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October 06, 2006



I'm sitting here realizing if I don't start writing about some music shit, I'm gonna stop getting free shit in the mail, so here we go!

First off, check the illness/insanity at SUCKAREPELLENT.COM. I wasn't up on them until they hit me up on My Space for an interview, which is now up on their front page.

Speaking of interviews, shouts to a great journalist named Ben Westhoff who's currently writing an MF GRIMM feature for the Village Voice (it's been time!) and had the good sense to interview me as a secondary. I hate that anytime I talk about MF GRIMM, who is a legend in his own right and an extremely astute entreprenuer in Hip Hop and Publishing, that it's always all about Doom. I loved KMD, and a lot of his production as MF DOOM, and as a person he is a decent man at heart - but FUCK - he owes a lot of cash and a lot of credit to a lot of the homies. Nuff said.

My peer in this bi'ness, Q Salazar, former news editor at SOHH.com, is rocking a new online magazine news section at HIP HOP CRACK. No disrespect to anyone, but since I hardly ever read about Hip Hop anymore on AllHipHop.com, it's time for some brand new ish, nahmean? Also, while everyone's busy making Rupert Murdoch more richer, trip on over to CRACKSPACE for some other shit.

The O.G. homie BIG CED is now heading up The Source Online, so you no longer have to be skerred to visit www.thesource.com. It took a big ass broom, but it seems like a lot of the dirt is swept away over there and hopefully the mag will return to somewhat of it's former glory.

Me, I'm just trying to maintain up in this bitch. I have a good-old regular 9 to 5 J.O. now, so if you're a record label or entertainment company who needs television advertising or any form of advertising, head on over to www.garygroup.com and someone'll hook you right on up.

Money, while the root of all evil, unlike Love, will pay the bills...I'm just trying to make some of it before I'm 40, and not let it make me.

New music I'm looking forward to - A-Plus' LONG AWAITED solo LP "My Last Good Deed" from the fam at www.hieroglyphics.com; J-Minix's debut LP "Ghetto Hummingbird" (he's E-4o and D-Shot's little cuzzin, and this man can SAAANG and rhyme!); C-Rayz Walz' new new new good good good shit, THE DROPPING; and something that actually has me juiced about Hip Hop and Rap and the biz and all that - RAEKWON THE CHEF on AFTERMATH. As long as he cops some beats from DJ KHALIL, that is.

Shame 2 the devil
Peace 2 the Family

Miranda "Mothafucken" Jane

p.s. Speaking of NEW SHIT, I started a jewelry company, did ya'll know about that?! Check out some designs at JOYERIA ASSASSINA/KILLER JEWELS. Holidays are coming up, cop a custom-made pair of earrings for that special woman in your life, fellas. Ladies, do you. Love is love.


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