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July 29, 2006

Reciting a lil' poetry for ya'll...>


People said this relationship could never work
We don’t have enough in common
They’re too far apart, the dates of our birth
True, U and I come from two different worlds
Fate brought us together in the same universe
Shipwrecked on this multifaceted lovers rock
A blessing and a curse
Two of a kind
The broken-hearted patient and his vigilant night nurse
So many enchanted evenings, melancholy, spent apart
Encapsulating in letter form what is inside two hearts
Her soulfulness enough to make even a thug cry
His brilliance alone can light up the night sky
Though everyone would trespass against us
Without understanding, they’re on the outside, looking in
Still our friendship grows across space and time
Despite physical separation, our souls intertwine
With all due respect for He who brought us together
Our bond will endure through even the worst weather
Eventually we’ll arrive at the one place we can be together…


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