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October 07, 2006

THE SUPER HEROINE...A Requiem in Many Forms

An excerpt from a letter to an executive I wrote this morning...just thought I'd share with anyone who has any further misconceptions..
"On another note, I'm sure you've heard about the bad blood between Doom and myself, and Doom and MF Grimm, and Doom and Lord Scotch 79th (the first ever Jewish MC! and the man who made the Doom mask and most of the artwork for Doom's most well-known album covers), and Doom and his former crew Monster Island Czars. So I can't happily support any Doom-related project at any time in an way, unfortunately, until he makes good on his debts to us and speaks to the press to clear confusion about our work with him and the credit we should have received for much of his work from the Doomsday and KMD re-release era through the MadVillain project era.

I was Doom's personal manager for quite some time, and I actually conceptualized, A&R'd and negotiated the Mad Villain album. I also started conversations with Ghostface Killah's management after telling Doom he should submit reels to Ghost and Meth, and gave a reel to Ghost's people. I'm certain I'll never be credited or compensated for any of that either!

Stonesthrow Records, Chris Manak and Egon are in the wrong about the MadVillain project - I was never paid by either party nor given proper credit for my work - but I never had an agreement in place with them and in the end it's Doom's fault for a) never paying me my percentages on the Stonesthrow work and b) not standing up to them to ensure I received a co-A&R credit on the project. I'm not the get-an-attorney type AT ALL, and Doom was someone I considered a close friend to all of us, so mentioning this situation to you and to the press is about all we can do while still remaining civilized and professional.

I'm a huge fan of D&%$#$ M@*&# though, and also a fan of Doom, although my senses are so colored by the experience that I can't listen to any of his music, which is sad. Sorry to lament to you, however as someone who pays Doom you'll not experience this side of him - it's just everyone on the other side who should be paid by Doom who goes through this. Not that my support is needed for a
D@#&$!D*^! project to blow up (again), or that my speaking out about this will take away any but a very few fans/sales...

That's all some really ancient history, so I won't mention it again, and in the future tense I'm working with Tragedy Khadafi and his label 25 to Life -
www.myspace.com/tragedykhadafi ; also consulting on his behalf for marketing/press/publicity/radio promo/tv for his new deal with Uprising Records, and his joint venture with Nature Sounds with my dear friend Devin Horowitz. Besides music stuff I've been working on an autobiographic project with Tragedy for the past few years, so working toward finalizing this as a book and a script about his life.

Furthermore consulting for C-Rayz Walz who is making the transition from leaving Def Jux to self-distribution.
www.myspace.com/crayzwalz Working on setting up tour routings in the US and overseas for Walz and for all of the artists I'm working with/for.

As always, still working with and consulting for Percy "MF Grimm" Carey, who owns Day By Day Entertainment and Day by Day Publishing -
www.daybydayent.com , and has a comic book coming out through a joint venture with DC comics in '07. We're focusing mainly on his online publication, American Hunger, and moving toward making it a print magazine.

Managing/Consulting for an amazing artist from SF called TRUNKS (or Paco Camino), who has 3 albums done and ready for manufacturing/distribution/marketing - production from Doom, J-Zone, 9th Wonder, DJ Khalil, DJ Evil Dee, Mr. Walt, and features from Thirstin Howl III, R&B artists Bilal and Res, George Clinton, and others (many of which are the product of my A&R work with the exception of 9th and George Clinton). I've been working with him since he was 13 and I was 19, and what am I now, 32? He's way too ill for a major-label deal, so he does his day job as entertainment/content/gaming executive for Nokia and continues to fund his studio time.

Sorry for the book, but you did ask about my universe, and hey I'm a writer...what can I say?

All the Best,

Miranda Jane


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