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May 12, 2005


Do As I Say, Not As I Do...>

{You must learn. Reading is fundamental. An article a day keeps the ignants away. A book a week, or you'll turn into a freak. E's hooked on Gin and Tonics like yo mama's hooked on phonics. As sure as P's droppin' Infamous Mobbphonics and Ebonics, Ally's the new DJ for the King of Ivoronics (nepotism ain't dead, just ask Neil). But I digress... I command you! You must click your mouse and take time out to read these pieces below. If you don't, you can kiss my grits and my boot.}

Hip Hop’s Scarlet Letter
By Eric K. Arnold

As former staffers and irate bloggers flay The Source for sexism, is a new age of accountability dawning?

The NOI, Farrakhan, and Million Man March...
by Adisa Banjoko

In 1988 I was young, Black and gifted. I was also 18, and Black men were dying around me in droves. Racial tension was VERY high coast to coast.... Cops were killing brothers and beating them like it was in part of the job description ("serve protect and break a N!##@ neck"). This was the ear of NWA, PE, Do the Right Thing, Bernhard Getz, Yusuf Hawkins and all kinds of personal racial drama...

Refugee Chic
The new album from the Sri Lankan sensation M.I.A.
By Jon Caramanica

Fact is, there aren't that many women of South Asian extraction making beat-driven music for the Western world. If M.I.A. were black and covering similar ground—lyrics about poverty and politics sprinkled amid dance-friendly chants—she'd be pigeonholed to a particular scene: dancehall, grime, hip-hop, etc. If she were white, she would be derided as a holdover from the electro renaissance of four years ago. If she were a man, she wouldn't leave a fingerprint.

Ain’t No Sense In Me Lyin’ (As If. . .)
By kris ex

I’m staggering, all liquid, loose, coloring outside the lines, not quite sure what I said to make her come this far. She’s beautiful. Stumbling the keys into the lock. There’s more of them down here than there should be, but my paranoia is drugged asleep, my instincts perched overhead like a gargoyle, overlooking the situation with a dagger in its teeth. We’re friendlier than normal, all dark liquor and dank smoke, on lean like the wall is on slight tilt, slow spin.

The Horror
By Mr. Babylon

One girl either wrote a brilliant character description and deep psychological probe of a mother murdering sociopath, or she’s about to actually commit matricide. This story was so vivid and frightening, ("I look down at the blood in the nife and laugh, ja ja, ja, she can't never tell me to clean my room again...") that i would have reported her to social services, if she hadn't followed my assignment so perfectly. I gave her an A+ and commented, "Good job, this is really, really scary!"

Interview with Tego Calderon
By William Hernandez

UAN: How do you feel being that you're Puerto Rican, about the status of the Island? Do you feel it should stay as an association (commonwealth), independent nation, or should it become the 51st state?

TC: I think Puerto Rico should stay as it is. I don't think we should become a state. The leadership of the island is a joke. It's a battle to impose their criterion it's something absurd. They're like the Klu Klux Klan an extremist group that has been what the Partido de la Autoridad (Authority party) in Puerto Rico has become. The people have made their decision in various elections that they don't want to be State. But the party keeps on pushing for statehood. We live in a democracy we have to respect everyone's ideas.

Young, Black, Gifted—and Gay
By Lynne d Johnson

Homo thugz. Hip hop lesbians. The media uses these terms to describe young black and Latino gay folks loving hip hop music and living a life enmeshed in hip hop culture. But these labels appear to be contradictory, don't they? Isn't hip hop misogynistic and extremely anti-gay?

Must Buy (and Read) Now

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop:
A History of the Hip-Hop Generation
By Jeff Chang
Introduction by DJ Kool Herc

"Hip-hop is the voice of this generation. Even if you didn't grow up in the Bronx in the '70s, hip-hop is there for you. It has become a powerful force. Hip-hop binds all of these people, all of these nationalities, all over the world together."
—DJ Kool Herc, from the Introduction

Must-Have Instrumentals

Souls of Mischief
Warrior Priest LP

This is a single LP, side 1 produced by A-Plus, and side 2 produced by Opio, both of Souls of Mischief fame. These are instrumental cuts, never before made available.

Must Pre-Order Now (And Listen ASAP)

C-Rayz Walz
Year of the Beast LP

New album from C-Rayz Walz with BONUS DVD: During his 18 months of seclusion C-Rayz burned his prize collection of rhyme books, combed through a thousand beats, mastered the art of war and emerged with Year Of The Beast, the ground-breaking follow-up to 2003’s Ravipops (The Substance). Guests include EL-P, Jean Grae, M-1 of Dead Prez, 4th Pyramid, Vordul Mega of Can Ox, Rob Sonic and Aesop Rock. The bonus DVD Evolution of the Beast features exclusive live footage, videos and interviews.


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