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January 28, 2006


There are few people I respect in the magazine game. J-Mill, full name Jeremy Miller is one of them.

I can talk. I was not born and bred inside The Source. I'm the sole female voice of the third generation of writer/speaker/activist/revolutionary in my family. Crack killed 4080. The truth killed STRESS - NY's Illest Mag (Rest In Peace) - STRESS and publisher KET ONE refused to participate in advertorial and in selling ads in exchange for fake-nice reviews and accolades. Keeping it really real kept STRESS from being published into the next millenium.

Becoming a men's magazine full-fledged, mocking/aping the Culture it was built to represent killed Complex; although to the naked eye it's still breathing.

The best writers of this generation who cover Hip Hop, Culture, Graffiti, urban music, and street politics have one thing in common - they no longer are willing or able to write for these guys. In my opinion, it's really high time for a new periodical. I'm not the one to start it, but if you build it I will come. As an editor, a writer, or a consultant. I don't sell ads, never have, never will.

There's a fine line between art and commerce. I don't cross it. The line is right here. I. Don't. Step. Over. The. Line.

DOWN...but never out



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