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March 22, 2005

Takin' it Back to the Essence...Waaaaay Back

From the dearly beloved (web)pages of Urban Expose... Circa 1990-something

Miranda Jane
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Okay are y'all ready for a feminist tirade, B-Girl style? If not, skip to the next post. I am SO SICK of these fucking magazines and websites. I don't wear makeup. I wrap my hair in a bun or wear a headwrap. I wear mens shoes, mens clothing, and women's undergarments. I KNOW for a damn fact I am not the only female who gets down like this. I want a magazine that represents for Queens, Earths, B-Girls, etc. I want to read interviews with Kuttin Khandi and DJ Pam and DJ Lazy K. I want to read interviews and Q&A's with Medusa, and Bahamadia, and Sarah Jones. I want a publication - print or online - that deals with family. Father and Mother and Children. I want a magazine with vegetarian recipes, and home gardening tips, and essays about refinement, culture or polygny. I don't want makeover tips. I don't want gossip. I don't want lil kim or foxy brown. I don't want weeve advertisements. I don't want acrylic nail coupons.

I want a magazine that calls Jennifer Lopez out for having no knowledge of self, and for having no political involvement (Hey Jen, learn about Vieques, okay?). I want a magazine that is not afraid to dis lil kim for her blonde wigs and blue contacts! I want to read about positive women in the industry like Zenobia Simmons (publicist and writer representing for longer than most of y'all been listening to Rap music), Mona Lisa Murray (one of the few women putting it down in Marketing and Radio Promotions), Rachel Raimist (director and filmmaker of the film about women in Hip Hop "Nobody Knows My Name", Christie Z-Pabon (B-Girl and former events coordinator of the DMC World Championships), Asia One (B-Girl and organizer of the B-Boy Summit), and the like. Am I the only one who feels this way? If there are any VC's reading this, hit me on the email - I'm down to be the managing editor for such publication. On this one, I will work for free and for the upliftment of my gender. Word.



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