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October 18, 2006



Wise Words: Miranda Jane


Monday, 16 October 2006

Miranda Jane
Urban Music Consultant
Las Angeles Consulting
Santa Monica, CA

"Not everyone can be an O.G., however everyone should strive to be a G - a Gentleman/Gentlewoman, a Gladiator, a General, and a Gracious human being."

"Don't simply CALL yourself a writer - a writer writes."

"Be respectful toward everyone, until they cross you, but never expect to receive recprocity in this. Respect yourself, and those who deserve your respect."

"Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years! I've got tattoos older than some of these kids."

"All money ain't good money."

"I love my job, and your company is wonderful, and I hate to leave - but when my paycheck bounces - SO DO I."

"There's a huge difference between the music business and music. Music is a creative form of expression to be spread freely throughout the atmosphere for all to enjoy. The music business is simply the art of war."

"Those who can't do, also can't teach. If you can't do it, how can you show me how to do it. I'll show YOU how to do it!"

"Be more like Wendy Day, everyday. Take it one day at a time, but help someone on every single one of those days that you're able. If you never helped anyone, who would help you if you were down."

"Video killed the radio star."

"The top tier media are there for two reasons – to gain control of your mind/attention and to thusly be able to guide you toward purchasing products and spending money. And I don't just mean magazines - media includes radio, television, entertainment conglomerates AND the liquor companies that own them."

"Walk like a general. Don't be a soldier of fortune."

On being a woman in the music business...

"There's a fine line between a journalist, being a fan, and being a groupie - male or female."

" I challenge the women who are taking their clothes off for the camera to tell the directors, producers, and stylists on these videos to say “NO” in a loud, clear voice. If more of the video model contingent were willing to fight for style and class, rather than lay down and take what is given to them, I think a change could be made."

"Our stories, must be told in order to counter-balance the negative imagery of women that’s forced on the world. If we do not raise our own individual voices, we will not be recognized and we will continue to be marginalized and stereotyped."

"I’ve noticed that men will mistreat/victimize women who are willing to remain silent in the face of their abuse, or with women who enable these behaviors. In the workplace each individual woman has to decide for herself how much she is willing to endure, and she has to make a conscious decision to confront someone who crosses her line of endurance. Of course there are certain individuals who continue to extend their disrespect, and we have every right to choose not to work with someone after we've realized that they are a lost cause."

"Finally, when you’re faced with a situation where you have to fight or flee, and you don’t feel up to either choice; take your anger out through creative means. And in the workplace, if things are getting too hectic to maintain, update your resume, go on interviews, develop a firm handshake, and always go where they offer you more money."

Miranda Jane was born into the music business and the art form, daughter of renown Jazz bassist and producer, Buell Neidlinger and Jazz drummer, Deborah Fuss. She's worked in the Hip Hop field since the age of 13, and she is now 32 years old. She has A&R'd projects for MF DOOM/Madlib "Mad Villain" and Bay Area upstart TRUNKS. Former editor of STRESS - NY's Illest Magazine, Complex Magazine, and The Source. Her freelance writing has been featured in the L.A. Weekly, RIME Magazine, Elemental Magazine, Mass Appeal, TRACE, and many other publications. Also a co-founder of the first-ever all-elements celebration of women in Hip Hop - B-Girl Be, along with Rachel Raimist and Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, MN. Miranda has consulted to many artists in the industry with regard to marketing, promotions, radio, television, press/publicity, and A&R - Thirstin Howl III, Tragedy Khadafi, Saafir and Hobo Junction, C-Rayz Walz, Joker the Bailbondsman, Self Scientific PMD, Hit Squad, Hieroglyphics, and many others. She's the former general manager of Angeles Records, an L.A.-based label owned by DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, seasoned music executive and MC Aaron "Chace Infinite" Johnson, and DJ Khalil (Self Scientific/Aftermath). She currently works at The Gary Group in Santa Monica, CA in the Media/Television advertising department. In her "spare" time she blogs at http://pyramids2projects.blogspot.com


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