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August 07, 2006

Iron...Like a Lion...in Zion

I'm just an Aries guest in a Leo's house.

August 3 - Virgilio "VEE" Bravo - one of my first editors and one of the few cats in "Hip Hop journalism" (who's now making movies) whom I really, truly, deeply respect.
August 4 - Waleed "C-Rayz Walz" Shabazz - Father. MC. Energy. Light. Sun. Old Soul. BX Representer. King. Love. Physical embodiment of God. Back-Getter. Wall-Raiser/Razer. Razor Sharp Intellect. Friend. Brother.

August 5 - Gregory "BEEF" Jones - One of my co-conspirators in the legendary NYC party series "SNEAKER PIMP'N" (the original and best, all these west-coast ones are fradulent imitations thereof). One of the VERY few cats working as a music/film/television exec whom I love and respect with genuine authority.

August 7 - Cecil "Mike" Neidlinger - my physical brother, who turns 30 today. He told me he spent yesterday flashing back (too many 'shrooms back in the day), but that he listened to some music and they went away. See, music biz people, we ARE doing something that helps people. He's never recorded anything commercially, but he's by far one of the illest MCs you've never heard.

August 11 - Rachel "Lil' Rachel" Buenviaje - one of my "daughters" in the game, whom I helped raise up alongside Rachel "Big Rachel" Raimist when we were all at Ecko/Complex. She's now on her way up in the marketing department at Nike. Look for her, she WILL do it big.

August 13 - Percy "Tragedy Khadafi" Coles - famous/infamous MC who started things off in Queensbridge for these young boys like Nas, Mobb Deep, etc. My friend, confidant, and brother from another mother since '96.

August 17 - Earl "DENZ" Jamison - the Graffiti king of Chicago, IL. A man I love and respect, who has incredible artistic talent and is a genuine, good, great, responsible, respectable, respectful man.

August 31 - Aziz "Castro" Chapman - Tragedy's younger brother, my ace, my inspiration, and my favorite pen pal. The youngest in charge in my family circle. Around the time Lil' Rachel's name starts to gain fame, look for this cat to start really running shit in his own spheres of influence.

I hope I'm not missing any of my Leos, if I forgot your born day hit me up... I love ya'll, I have to, a ram and a lion should never bump heads with each other.

L.A. CA All Day,



At 3:33 PM, Anonymous rae said...

i birthed a leo 9 years back. miss tiana's bday is aug 13 too.


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