ladies to RELAX."

yeahdat El Cholo that's what I'm talkin about!!! Regulate and rule where you rest y todas las cosas estan mas tranquilo...tu sabes?

Oh, man, we're really GETTIN BUFF AND STARVIN' TRYING over at ANGELES RECORDS. I've been doing the vegan thing almost everyday...cutting out cheese, butter, etc. for myself (adios, crema!) and fixing soy/tofu-style entrees or fish for Los Veteranos... Also, while my dislocated knee is healing, I've been doing physical therapy and massage on myself for 4 or 5 hours a day when I get home. I've discovered that the bathtub is a ghetto substitute for a swimming pool. Just when I was gettin Hyphy and about to ask someone to borrow a swimming pool I figured out I could twist myself into a pretzel and do some water ballet in the tub.

Oh yeah, my discolated dislocated knee joint. I haven't told that story yet on here. Might have to save that for the autobiography and make ya'll pay for that. You tricks.

Out 4 now...

P.S. Site of the day!

Check it out, all the Mp3s are inscrumentals, how U love dat?

No disrespect to
www.thetofuhut.com, your'e still #1.....

Not to mention the #1 Songs in Heaven


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